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Metaphysical Stores in Tampa Bay from BEST to Worst

There is a booming metaphysical community in the Tampa Bay area. For those who want to know the best metaphysical stores in Tampa Bay (and the worst), my reviews are below. These are my honest opinions and real life experiences, and I won’t hold anything back. It’s important to me to buy spiritual tools from a positive spirituality shop or source. First, the store’s vibe is crucial to whether I will purchase or not. Next, customer service (which goes hand-in-hand with the vibe) and then selection. All will be revealed here from best to worst.

The Local Shops and My Experience

1. Celestial Circle Metaphysical Shop in Palm Harbor, FL

Celestial Circle in Palm Harbor is my absolute favorite metaphysical store in Tampa Bay for a couple of reasons. Located in a strip mall, this new age store feels like its on a dimension all its own – a calming, soothing dimension of love. When you first walk in, the aromas fill your nose and ground your energy. I’ve been to this store on numerous occasions and ALWAYS enjoy it. The inventory is huge and recently expanded, which includes everything from Buddhist statues, incense, and decor to Wiccan and Asatru candles and jewelry, crystals, books, and divination tools.

The store clerks are warm and greet with a smile. In the front corner is a “wishing tree”, on which you are invited to write down your dreams and desires on a piece of paper, roll it up, and hang it on the tree for them to burn at the next full moon. A selenite “chair” is provided to allow the customers a chance to sit and take a cleansing “bath” while in the store. I leave feeling grounded and joyful. I couldn’t ask for a more pleasant metaphysical shopping experience. In addition, I recently went in for a Shamanic Reiki session. I can’t tell you how amazing of an experience it was. The Reiki practitioner and shaman’s energy was in alignment with mine and she brought clarity to some major issues I’d been having.

2. Enchanted Spirits in Dunedin, FL

One of my favorite metaphysical stores in Tampa Bay is Enchanted Spirits located in downtown Dunedin. In a standalone building painted bright cheerful blues and purples, the interior of the store’s vibe matches it exterior. Enchanted Spirits’ vibes are positive and peaceful. The selection is not as expansive as Celestial Circle’s, but the products are high quality. Incenses, books, oracle cards, and statues are in the first room, then crystals and stones throughout the rest of the store. Tarot, psychic, and reiki sessions are provided in the back making it a spirituality shop too. The store clerks are always cheerful and friendly and they offer a rewards system in which you receive a free product after so much money is spent.

3. Christy’s Enchanted Notions in St. Petersburg, FL

On bustling Central Avenue in downtown St. Petersburg is an inviting metaphysical store called Christy’s Enchanted Notions. The door is open and there are at least a dozen customers inside perusing the crystals, wands, candles, sprays, and smudge bundles. In the back is a curtain, semi-disguising a tarot reader and client. A friendly woman with tattoos mans the cash register and a beautiful young woman asks us if we need assistance, with a big smile. Christy’s Enchanted Notions is one of the most enchanting metaphysical stores in Tampa Bay. It smells divine and the vibe is busy yet smooth. Prices are a bit high, but the selection is nice and the shop is organized and open to all. I will definitely be visiting again soon.

4. Enchanted Earth in Dunedin, FL

This is one of the first metaphysical stores in Tampa Bay I visited. Breezing by Enchanted Earth while heading to downtown Dunedin is an easy feat. Though the store is situated in an older cute cottage-type building, you can pass by it in the blink of an eye as it’s located on Main Street but not in the heart of downtown. Also painted in bright colors, the exterior welcomes its patrons. There are different rooms in the store that was once a small home, but be aware the vibe isn’t quite as welcoming as the other three stores prior to this in my list. When asked if the store carried any books, we were abruptly told “we don’t carry books because we’re not a library. I got tired of people coming in and sitting down and reading for hours.” The store’s selection of herbs, incense, and pendulums is adequate.

NOTE: I don’t know if this store is still in business as the building it once was in is now gone.

5. That Voodoo That You Do in Palm Harbor, FL

That Voodoo That You Do in Palm Harbor, FL opened in February of 2018, according to the owner, a friendly woman who busied herself when we walked into the store. This is one of those metaphysical stores located in a haunted house. Feel the ghostly vibes when you walk through the door, but don’t be deterred. It only adds to the effect of the voodoo theme. The staff is friendly; however, I have to be honest in saying the inventory is low and common. There are a few shelves with voodoo and hoodoo themed books, dolls, and such but not anything I haven’t seen on Amazon or other metaphysical stores online. Two middle-aged women emerged from the back, of whom I assumed offered their services to paying clients. I enjoyed the ambiance and the customer service, but I’d like to see more of a selection.

NOTE: another store that I’m not sure exists any longer.

6. Mystic Goddess in Largo, FL

Mystic Goddess located in Largo, FL is unfortunately my least favorite of the metaphysical stores in Tampa Bay. I had high hopes for this spirituality shop as it is closest to my home; however, the owner leaves something to be desired. She is somewhat friendly but obviously judgmental. I was lectured on not using rosemary to smudge because it will “get you high” (not true).

When I purchased a pack of reiki oracle cards as a Christmas present for my husband a few years ago, I took them home and opened the plastic wrapper to look at them. I realized the booklet was in all French, no English. I returned and asked to exchange them, to which she begrudgingly obliged to refund half of my money because the “wrapper was opened”. You should know your inventory before putting it on the shelves. The hours are erratic and the vibe is drab. I don’t recommend this metaphysical store to anyone.

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More Reviews of Metaphysical Shops in Tampa to Come!

I didn’t hold back on my reviews of these shops, and I plan to add more reviews as I visit the other dozen or so metaphysical stores in the Tampa Bay area. If you own or work at a metaphysical store in the area that you would like me to review, please leave a comment or contact me at Stay tuned and check these out when you get a chance.

These are the best and worst metaphysical stores in Tampa Bay.


  1. Cheryl Baumgardner

    March 21, 2023 at 2:51 pm

    I used to live in Tampa. There was a shop near Hyde Park that was owned and run by a woman named Charlotte. I cannot remember her full name but she did a woman’s group that changed my life. She was in the corporate world, left to open the shop, then went back to the corporate world when her shop closed. Do you possibly know who I am speaking of?

  2. Anonymous

    December 26, 2019 at 1:59 am

    I live in Tampa most of my life. I see good shops come and go.The Way Of The Earth was the best shop in Tampa.Everything you need they had but.The city of Tampa brought the mall where they were for 20 years.But I’m looking for a nearby shop in Tampa.Where you can things that are needed

  3. Lana

    May 5, 2019 at 5:31 pm

    I used to live in Tampa 20 years ago and there just wasn’t anywhere to really go to get supplys..u usually had to make your own and b creative but it’s nice knowing when I go to see my daughter in the future I have some places to might could also let people know about the Greek community at the sponge docks..i bought a lot of my Greek statues of various Goddess and God s there in some of those shops there…blessed be…

    1. admin

      May 6, 2019 at 11:24 am

      Thanks for the tip!

  4. AJ

    December 12, 2018 at 4:17 am

    Thanks for these reviews, very helpful. Please add more! Maybe info on any metaphysical meetups too…

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