Selenite crystal properties and uses

Selenite Crystal: The ANGEL Stone’s Spiritual & Healing Properties

Selenite. The ANGEL stone. Healing and loving vibes ONLY. This is one of my favorite crystals by far because the energy it gives off is truly divine. If you’re looking for a high-vibrational crystal that cleanses itself and things around it, lifts the vibrations of a space, and attunes you to the moon and the heavens, selenite is your crystal. Learn all about this beautiful stone here, including its scientific makeup, spiritual and healing benefits, and how to use it in ritual and in the mundane.

So, What is Selenite?

Selenite is a popular crystal in the spiritual community. It is part of the gypsum mineral family and is also called satin spar and gypsum flower. It’s typically a light white color and is fragile in nature. It comes raw or polished and in different forms including as a wand, scepter, in towers, palm stones, and raw desert rose. Selenite phantom is another form but tends to be a different color, ranging from yellow to orange with varying inclusions. Basically every metaphysical store you enter will have at least one form of Selenite on-hand. Selenite crystal is aligned to the moon, hence the name Selen-ite, named for the moon goddess Selene. And it’s sourced from all over the world including England, the U.S., Russia, Austria, Mexico, and Poland.

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The Make-up of Selenite Crystal and It’s Powerful Spiritual Properties

Selenite crystal is monoclinic and has a hardness of 2, which means it is indeed fragile. If handled rough, the composition of it will flake off in your hand. If dropped, it can chip and shatter. When put in water, it will dissolve/break down. It is made of calcium sulphate dihydrate, which means that it contains 2 molecules of water. Hydrated calcium sulphate when in y-anhydrate form acts as a dessicant, or a powdery substance that dehydrates. Another well-known form of this is called Plaster of Paris. This is a substance that’s used to coat walls and ceilings in decorative form.

While Selenite crystal isn’t the exact same thing as Plaster of Paris, these components carry similar properties. It’s also used to make blackboard chalk and to immobilize broken bones. To me, while selenite is fragile and “soft”, it carries the quality of strength through chemical processes. So, when you are put under stress and going through a difficult time, hold onto a piece of selenite to help you learn that lesson and bring you strength when you come out the other side. And, interestingly, selenite at the molecular level is orthorhombic, meaning it’s a rectangular prism. The prism represents all of life, the Universe, and our connection to it. And the rectangle spiritually symbolizes stability and structure.

two selenite crystal moons
I love selenite crystals in moon form, very appropriate!

Selenite Crystal Healing Properties

I’m a big believer in natural remedies and alternative methods of healing. Crystal healing has provided relief for many people in various stages of life and with various ailments. Of course you’ll always want to consult your healthcare provider about any medical issues you might have. And you can also consult a crystal healer if you have questions on how to use selenite crystal in your natural healing rituals. Here are the Selenite crystal’s healing properties:

  • If you have back problems, selenite crystal helps align the spine
  • Relieves headaches and migraine pain when placed on top of the head
  • Produces more flexibility, especially when couples with yoga and movement
  • Was used in the past to combat mercury poisoning from dental amalgam
  • It is effective in removing free radicals and toxins from the body
  • Stimulates the mammary glands for ease and flow in breastfeeding
  • Relieves symptoms of epilepsy
  • It’s healing gets to the root of the issue at the energetic level
  • Use it in conjunction with Reiki healing sessions and other natural healing energy work

Selene Crystal Spiritual Properties

Selenite is truly a versatile crystal and you can find a way to fit it into any magical working or ritual. In my opinion. But here are some of its spiritual properties:

  • Connection with lunar deities
  • Connection to the Universe and angels
  • Communication with ancestors and guides
  • Helpful to open crown chakra and in divination
  • Great for justice, judgment, and providing further insight in a legal situation
  • To release blockages acting as barriers between us and our higher selves
  • Opens our connection to angelic consciousness
  • Allows you to astral travel and journey other realms but remain grounded in this reality
  • Gaze into the crystal to scry messages of the past and future
  • Brings mental and emotional clarity
  • Shields negative energy from a person or place
  • Strengthens your energetic field
  • Cleanses itself and objects in close proximity to it (I keep a large piece of it on top of my tarot or oracle deck)
  • Charges items nearby with angelic high vibrations
Selenite can be placed anywhere on the body to align the chakras and heal

