140+ SUPER Witchy Things To Do Daily OR Special Occasions

140+ SUPER Witchy Things to Do Daily Or for Special Occasions

We all want to add more magick to our lives. Whether you’re new to the craft or just need new, fresh ideas, here’s our list of 140+ awesomely witchy things to do. Some are simple, others are more elaborate. Add them to your daily routine OR plan a special ritual or course of study. The choices are endless and totally up to you, witch!

Here’s our ULTIMATE List of 140+ Witchy Things to Do:

  1. Write in your grimoire / BOS
  2. Listen to witchy music
  3. Cook with herbs
  4. Gardening
  5. Read a witchcraft book
  6. Pray to your ancestors
  7. Pray to your gods
  8. Color magic – wearing colors by intention
  9. Wear amulets and talismans
  10. Offerings to ancestors and gods
  11. Meditate for 15 minutes
  12. Nature walk
  13. Listen to a witchy podcast
  14. Drink herb/fruit infused water
  15. Record your dreams
  16. Make an herb infused oil for candles, anointing, consecrating tools, etc.
  17. Make an herbal bath tea
  18. Bake a cake and add edible flowers
  19. Make rose water
  20. Drink herbal tea with intention
  21. Collect wildflowers and put on your altar or in vases around the house
  22. Burn incense
  23. Make a loose leaf incense with herbs and flowers
  24. Craft a besom using only herbs and plant material
  25. Gather flowers and craft a flower crown
  26. Make an herbal powder for home protection
  27. Craft an herbal tincture for healing
  28. Listen to a witchy audio book
  29. Carry stones and crystals in your pocket
  30. Make a spell bag to protect your car
  31. Spread red brick dust over your thresholds for protection
  32. Draw a circle around you with chalk for ritual
  33. Call on the guardians of the watchtowers
  34. Study witches from the past
  35. Identify local plants and record in your journal
  36. Cleanse, charge and refresh your altar
  37. Cook a magical meal with herbs and using ingredients with intention
  38. Sex magick
  39. Pull an oracle or tarot card for yourself
  40. Light a candle for your ancestors
  41. Talk to a witchy friend
  42. Study and cast the runes
  43. Take a magical bath with herbs, salt, etc.
  44. Do chakra meditations
  45. Care for your animal friends and pets
  46. Pick up litter
  47. Study and use crystals and stones
  48. Take a Reiki class
  49. Cast a candle spell
  50. Read animal omens and signs in nature
  51. Take an herbalism class
  52. Make moon water or sun water
  53. Swim in a local body of water
  54. Craft a wreath for your front door according to the season/sabbat
  55. Write a witchy poem or story
  56. Smudge your house and self
  57. Lay magical protective wards around your home
  58. Make a witch’s bottle and bury it in your yard
  59. Research your ancestors and build a family tree
  60. Exercise – yoga, cardio, etc.
  61. Visit a local metaphysical or witchy shop
  62. Take a day trip to a local historical or natural landmark
  63. Clean your house with magic
  64. Plan your next sabbat: simple traditions and/or rituals
  65. Visit an antique store and see what you “feel” there
  66. Hike a mountain or forest
  67. Blow bubbles and make wishes
  68. Send yourself a magical letter
  69. Make a spell bag for your intention (love, protection, job, friendship, etc.)
  70. Braid or comb your magical intentions into your hair
  71. Use your perfume to draw your intentions to you
  72. Learn how to read playing cards as a form of divination.
  73. Diffuse essential oil
  74. Make and use witch’s black salt.
  75. Learn how to astral project.
  76. Enchant your pet’s collar with a protective sigil.
  77. Watch a witchy movie.
  78. Go shopping for witchy clothes and accessories.
  79. Draw runes in the dirt or sand using your finger or a stick.
  80. Research your spirit animal.
  81. Sweep your home with a besom to cleanse it of negative energies.
  82. Look up old wives’ tales and incorporate them into your craft.
  83. Make a spell box.
  84. Gaze at the moon.
  85. Walk outside barefoot.
  86. Leave sweet treats in the garden for the faeries.
  87. Have a bonfire and cast your worries into it.
  88. Sew a healing or nurturing poppet.
  89. Embroider a rune into your jacket.
  90. Create a fairy garden.
  91. Evoke a protective kitchen guardian to watch over your hearth.
  92. Plant a tree.
  93. Make a dream pillow with herbs and stones.
  94. Write your own spells.
  95. Clean your floor with an herbal floor wash.
  96. Adopt a house plant or two.
  97. Brew a cup of moon milk for the full moon.
  98. Draw down the moon (invoke the goddess).
  99. Check out an open circle in your area.
  100. Make a natural wand.
  101. Make a dream catcher.
  102. Craft a homemade beer, wine or mead.
  103. Enchant your coffee by drawing a sigil over it before drinking.
  104. Work with the spirits in your house and the spirit OF your house.
  105. Name your car and treat him/her like a friend or family member.
  106. Engage in shadow work to heal.
  107. Make a spell jar for your intention.
  108. Hang windchimes around your house.
  109. Hang witch’s balls.
  110. Make a black scrying mirror.
  111. Collect storm or rain water and use in your magick.
  112. Have a dumb supper on Samhain.
  113. Make a simmering potpourri on the stove.
  114. Read someone’s palm (or learn how to read palms).
  115. Collect acorns, pinecones, and seed pods for spell work.
  116. Collect dirt from different places to use in spells.
  117. Make candied flowers.
  118. Write a chant for the next new moon.
  119. Give biodegradable offerings to the forest or local nature spirits.
  120. Study the Green Man legend.
  121. Plan a sacred pagan pilgrimage.
  122. Give a witchy gift to a witch friend.
  123. Make an ink to use in magical writing.
  124. Press flowers and herbs between pages of a book.
  125. Cleanse your crystals and stones using one of the elements.
  126. Charge your crystals in the moonlight.
  127. Hang a hummingbird feeder.
  128. Craft a Bohemian dreamcatcher.
  129. Make homemade jelly or jam infused with magical intention.
  130. Hang a photo of an ancestor.
  131. Clear off a shelf in your linen closet or pantry to make a home for your household spirits/fairies.
  132. Collect snakeskin sheds and save for magical purposes.
  133. Clean and save old glass jars and bottles for spells and herb jars.
  134. Learn how to “throw dem bones”.
  135. Sew a magical cape or cloak for ritual outside work.
  136. Make crabshell or cascarilla powder for protection work.
  137. Visit a cemetery and leave flowers for a soul that calls to you.
  138. Create a vision board including your dream witch home.
  139. Add the 4 elements to your house decor.
  140. Visit a local waterfall or body of water.
  141. Carve a pumpkin for Samhain.
  142. Inscribe runes or sigils in the bottom of your shoes.
  143. Sing a moon chant on the next full moon.
  144. Do a self-healing guided meditation on YouTube.
  145. Listen to folk music your ancestors might have enjoyed.
  146. Collect seashells, sea glass, and drift wood from your next beach visit.
140+ SUPER Witchy Things to Do Any time!

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  1. Listening to witchy music seems like it needs dancing- correct? A nice addition to Otherworldly Oracle could be on different dances performed by witches for ceremonies, etc.
    Just a suggestion! 🙂

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