Caribbean Calcite properties and uses

Caribbean Calcite: The Mermaid Stone’s Healing Properties

The first time I discovered caribbean calcite, I was in Sedona, Arizona in a metaphysical store. The beautiful colors and patterns of this stone drew me in. It reminded me of the ocean, of waves lapping on the shore and floating patches of seafoam. If you ever have the pleasure of working with this stone, I highly recommend it. Here we learn all about caribbean calcite, or what I like to call the Mermaid Stone, and its spiritual and healing properties.

First, What is Caribbean Calcite?

Caribbean Calcite is a form of calcite that comes from Pakistan. No, it doesn’t originate in the Caribbean, but it is referred to as such because of its beautiful oceanic colors and patterns. It literally reminds you of the Caribbean – of ocean waves, seafoam, beach days, and relaxation. This stone’s colors vary and can be any pastel shade of tan, blue, and green. As well as white. It resembles the ocean, and to me looks like something a mermaid would wear.

This stone is fairly new on the market compared to its calcite siblings, but is starting to gain popularity in the crystal and metaphysical communities. It comes in raw and tumbled form and in many shapes and sizes ranging from small pieces to large towers. The palm stones are particularly popular, as well as wearable pendants.

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The Make-up of Caribbean Calcite and It’s Powerful Spiritual Properties

Caribbean Calcite is a newly discovered form of calcite. We have to look at the make-up of calcite to explore some of its most powerful spiritual properties. Calcite is a mineral made up of calcium carbonate (CaCO3). It is one of the most common minerals worldwide and is well-known for being a large component in limestone. It is in the trigonal crystal system, which means it is inherently linked and powered by the sacred number 3. When three comes up in the Universe, it has potent meanings and energies including triplicities like life-death-rebirth, land-sea-sky, maiden-mother-crone. Carrying Caribbean Calcite gives us an earthy link to the Otherworld and to the Goddess.

As far as the crystal class, Caribbean Calcite is hexagonal which connects it to the number 6. The sacred number 6 in numerology represents unconditional love, romance, healing, and some say it is the most powerful number of all. As for the hexagon in sacred geometry, it symbolizes the potential for life as it is a foundational shape in spiritual symbols like the Flower of Life. In some traditions, the hexagon represents the letting go of the old self to make way for new life. This means this stone has strong releasing energies.

Calcite received its name from the Greek word chalx, which means lime. In general it has been used by humans for various building and spiritual purposes for thousands of years. In Ancient Egypt, it was a sacred stone to the cat goddess Bastet. Today, calcite is used in mundane applications for soil remeditation and repair, concrete, and is used in the mining industry and to relieve water pollution. These qualities tell us it brings the individual strength and purification.

Caribbean Calcite Healing Properties

The first time I held caribbean calcite in my hand, I knew it had a healing quality to it unlike any other stone. The energy of the ocean seems to pulsate through it, even though I first found it in a shop in the middle of a desert! Caribbean calcite is found only in Pakistan, but since Pakistan is bordered by the Arabian Sea, this stone may very well carry oceanic energy. And therefore, qualities of the water element as well as earth. Here are the Caribbean calcite healing properties:

  • Caribbean calcite is helpful to relieve emotional turmoil
  • Relieves stress
  • Helps digestive and urinary systems remove waste from the body
  • Promotes uptake of calcium in the skeletal system
  • Supports the skeletal system, as well as joints
  • Promotes growth in children, especially those who have fallen behind the growth curve
  • Remedies problems with warts, ulcers, rash and skin injuries

Spiritual Properties of the Mermaid Stone

In addition to this beautiful stone having multiple uses in the promotion of health and wellbeing, it also carries some strong spiritual properties. And it can be used in meditation and ritual for various purposes. Some of the Caribbean calcite spiritual properties are:

  • Improving memory and clarity of mind
  • Promoting and increasing intuition and psychic abilities
  • Connects us to our emotions
  • Cleanses our auras and space of negative energy
  • Boosts productivity and decreases laziness
  • Caribbean calcite is helpful in connecting our emotional bodies with our mental bodies
  • Relieves feelings of hopelessness and promotes joy
  • Soothes anxiety and feelings of scatteredness
  • Connects us to water elementals, mermaids, and other sea spirits
  • Brings deep healing within one’s soul and karmic trauma
  • Realigns and cleanses all of the chakras
  • It is particularly helpful in balancing the heart and throat chakras, reminding us of unconditional love from the Universe and to speak our truth
  • Makes a lovely offering for sea deities and elementals like Yemaya, Aphrodite, Manannan, Cliodhna, Calypso, Poseidon, Triton, selkies, mermaids, undines, finfolk and more
Caribbean calcite evokes the energy of the Caribbean ocean, as seen here.

