20 Crystals for Love

Crystals for LOVE: 20 Stones to Attract Your Soul Mate

We may not have the keys to the universe. But if we did, it would be made up of one thing – love. Love is the language all of our hearts understand and speak. We all want to give love and receive it. But sometimes we need help finding the right kind of love. That healthy, fiery yet comforting love. The kind we find in a soul mate or kindred spirit. Whether you’re looking for your soul mate or a best friend, we believe crystals can help. Here’s our favorite 20+ crystals for love.

First, Why Use Crystals for Love?

They say a diamond is a girl’s best friend. And then we give our future significant others rings to seal our commitment. But did you ever stop and think where this tradition originated? Why do we use gemstones to show our love to one another? Gemstones, and crystals, hold specific energies within them. Energies imbued upon them during the creation process – be it deep in a mine, at the bottom of a lake, or from ancient volcanic eruption. Crystals and gemstones are gifts to us from Mother Earth herself.

But besides giving gemstone jewelry to your potential lover, how do we use crystals to draw love into our lives? Crystals work like an amulet – the essence sends out signals in the ether and draws a certain energy towards it. And if you wear or carry the crystal on you, this means you’ll draw that energy towards you too. Crystals and stones can be used as a magnetic beacon for love.

20+ Crystals for Love: Attract a Soul Mate, Kindred Friend Or Boost Self Love

There are many stones and crystals used to attract love and friendship. And sometimes a crystal that has no association with love might be the right crystal for you to draw love into your life. Mother Earth works in amazing ways and she knows what we need better than we do. And she will provide it. But if you’d like some suggestions, here’s our favorite high-vibing, lovey crystals:

1. Jade

Our favorite crystal for love is jade. Jade is a light green stone and has been an incredibly popular one in parts of Asia for centuries. It also has a sacred place in ancient indigenous Mesoamerican societies. Jade is green and therefore links directly to the heart chakra – the energy center of our bodies that gives and receives love.

2. Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is crystal that is typically recommended for love of ANY kind. It’s also linked to your heart chakra, and it’s soothing pink color brings feelings of warmth and comfort. This crystal is great for self love, friendship, and romantic love. We love wearing rose quartz to calm our nerves and boost self confidence, especially when paired with self care rituals like herbal baths, Reiki sessions, meditation, etc. Honestly, I have rose quartz in random places in my house to keep the loving vibes going.

Rose quartz is a soothing pink stone wonderful for self love

3. Bloodstone

Bloodstone might not be the first crystal for love you’d think of. But I believe in its power to get the love flowing in both directions (to and from you). In order to love others fully, we have to learn to love ourselves too. Many of us struggle with this – self love and care. And therefore we may struggle in fully giving love to others in healthy, productive ways. Bloodstone works to improve circulation in the body, AND circulation of love from our auras to others’. The green color links it to the heart, as well as the red flecks.

4. Moss Agate: An Earthy, Grounding Crystal for Love

One of the first stones I ever had was a moss agate. Being that green is my favorite color, it just made sense at the time to get this green stone. Interestingly, moss agate is called the gardener’s stone because it aids growth in the garden. I believe in addition to helping growth in the garden on the physical plane, it also aids in helping love grow in the spiritual. Plus the fact that is brings in that loving, Mother Earth energy.

5. Red Jasper for Past Life Love & Healing

Red jasper is a great crystal for love – specifically physically romantic love in that it promotes sexual compatibility. It’s also frequently used when learning and practicing tantric sex. Its dark red color connects it to the base and sacral chakras – both energy centers of pleasure and creation. In addition, red jasper is beneficial in healing past life trauma, particularly when it comes to unrequited love.

6. Amazonite

If you’re struggling with communication in any relationship, amazonite aids in allowing people to see both sides of the story. It’s a mind opener! In situations where things are left unsaid, this crystal for love gets communication flowing in all directions. It’s pretty teal-green color links it to the heart chakra and links the heart to the throat.

7. Sugilite for Love

This beautiful stone for love is beneficial for couples who are going through a tough time. If you’re struggling to keep your relationship going or need guidance in your marriage, sugilite’s energy helps considerably. It’s even better if you and your partner can wear it, particularly during marital counseling or conversations of a difficult nature. It’s a balancing stone. And it’s really pretty.

8. Carnelian

A semi-precious dark orange stone, and a beautiful crystal for love, carnelian works wonders for one’s confidence. If you’re needing a boost of self confidence before a big date, wear or carry a piece of carnelian on you. In addition, if you leave carnelian out in the sun, it turns darker orange as the iron inside oxidizes. This is a beautiful symbol of how love can deepen over time. Carnelian is linked to the sacral chakra, and therefore supports reproductive health and fertility.

Carnelian is great to boost self confidence and fertility when worn on the body.

9. Turquoise

Turquoise is a crystal for love in that it protects and shields your love with your significant other. It’s been used as a protective stone, warding off evil for thousands of years. In addition, some see it as a crystal for friendship. Which is perfect for a marriage or romantic relationship too, because we need to have a solid friendship with our partners, right? If your partner gives you turquoise as a gift, you’re incredibly lucky and blessed.

