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Daily Pagan Rituals: List of 30+ SIMPLE Everyday Traditions

When we embark on a spiritual path, sometimes the path gets twisted and we feel we lose our connection to the Divine. Sometimes we’re too busy with the physical to cater to our spiritual needs. But there’s ways to include simple daily pagan rituals into your routine without a fuss. You don’t have to do every single one every day, pick and choose a few that will fit into your schedule. The key is to create a habit of your daily pagan rituals so that you don’t forget. Without further adieu, here’s our list of 30+ simple, daily pagan rituals. 

30+ Daily Pagan Rituals

1. Light a candle

Many of us pyromaniacs already love burning candles in our homes, so why not make it a part of your daily pagan rituals? Light a candle and say a quick prayer of gratitude to your god or goddess or ancestors. Or leave an LCD candle burning (I believe the energy from batteries lends energy to our gods and ancestors, too!) Then go about your day.

2. Offerings for the Gods

Offerings are simple. They can be anything your god or goddess would enjoy:  food, beverage, water, incense, herbal blends, art, crystals, candle flame, dance and poetry. Some gods enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning. Some enjoy a portion of your dinner at night. While others prefer the scent of patchouli incense. Incorporate offerings into your daily routine and watch the blessings roll in!

3. Offerings for the Ancestors

Same as above – make offerings to your ancestors one of your daily pagan rituals. Did your granny like to steal sweet n’ lows? Add a couple to your ancestor altar for her. Did your Uncle enjoy bonfires? Light a candle for him in the evening. A refreshing cup of water, a shotglass of liquor, a bowl of tobacco. 

4. Rise to Greet the Sun

If you’re an early riser, this should be a simple one – rising to greet the sun. Sit outside with your coffee and watch the sun rise. Bask in the glory of the star that gives life to this planet. Bonus: getting out into the sunlight within one hour of waking aids in regulating our circadian rhythms. Which means, you’ll sleep better at night!

5. Runic Stadhas or Yoga

Edred Thorsson talks about runic stadhas in his book on the Elder Futhark. Stadhas are similar to yoga positions. So whether you enjoy yoga or feel a connection to the runes, try physical positions like the runic stadhas or yoga on a daily basis. Even if you only do one or two in the morning to get your day started or in the evening to relax and connect.

6. Go for a Walk

Simply going for a walk outside is enough to relax you and re-connect with Mother Earth. Don’t have a lot of time to fit in a walk? Instead of sitting at your desk for lunch break, take your lunch outside and go for a walk afterward. Even if it’s only a ten minute walk. I also enjoy walking through ny garden in the evenings. Go barefoot and ground yourself naturally.

7. Dream Journaling

Keep a dream journal at your bedside. Before you even set foot on the floor in the morning, record your dreams. This is a simple, yet effective way to tune into your higher self and gods – through dreams. The more you journal your dreams, the more dreams you will recall. And the closer you’ll become to your spirit guides and gods.

8. Meditate

You don’t have to meditate for an hour or even a half an hour. Pop in a set of earbuds and listen to a ten minute relaxing guided meditation for free on YouTube. 

9. Nature Signs and Omens

Throughout your day, pay attention to any nature signs or omens. This could be anything – a praying mantis on the windshielf, a blue jay that seems to repetitively visit you, a cloud in the shape of a heart, a snail that’s entered the house, etc. The gods and ancestors often use nature to communicate with us. This is one of the most enriching daily pagan rituals in my practice.

10. Light Incense

Just as you light a candle for your gods or simply to re-connect, light incense on a daily basis. Something about the scent of incense in the air puts me into an otherworldly state of mind. It is relaxing and grounding, too. 

11. Read a Spiritual Book

Take fifteen minutes out of your day to read a spiritual book. Whatever topic you’re studying in the realm of paganism, set aside a little time daily to read and absorb what you are reading. If you don’t have time to read a book, listen to an audiobook while commuting to or from work. 

12. Love Your Pets

Whether you have a dog, horse, or a hamster, set aside some time every day to love on your pets. This doesn’t seem like a pagan ritual, but anything done with intention and in a routine can be a ritual. And what’s more pagan than loving on animals?

13. Light a Red Candle in the Kitchen

Keep a red candle in your kitchen. Light it in honor of the ancestors who came before you, who cooked hearthside to feed and nourish their families just as you do today!

14. Smoke-Cleanse Yourself

One of those self-love daily pagan rituals is smoke-cleansing yourself. You don’t have to do this daily, but I promise if you do take up the practice, you won’t regret it. This practice removes the negative debris stuck in your aura, helps to relax you, and to ground you after a long day of work.

15. Love Your Family

One of the most pagan things to do is to honor and love your family. Think back hundreds of years ago – what did your ancestors value back then? Life, love, and family. They focused on survival and did what they had to do to feed and care for their families. And it’s a good thing too, because you’re here because of them! Honor your ancestors by loving your family every day. Spend quality time with your family as a daily pagan ritual. Othala.

16. Write in Journal / BOS

Keep a record of your spiritual journey, traditions, and thoughts by writing them down in a spiritual journal or Book of Shadows. Take five minutes a day to write something down – even if its just your emotions or your thoughts in that moment.