Color Magic with Caribbean Calcite

In addition to all of the amazing qualities carried by Caribbean calcite, don’t forget the color has a huge effect on how we experience this stone. Caribbean calcite ranges from pastel green to blue and often has stripes and specks of tan, white, and khaki shades as well. Which means you can use this stone’s color properties in the following ways:

  • To promote unconditional love of oneself and others
  • In reminding yourself to use your voice and speak your truth
  • To boost singing and musical abilities
  • To open communication between you and others in your life
  • Caribbean calcite with its white inclusions is helpful to cleanse and purify our auras and our sacred space
  • To bring healing in the physical, mental, and spiritual
  • Caribbean calcite provides us with a tangible link to the ocean and the earth
  • Promotes prophetic and lucid dreams, as well as protects during astral travel

How to Use It In Ritual

There are many ways to use crystals like Caribbean calcite in your spiritual practice. And even I can’t come up with all of the ways…but I’ll try to get you started in the right direction. How you choose to harness the mermaid stone’s unique energy is ultimately up to you.

  • Add as ingredient in spell bottles and jars
  • Great to add to spell bags and pouches
  • Carry in your pocket or purse in alignment with your intention
  • Keep on your ocean or water-inspired altar
  • Wear a Caribbean calcite pendant to draw in love, motivation, clarity, and more
  • Encircle candle spells to amplify your results
  • Place in the window of your home or business to draw in prosperity
  • Place under your pillow to promote dreams and astral travel
  • Include in ritual baths (place around the tub, not in the water!) to aid in healing, increasing intuition, and aligning your chakras
  • Give it as offering to sea deities and spirits
  • Carry it on you while taking tests and studying

Daily Use Ideas

We might not be engaging in ritual every day, but we definitely engage in routine. So how do we use the mermaid stone everyday? Your imagination is your only limit. For example, I place these stones around the bathtub to imbue energy and vitality into my baths and showers. Don’t add it directly to the water as it can degrade when wet. Place it around the office to cleanse the air of negative vibes and naturally lift the mood. When you feel emotional or even apathetic, holding Caribbean calcite will bring peace and happiness.

If your sun sign is a water element sign, you might find this stone potent and helpful in many ways. If you are an empath or clairvoyant, this stone brings even clearer energy and visions to your path.

Why It’s Called the Mermaid Stone

I don’t know if anyone else calls Caribbean calcite the mermaid stone, but I do. And for an amazing reason. When I first came across this stone, I was in a metaphysical shop in the middle of Sedona, Arizona. The energy in Sedona is potent as there are energy vortices there, which also means the town itself and everything in it sometimes feels super charged. Well, I saw a piece of Caribbean calcite in a store and thought I could actually hear the ocean while holding it. Immediately I had visions of a beautiful blonde siren perched on a rock in the middle of the sea. She called to me and told me to take the stone home. So I did. And every time I need that connection with Mother Ocean, I only need to wear my super-charged pendant, that ironically came from the desert!

How to Care for Caribbean Calcite

This stone has a Mohs harness of 3, which means that it can indeed break, chip, or fracture with certain pressure and force. I’ve dropped a piece of calcite before and watched is shatter. In addition, it’s not quite solid in water so it can indeed dissolve or be degraded when wet. So don’t put it in the bath or in water, in general. The best way to clean Caribbean calcite is with a soft cloth and mild soap. To cleanse it, simply run it through the smoke of incense or an herb bundle. Never use chemicals on it, as it is sensitive to acids. Calcite scratches easily, so Gem Select recommends keeping it away from other jewelry and gemstones.

Caribbean calcite properties and uses

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