10. Diamond: Beautiful Crystal for Love Eternal

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. And I’d agree. In Ancient Greece, diamonds were a symbol of pure love, commitment, and inseparable bonds. There’s a reason men give their fianc├ęs diamond rings to signify their commitment to one another. This desired crystal for love brings prosperity to a relationship and amplifies energy (of all kinds). Be sure to cleanse and recharge your diamonds.

11. Green Calcite

Another crystal for love from past lives, green calcite is healing and gentle. Interestingly, this is a green stone that not only connects to the third eye but also to the higher heart chakra – outside of the body completely. Above it. If you need healing from a past relationship, green calcite should be held and kept on your person. But also be sure to cleanse this stone as it absorbs energy both good and bad.

12. Watermelon Tourmaline

Try a little tenderness. Try a little watermelon tourmaline, would ya? Watermelon tourmaline carries the energies of two stones: pink tourmaline and verdelite. This stone helps individuals recognize their soul agreements with one another and life’s purpose together.

13. Pink Agate

Pink agate, whether tumbled or raw, promotes love between a parent and child…especially when there has been strain or estrangement. In general it promotes unconditional love, clarifies distorted perceptions, and helps two people accept one another for who they are. It’s linked to the heart chakra.

14. Kunzite

Kunzite helps heal our auras and supports unconditional love. Its soothing nature is calming but potent, as it is a high vibrational stone. What’s amazing about kunzite is its protective and wards off negative entities. Breaks through old attachments from old lovers, allowing you to fully embrace and accept new lovers.

15. Pink Carnelian

Carnelian, as mentioned before, is a creative stone – both physically and emotionally. When it comes in pink, it protects others from being envious of you and your relationship. It acts as a powerful shield against gossip and manipulation. And relieves anger and infertility too.

16. Pink Danburite: Pink Crystal for Self Love

Another pink crystal for love? Of course! Pink danburite is just as helpful in boosting self love and confidence as rose quartz. But it actually promotes UNCONDITIONAL self love. Now that’s a hard concept, eh? We must all learn to love ourselves, no matter our faults. No matter our shames. Pink danburite can help you heal your guilt of things you’ve done in the past. When we truly love ourselves, we open ourselves to love from others.

17. Moonstone

Moonstone, as you might guess, is a proponent for the moon’s energy and all that it brings to humanity. Balances emotions, light our way in the darkest of times, and gives us a connection to the goddess. By holding or possessing moonstone in a relationship, we allow ourselves to keep the balance. To refrain from petty arguments. And to look forward to the future.

Garnet inspires passion and love from the root of our beings.

18. Garnet

Tied to the sacral and root chakras, garnet inspires passion and love from the root of our beings. Garnet is named after the pomegranate seed, and therefore is associated to the goddess Persephone. It inspires us to push through the darkest of times, re-emerging anew on the other side. Able and ready to love fully again.

19. Selenite

Selenite is one of my favorite crystals for love and for nearly every thing under the sun. It’s a high vibrational crystal and brings universal love to all who come near it. It removes negative energy and promotes healing from the inside out. And because it channels angelic light, it allows us to open ourselves to universal love. And love of the best kind from soul mates, twin flames and kindred friends.

20. Sodalite: A Crystal for Speaking Your Truth in Love

I wore sodalite around my neck for a long time. It gave me the ability to open my throat chakra and speak my truth in my relationships – both romantic and otherwise. Once it had done it’s job, it became heavy that it fell off somewhere. I never knew where it went. But I swear by using sodalite in relationships…and for those who just need help speaking up for themselves.

21. Caribbean Calcite for Healing and Self Love

You know that saying, you can’t love others fully if you don’t love yourself? I truly believe it. And so if self love is something you need to work on, consider adding caribbean calcite to your crystal rotation. This isn’t just a beautiful, oceanic looking stone, it has healing properties that are out of this world. We don’t call it the mermaid’s heart stone for nothing. This stone alleviates stress, soothes nerves, invokes self esteem, and connects us to our emotions. If we better know ourselves and love ourselves, we will attract the right kind of love into our lives. Don’t you think?

How to Use Crystals for Love

How you use your crystals is truly a personal thing. Even the vibrations you feel from the crystals you hold may be different from what I feel. That’s because crystals are a form of medicine and magick from the earth. And Mother Earth knows exactly what each of us need in our lives and in love. Here are a few suggestions on how to use crystals for love of any kind:

  • Wear crystals as jewelry to attract love or boost self love
  • Carry crystals for love in your pocket or purse
  • Place around the house – for romance, in the bedroom; to promote love throughout – place in the living room and by the front door
  • Place around the bathtub when taking ritual cleansing baths
  • Add to herbal pillows, spell bags, spell bottles and jars
  • Encircle candles to boost your candle love spells
  • Gift to a friend or lover
20+ Crystals for Love of All Kinds

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