CUSTOM Couture Grimoire: HANDCRAFTED Witch’s Book of Shadows ~ BLACK Trifold


    Custom made, FULLY handcrafted Couture Grimoire BLACK faux leather exterior. TWO BOOKS IN ONE, Practical Magic Style Spellbook that is made to order! This is YOUR personal witch’s book of shadows, made for you with your preferences, likes, and personal practice in mind! Made from wood, faux leather, cotton fabric, metal, and paper. Choose your choice of fabric interior, and your choice of spells and magical content! The ultimate book to hold your personal spells, charms, magical recipes, and sacredly archive your personal witchcraft tradition. WITH POCKETS to hold the witch’s secrets! And so many other unexpected, magical details.


    Your ultimate Book of Shadows is here! This is a two-in-one (two books in one), LARGE practical magic style fully HANDCRAFTED grimoire that we like to call Couture because of all the work and quality materials that go into crafting it. You won’t find this Witch’s Grimoire anywhere else online or in the world, for that matter. It will be unique to you, as it is custom made!

    There are a myriad of special features that make this authentic, handmade spellbook extraordinary! This grimoire is completely handmade by Kitty Fields at Otherworldly Oracle from wood, faux leather, fabric, metal, paper, charms and MAGIC and contains over 400 pre-written pages of spells, recipes, tool info, and more!

    In addition to the time and magic we infuse into each and every spellbook, our perspective on the witch’s grimoire sets us apart from the rest. We believe the grimoire is more than just a book, it’s a LIVING entity that becomes the witch’s friend and familiar. Think Winifred Sanderson’s “Book” in Hocus Pocus. Your custom grimoire will be more than a tool, it will act as a portal between you and the spirit world. 

    Your grimoire is extremely special because it keeps record of your personal witchcraft tradition. It is your sacred archive. Keep your spells, charms, witchy recipes, record your dreams, and magical notes on deities, gods, ancestors, crystals, and more in this big, beautiful Book of Shadows! Plus find extra nooks and crannies inside for your small witchy mementos, heirlooms, and spell petitions. As well as a set of velvet bookmarks with charms and pendants so that you easily flip to your current studies and spells.

    And here’s the best part…Flip open your Pratical Magic STYLE Book of Shadows to reveal TWO books in one! There is a SECRET book at the back of the grimoire for your most sacred of incantations and spells! Reminiscent of Sally and Gilly’s book of shadows in the Practical Magic movie! Our goal is to make special grimoires for special witches who want to practice the craft all their lives and document their journeys. 

    This listins is for ONE CUSTOM made Book of Shadows with BLACK faux leather exterior, but YOU are able to choose what your book looks like, including interior fabric, as well as the actual content within! This ULTIMATE Book of Shadows is unique in that the spells, charms, prayers, etc. are already written and printed for you to get you started! (If you prefer a BLACK exterior, there’s a separate listing for that here.)

    In this two-in-one grimoire, you’ll have over 400 pre-printed pages with unique and authentic spells, charms, incantations, magical recipes, and information on spirits, witchcraft tools, and much more! There are blank pages on the back of each page for you to add your notes and recipes which means a full total (front and back) of over 800 pages. Plus there’s some space to add even more pages as you learn and grow in your practice.

    This beautiful handmade book is POST bound which means you are able to ADD AND REMOVE pages to make your grimoire exactly what you want it to be! You won’t be “bound” to the same material for life and can customize your own content as your practice grows and evolves over the years. Paper size is North American standard letter size 8 1/2″ by 11″, printed on cream paper (we can do white paper, if you prefer.)

    Each book is custom made which means that it takes time (up to 3 weeks total), AND please note the photos on the listing are from past pre-made grimoires and are already at their forever homes! You will receive your very own grimoire that is unique to you!

    Upon purchase, you will provide me with the following info for your custom grimoire:

    1. Interior – you’ll go to and search for the fabric of your choice for the interior (inside) of your Grimoire, then email me the link to your chosen fabric at I will then order the fabric and confirm once it’s been ordered. The fabric will come to me and I will begin working on your custom couture grimoire!
    2. Content: You’ll also choose 3-5 sections from the categories below:
    • Magical Correspondences (Crystals, Incense, Moon Phases, etc.)
    • Charms and Spells (exclusive incantations, charms, spells, and witchcraft recipes)
    • Hearth (Kitchen Witchcraft)
    • Herbs (A-Z Common Magical Herbs and Their Properties and Uses)
    • Ancestors (how to work with your ancestors plus space to record ancestral info.)
    • Astrology (planets, houses, signs, moon signs, etc.)
    • Spirits (familiars, animal guides, etc.)
    • Divination (Runes, Tarot, Scrying, etc.)
    • Norse Magic (Norse runes, folklore, gods, etc.)
    • Sabbats (A look at each of the sabbat’s basic info, lore, and recipes)
    • Fairies (a deeper look at faery magic and types of fae)
    • Blank section (blank paper for you to fill in yourself)

