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Clean BREAK: A Releasing Break-up Ritual for Healing

Sometimes it’s time for us to let go and move on. If you’re ready to break up with your significant other and need a clean, HEALTHY split, try our Clean Break Break-up Ritual. For Bella Donna Members Only.

Clean Break: Healthy Break-up Ritual

Break-ups can be messy. They can even be scary if your significant other isn’t aware of the coming news. But if you’re ready to have a new start and/or cut the toxicity out of your life, there’s a couple things we recommend doing. First, if you do this break-up ritual and expect your significant other to quietly go away for good…that’s just not going to happen. And if it does, it might come back to haunt you. So never replace having “the conversation” with your significant other with a ritual. Second, when you have the conversation, let your significant other down gently but sternly. Then cast this break-up spell to start the healing process for you and your significant other.

A Warning: Abusive Relationships PLEASE READ

PLEASE NOTE: if you are trying to get out of an abusive relationship, ignore what we said above and never put yourself in harm’s way! Get to safety. Your physical safety comes first! If you need to call the police or take refuge at a loved one’s home, do it! Don’t spend any more time with someone who doesn’t respect you as a person much less a lover.

What You’ll Need:

  • Black spell candle and holder or firesafe container
  • Lighter/matches
  • Small chain with links (from a necklace etc.) (if you have a necklace or piece of jewelry that was gifted to you from the significant other – this is even better!)
  • Small cutting pliers
  • Black sachet or small bag with drawstring
  • Small shovel (don’t worry, we’re not burying bodies here, just ritual remnants!)
  • Tools/supplies for cleansing (smudge bundle, holy water, or whatever method you prefer!)

What To Do:

  1. This break-up ritual is best done on a Waning or New Moon but if you can’t wait for the moon phase, perform this ritual between midnight and 6 am on any day.
  2. Gather your supplies. Cleanse all supplies by whatever method you prefer (smudging, asperging, holy water, etc.)
  3. Say your prayers to your guides/gods/ancestors, asking them for their guidance, healing, and protection.
  4. Take your black candle and starting at the crown of your head rub it downwards over your entire body to the bottoms of your feet. Get every part of your body. This serves to pull any negative vibrations from your break-up off of you and put it on the candle. Breathe and pray while doing so. Can repeat this step multiple times until you physically feel lighter and the candle feels “heavier”.
  5. Once you feel it’s time, light your candle and say, “I release you _____ from the physical and spiritual bond we made. I wish you healing and peace, and I pray for the same. May this break-up be clean and healthy. So mote it be.” Put the candle in its holder.
  6. Next, take your small chain and hold it in your hands. The chain is a representation of the bond you made between you and your lover. Close your eyes and visualize the good and bad times. When you’re ready, take your pliers and cut the chain in the middle. Say, “with this tool I now sever, our bond in a clean, healthy manner.” Visualize you and your partner going about your own separate lives, feeling happy and at peace with your past relationship and moving on with your lives.
  7. Place the chain next to the candle. If the candle drips wax over the chain, that’s great too!
  8. Let the candle burn down completely.
  9. Gather the remaining wax, the separated chain links, and place them in the bag/sachet.
  10. Bury the bag facing the West of your house…this signifies that the sun has set on this relationship for good. (Alternatively, if it was an abusive relationship, you can send the bag downstream OR burn the remnants in a fire. Your choice but be safe!)
  11. Lastly, we recommend a cleansing bath ritual and a cord cutting ritual to fully cleanse yourself of negativity and to release any spiritual and emotional cords created via the relationship.

Other Rituals to Try for Releasing the Old

There are other rituals and spells that are effective in releasing old relationships and situations. We’ve mentioned the cleansing bath ritual, but I recommend doing this for a full 9 days straight to really release the old energy of a break-up. Cord cutting rituals while in the bath are even more effective.

Practicing releasing rituals on a Waning Moon align our intentions and start the healing process at a time that is in alignment. A releasing ritual using a piece of paper, firesafe bowl, and fire is powerful, both symbolically and emotionally. And if you have a horde of stuff that your ex left at your house that he/she will never come back for? Well, you know what to do. Just be safe!

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