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Ladybug Spirit Animal, Symbolism, Luck and Folklore

The ladybug has long been known as a sign of good luck. They’re such good luck, in fact, that people buy and release hundreds of ladybugs in their garden every year. Have you ever made a wish on a ladybug? I’ll bet it came true! The ladybug spirit animal comes to those who need a special message from the Divine. Learn about the ladybug spirit animal, ladybug symbolism and lore below.

The Ladybug Spirit Animal

If the ladybug spirit animal has come into your life, you are a lucky person. The ladybug brings messages from the gods, particularly gods of love. Maybe you’ve seen a ladybug in your house on your windowsill. This is the ladybug spirit animal telling you of new opportunities in the near future, and it may even be new love. If you see two ladybugs, this is a sign and message that you have found your true love.

Ladybug spirit animal brings messages of love, standing your ground, and more.

Ladybug Says Be Kind, But Don’t Take People’s Crap!

Ladybugs are quiet, gentle creatures that bring messages of silence and gentleness. Coincidentally, these bugs are anything but gentle towards other bugs. Therefore the ladybug spirit animal’s message is to practice kindness but don’t take other people’s crap! When it’s time to remove the negativity from your life, let the toxic people and things go. They don’t serve your highest good.

When the Ladybug Spirit Animal Appears…

The ladybug spirit animal shows up in nature, or potentially on the TV, radio, internet, or on random street signs, clothing patterns, almost anywhere! If you’ve noticed ladybugs in your life recently, the ladybug spirit animal is trying to get your attention and teach something important. Think about the message the ladybug spirit animal brings. Write about your experiences. If you don’t know what the message is, it will come in time. Keep an open mind and let the ladybug bring you luck and good fortune!

Ladybug Symbolism, Lore and Legends

Do you know how the Ladybug got it’s name? It’s not because they’re so lady-like. According to folklore, during the Middle Ages, a serf’s crops were eaten by ravenous insects. His entire year’s harvest was threatened, which meant he’d have nothing to sell or eat. He prayed to Mother Mary. Suddenly, a cloud of black and red beetles appeared and ate the other pests. The serf called the black and red beetles “our Lady’s bugs”, leading to the bug being called ladybugs. This legend could very well be true – for hundreds of years and in modern times, farmers and gardeners frequently release ladybugs to kill off other pests like aphids. They’re beneficial bugs to have in your garden!

The ladybug spirit animal is good luck to gardeners and everyone!

Good Luck and the Ladybug and Other Superstitions

If a ladybug lands on you, it is good luck. It is bad luck to kill a ladybug. Superstitions around the ladybug include telling it your wishes and watching it fly to the heavens. An old saying goes “Ladybug, ladybug, fly away home.” Some people count the spots on a ladybug. Old superstition said if there were less than seven spots, there would be a good harvest.

Wishes and Healing

Ladybugs are called ladybirds in some places. And ancient Scandinavian pagans believed they were sacred to Freya, Goddess of Love and that they came to earth in a crash of lightning. Ladybugs are great to talk to. Tell it your secrets and the ladybug will carry it away. In the old days, if a ladybug landed on a sick person, it was believed the ladybug would absorb the illness and take it away from the ill person when it flew off. In particular, ladybugs were associated with relieving abdominal problems.

Ladybug Spirit Animal: A Beacon for Lovers

Ladybugs, because of their association with ancient goddesses of love, are also thought to be a good omen for couples. If a ladybug spirit animal visits you and your loved one, you are bound to have a healthy romance, according to a Chinese legend. Some say the spots represent the amount of months it will take for your lost love to return.

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