The Properties of the color White

White is a color that dominates many religious and spiritual rituals and belief systems. And polarizes. Some people see white as a color for life, and black as death. While others see it as quite the opposite, depending on the tradition and culture. But if you look at it from a higher level of consciousness, death = life and life = death. There is no true death, only re-emergence into Spirit. That being said, selenite is a pure white color and is translucent. According to Judy Hall’s Encyclopedia of Crystals, it is “the purest translucent white…has an ethereal quality and is said to inhabit the space between light and matter.” It carries the properties of white including purification, birth, death, protection, healing, unity, balance and enlightenment.

How to Use Selenite in Ritual

Crystals are more versatile than you might think. Selenite, especially. I’ve found selenite to be particularly helpful in raising the vibrations during ritual, meditation, and general magick-making. Here’s some ways you can harness the energy of selenite in ritual:

  • to mark the perimeter of a ritual space or circle
  • as an ingredient in bottles, jars, bags, and poppets
  • wear or hold during meditation for protection and connection with the divine
  • wear or hold to align and clear your crown chakra
  • selenite should not be put in the water, BUT you can encircle your ritual bath with selenite as long as it’s far enough from the water source (it dissolves if wet)
  • selenite towers can be placed around ritual space as a conduit of energy
  • use to make crystal grids for healing, protection, and connection with Spirit
  • place on your altar or shrine to raise the vibes and naturally cleanse the space
  • it’s connected to the moon, so use in nearly any moon ritual to amplify the results
  • give selenite crystal as an offering to lunar deities like Selene, Artemis, and Thoth

If you find you can hold your selenite crystal and don’t feel much energy from it, consider charging it in the moonlight. This is as simple as leaving your selenite in a windowsill for the Full Moon’s light to touch it. In addition, you can align with and activate the stone’s energy by meditating with it or keeping it under your pillow at night.

What about Selenite Crystal in Daily Use?

You don’t have to wait until you’re in the middle of ritual to use Selenite crystals. Everyday use of crystals, including selenite, is common and helpful for many reasons. Here are a few ways to use selenite regularly:

  • Wear selenite or hold it in your pocket or purse to raise your vibrations and cleanse your aura
  • Keep selenite around the house to bring in Spiritual, high-vibing energy
  • Put selenite in your car to invoke the protective energy of the angels and ancestors
  • Keep at your desk at home or at work to lift the vibe
  • Give to a friend or family member who needs a boost of luck and protection
  • If working with a moon goddess or lunar energy, holding and keeping selenite closeby on the daily will aid in your efforts
  • Wear or hold selenite while taking a test or studying to improve memory and mental clarity
999 angel number meaning

Why We Call it the ANGEL Stone

I tend to have my own names for my favorite crystals and stones. I call Selenite crystal the angel stone because I have personal experience with it. Here’s my story.

When I became attuned to Reiki, I was meditating daily and tuning into that higher consciousness. I honestly never felt a conncetion to angels, but one day I decided to hold a piece of selenite crystal during meditation. Immediately upon entering that alpha state, a huge white light encircled me and lit up the entire room. I felt pure love and yet also a great strong presence all around me. It was an angel, I could feel it. It told me that selenite acts as a key to the portal between here and the angelic realms. And that we can use it as such whenever we need to experience that higher vibration that angels bring.

How to Care for Selenite Crystals

You’ve secured your beautiful piece of selenite crystal, now it’s time to learn how to properly care for it. First, it should be noted that selenite is high-vibrational and does not need to be cleansed before use. It literally cleanses itself. Selenite is fragile so be careful where and how you store it. If you keep it loose with other crystals, they might scratch, chip, or dent the selenite. If you get foreign objects get stuck in the grooves, The Village Rock Shop recommends to use a bamboo or wooden stick to gently remove them. They also say you can use warm water for a few seconds to gently wash your selenite if it gets dirty.

However, do not leave it in the water for more than a few seconds as it can break down/dissolve. The best way to keep your selenite beautiful and clean is to keep it in a soft storage pouch away from other objects and crystals. Selenite may yellow in time, but if you keep it clean and in a dark place, the white color will last longer.

Selenite crystal meanings and properties

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