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Daily Rituals for the Green Witch: 12+ SIMPLE Things To Do Everyday

How do we fit natural magick into our everyday mundane lives? How do we fit green witchcraft into a life where we spend much of our time indoors? Here we provide the Green Witch with 10 simple daily rituals to incorporate into green witchcraft practice. Use and/or adapt the ones you like.

First, What is a Green Witch?

In case you don’t already know, a green witch is a person who makes magic best using the natural world and while IN the natural world. This witch will cast spells and perform divination and ritual in the garden, in the forest, and basically anywhere that’s a natural setting. They typically enjoy working with plants, herbs, the landscape, and wildlife. And you’ll often find them wandering about outside…whether with a purpose or sometimes just for the heck of it. The green witch is energized, recharged, and healed by Mother Nature herself. They might also have loads of house plants and many pets.

Green Witch Daily Rituals with the Elements

1. Ritual Baths

The green witch knows the importance of incorporating the elements into daily life. The easiest way of connecting to the water element is to make your showers and baths into a ritual experience. Add herbs and crystals and visualize the water as white light cleansing and refreshing you. Don’t forget swimming in the ocean, lake, river, or creek also removes negative energy buildup and refreshes the spirit.

2. House Plants

Even when you can’t get outside on daily basis, having plants around the house keep a green witch vibing with greenery and the earth element. Talk to your house plants as you water them. Creating a bond with your house plants is an easy daily ritual for the green witch. When leaves fall from your plants, or when pruning, save the remnants for spells and herbal concoctions.

3. Fresh Air

Open your windows and let the fresh air in, whether at work or at home. Too hot or too cold? Try rolling down a car window enough to allow the air to blow through and experiencing the air element on a daily basis. Step outside on a windy day and let the wind carry away your worries and anxiety. Let your hair down and let the breeze blow through it.

4. Candle light

The fire element is recognized and honored by lighting a candle at the end of your day. Meditate on the candle flame or simply allow its glow to fill your space with warmth and happiness. Any time we use candles in our magic, we invoke the fire element. The perfect daily ritual for the green witch.

Outside Daily Rituals for the Green Witch

5. Nature Walk

Most people say there’s not enough time in the day to care for themselves or their spirituality. But I beg to differ. It’s about prioritizing and time management. During your lunch break at work, instead of sitting at a table inside, go outside and walk for ten minutes. Or take a walk after dinner in the evening. You’re connected to nature and the earth by being in it! I’ve found some of my most spiritual moments have been on nature walks. I hear the gods and ancestors clearly while walking among the trees. Not to mention, you’ll find objects from nature to use in your magical practice.

6. Garden Maintenance

My garden is my happy place. If you have a garden, visit it as a daily green witch ritual. Walk around the garden and inspect the health and appearance of your plants. Notice what wildlife is present – are there birds? Bugs? Snakes? Are there flowers blooming or seed pods hanging from trees? Etc. Harvest plants that are ready and cut back dead foliage as needed. Water your plants. Just being in my garden grounds and centers me, as it will for you!

7. Offerings to Nature Spirits

Part of a green witch’s practice is to honor all of the energies of the earth. Leave daily offerings in the garden for the nature spirits. It doesn’t have to be elaborate. It can be as simple as one flower or a pretty rock you found on a walk. You can even write a message for the nature spirits using nearby sticks or leaves. If you choose to leave food offerings or libations, choose biodegradable items like fruit, veggies, eggs, and water. If you leave cups or bowls, go back and remove them in a few days. We don’t want to pollute the earth with items it doesn’t need.

More Daily Green Witch Rituals

8. Read a Book

The green witch is always learning – through her time in nature and through study. Replace fifteen to thirty minutes of screen time each day with fifteen to thirty minutes of reading time. Choose green witchcraft books, books on herbalism, foraging, gardening, homesteading, fairies, Druidic practices and more. So much healthier for your spirit and mind than TV or phone time!

9. Pick a Rune or Card

Choose one rune or one card each morning and place it somewhere you’ll see it. Think about its meaning to you and your life throughout the day. A great way to attune to your chosen divination method and to your green witchcraft path.

10. Brew Tea

Something many green witches love to do is drink hot tea. The brewing and drinking of tea can be a relaxing daily ritual for the green witch. From choosing the herbs, to boiling the water, to pouring and enjoying the tea. Revel in the serene process of it and remember the witches who came before you and how much they loved their tea!

11. Learn Ogham

Similar to how the Norse people have the Elder Futhark runes, the Celtic people have the Ogham. The Ogham is an ancient alphabet system based on the Celts’ sacred trees. It’s more difficult to learn than the Runes, in my opinion, but will really get you in touch with the spiritual aspect of trees. If you are particularly drawn to Celtic practices, this is the divination system for you. Many green witches connect to this method easily.

12. Earth Gods and Goddesses

By working with earth goddesses and gods, the green witch honors the cycles of the earth. And the divinity of the earth itself. Many gods are sky gods…somewhere outside our atmosphere. Off the ground. But earth deities reside in the earth and some are even personifications of the earth. Examples include Mother Earth, Gaia, Persephone and Demeter, Modron, Terra, Igbo, and Danu.

A Word on Daily Responsibilities and Spiritual Rituals

Rituals don’t have to be elaborate and drawn out. They can be simple but still constitute as ritual if done with intent and done consistently. I don’t know about you, but some days I feel bombarded with mundane tasks that seemingly don’t have anything to do with my spirituality or practice as a green witch. Then one day I realized – there’s magick in everything we do. It’s about shifting our mindset to see the magick in all things and being able to add small simple rituals into our daily routines. It’s not difficult, it just takes thought and effort.

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