    3. Please tell me your Zodiac sign, favorite colors, animals you’re drawn to, and any other specific magical info. you’re drawn to or want me to include. (Example: I’m a Sagittarius, favorite color is green, I’m drawn to wolves and deer, and I lean towards hedge witchery, etc.) 

    4. Lastly, anything you dislike. This way I can be sure not to include these. (Example, some people don’t use the pentacle in their practice, and in this case, I’d leave this symbol out of their Book of Shadows. Colors you don’t like, if you’re Vegan and don’t want meat recipes etc.)

    IF YOU DON’T PUT THIS INFO IN THE ORDER NOTES, Don’t worry! I will email you within 48 hours, once your order is received. Please check for emails from If you don’t receive an email from me, please reach out!


    Because these grimoires are custom-made and made to order, please allow up to 3 weeks total time for your personal book of shadows to be built (of course I’ll keep you updated during the process if anything changes). I am a one-woman shop and these grimoires take time and lots of energy (and magic) to create! If you need your grimoire faster than the 3 weeks of processing time, please let me know and we can work out an extra fee for speedier production. 


    Once your made-to-order grimoire is complete, you will get notification from me to your email upon which I will double-check your shipping info. Once it’s shipped, please allow up to 1 week to receive your grimoire. Please double-check your shipping information upon checkout and include any apartment numbers if applicable. Once your items have shipped, we are unable to have your order re-routed to another address. If your order is damaged during the shipping process, please email us upon opening with a description of the broken/damaged item(s) AND a photo of the damaged item(s). If your shipment is delayed or taking longer than the allotted 2 weeks, please email us directly. Once your product has shipped, a tracking number will be emailed to you.

    Please email us directly at with any questions or concerns. Please see our shop policies for more information on refunds and exchanges. Refunds will only be given in the event your item is damaged during the shipping process. But please email me with your concerns. 


    all products are for entertainment purposes only. We make no claims or guarantees of their effectiveness nor are we liable for the improper use of sold products. Such products are also not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or situation from occurring. This disclaimer is intended to emphasize that while the item complies with general safety standards, its primary purpose is spiritual entertainment. Therefore, caution must be exercised to ensure it is utilized in accordance with its intended purpose. Please be aware that any use outside of its recommended application is not prohibited, and any use outside of the intended use is at the discretion of the purchaser and not of Otherworldly Oracle. Please see our full Disclaimer & Disclosure page for further information.

    One thought on “CUSTOM Couture Grimoire: HANDCRAFTED Witch’s Book of Shadows ~ BLACK Trifold

    1. “If you are debating about purchasing a Grimoire from the Otherworldly Oracle don’t think just do! You will not be disappointed. Each little detail is magical and personalized from the choice of pages you’d like to include to pattern of the book. Not to mention it is double folded, meaning it’s two books in one. There is even room to expand adding more pages. These can be your own pages or other pages offered in her shop. Each section is clearly label, and jam packed full of information. There is an introduction page on the history of the Grimoire. In this introduction there is a small table of contents on the personalized things that are tailored for you.

      Each section in the Grimoire is written by the Otherworldly Oracle herself. Reading its pages you can tell the time, love, magic, and in depth research she has put into each word, and subject. The illustrations that accompany the pages are beautifully done giving the pages an extra touch that feels personal. You can easily get lost in your books pages as you read through each section. Whether you are just opening up to your practice, or seasoned this book has something for everyone.

      Upon receiving my book I literally teared up opening my box, I was giddy and danced about with excitement. I could feel the magic pulsing in my hands as I unfolded the binding of my book. The black cover was slick in my hands giving the book an old word feel. The inside of the book is stunning. The inside print I chose is stunning, from the tiny details that are hidden to the coloration. She even went to far as to name my book, and it’s a name I couldn’t agree with more. I know personally the information and pages I chose was so tailored to me it is thrilling to get lots in its magic. I will say again if you are debating, stop! You will love your book.

      The Otherworldly Oracle is great in her communication if you have questions. Each book will obviously be different. What will remain the same is the heart and magic put into each Grimoire.” ~ Melissa T, StampitOutLoud13

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