17. Wear a Stone

Choose a stone to wear on a daily basis. This is a simple, small daily pagan ritual to do in the morning. If you can’t wear it, then put it in your pocket. Choose stones for protection, grounding, energy, etc.

18. Pray to the Gods

Take time in the morning while you’re getting ready for the day or take time just before falling asleep to say a simple prayer to the gods. Prayers of gratitude are best. The more grateful we are for the gods’ presence in our lives, the more blessings roll in.

19. Visit the Garden

Whether you keep an elaborate garden or just have a few plants and trees in your yard, take some time in the early morning or the evening to pay the garden a visit. You never know what wisdom the plants, trees, and wildlife have to share with you. I find garden visits comforting, peaceful, and enlightening.

20. Exercise

How is exercise a daily pagan ritual? In this modern day and age, everyone is so busy and sedentary. We don’t have the time to work out. But here’s the thing – we were gifted with these bodies by the gods/universe/ancestors and so we should be grateful for them and care for them just as we care for our spirits. Even if you just go for a run in the morning, do something to get your heart pumping every day. Make the gods proud. Prepare to go to Valhalla.

21. Brew a Cup of Tea

Make brewing tea a daily ritual. Enjoy choosing your own loose leaf herbs, hearing the tea kettle whistle on the stove, and then pouring the hot water over the herbs. Sit down, be quiet, and sip your tea while waiting for the Divine to speak to you.

22. Smoke-Cleanse Your House

Along the same lines of smoke-cleansing yourself, cleanse your house to rid it of any negative vibes or spirits. A quick session does the trick, even if its only ten minutes. Don’t forget to open the windows, or else you’ll piss those demons right off.

23. Rune or Card of the Day

Something I enjoy doing in the morning, draw one rune or one tarot/oracle card for the day. It might give you a sneak peek of what’s to come or just provide some sage advice. Either way – drawing one rune or card of the day is one of the easiest and enlightening daily pagan rituals.

24. Use Herbs in Cooking

Have a garden with herbs or vegetables? Use them in your cooking on a daily basis. If you don’t have a garden, choose spices from your kitchen cabinet for specific purposes. For example – cinnamon for money. Sugar to sweeten up situations and people. Rosemary for love. Etc.

25. Pray to the Ancestors

Just as you pray to the gods, pray to your ancestors as well. They enjoy hearing from you too. It doesn’t have to be a complicated prayer. Talk to them as if they’re right there with you.

26. Freshen Up Your Altar

Clean up your altar on a daily basis. This means dump those ashes off your incense burner. Dust off any dirt or debris. Refresh your offerings. Make your altar a place worthy of the gods and ancestors.

27. Gaze at the Moon

On nights when the clouds are clear, go outside and gaze at the moon. Feel the lunar rays on your skin. 

28. Plan the Next Sabbat

Take time to plan the next sabbat. Write down ideas on traditions, rituals, food, etc. This is a fun daily pagan ritual to do with the whole family (if they are pagan, as well). 

29. Call a Pagan Friend

On days you feel you need an extra boost of comfort or confidence, call a pagan friend. There’s nothing like talking to someone of like-mind and kindred spirit.

30. Ground and Center

With how crazy life can get, making grounding and centering a part of your daily pagan rituals can really do wonders for your health and wellbeing. Even if you touch a tree before going inside or walk around outside with barefeet, both of these rituals help.

31. Plan the Next Esbat

Just as planning the next Sabbat can be fun, so can planning your next Esbat. Plan an aura-cleansing bath on the New Moon – what herbs will you use? Will you use sea salt or epsom salt? Plan to do a releasing ritual on the next Waning Moon. What will you do next full moon? Write down your thoughts and ideas.

32. Research Your God/Goddess

In addition to reading a spiritual book once a day, spend a few minutes doing further research on your god or goddess. This can be online or in books. Read your god or goddess’ mythology, folklore, and history. This gives honor to your god or goddess and enriches your relationship with them.

33. Listen to Music

Music is important to us all. Depending on your mood, it can relax or energize you. As a daily pagan ritual, play some pagan or witchy music instead of the typical pop or rock you might listen to. If you’re into a Norse or Germanic path, I recommend listening to Heilung, Danheim, Eivor, and Wardruna. There’s also a ton of Celtic music on Spotify, YouTube, Pandora, etc. Try music that makes you feel connected to the old ways.

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  1. Adanma

    May 11, 2024 at 7:10 pm

    Hi it’s amazing that you have pointed out things or practices to adopt in our daily rituals. I just love, you make me stop guessing myself and accepting the fact that I’m not crazy. Thank you so much by the way I always wanted to be a witch.

  2. Ren

    December 10, 2022 at 12:52 am

    Whenever I have a glass of water I pour another for my deities, so they can absorb the ka in it.

  3. Sophie

    March 29, 2021 at 1:52 am

    Thank you for this article. I was wondering if you have a suggestion for a Pagan book? for someone who naturally leans towards this lifestyle but would like to learn more 🙂


    January 16, 2021 at 9:34 am


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    Very nice and informative article

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      Thank you, Nilam.

  10. Anonymous

    November 9, 2018 at 7:19 am

    Very good ideas if not much time threw the day.

  11. Kathy

    November 4, 2018 at 4:42 pm

    Really nice list – I was feeling like I was not doing enough and was pleased to see that I’m already doing many of them daily.

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