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How to Summon a Kitchen Guardian Spirit or Familiar

What is a kitchen guardian spirit? A kitchen guardian spirit is a familiar spirit specifically tasked with aiding in your magickal kitchen workings like cooking, baking, herbalism, etc. It is also tasked with watching over your household and hearth to keep it from harm – harmful spirits, energies, illness, etc. Here’s a spell on how to summon a kitchen guardian spirit for Bella Donna (premium) Members Only.

What You’ll Need:

  • a poppet, doll, statue or vessel to house the kitchen spirit (I purchased a vintage kitchen witch statue from Etsy to house my kitchen spirit but you can make a doll/poppet, buy a doll, or use a bottle/jar. You need something dedicated to be the “house” for the spirit)
  • a white 7 day candle
  • a handful of wormwood
  • a bit of loose leaf tobacco
  • olive oil
  • chopstick or thick needle

How to Summon a Kitchen Guardian Spirit:

  1. This summoning spell is best performed on the Full Moon when spirits are most active and manifestation is at its most powerful.
  2. Go to your kitchen. Cleanse the space thoroughly in whatever way you prefer. Also cleanse your candle and doll/statue/vessel.
  3. Next get into your relaxed alpha state of mind with music, chanting, incense, etc.
  4. Take your chopstick/thick needle and poke 3 holes into the 7 day candle fairly deep.
  5. Sprinkle the wormwood into each hole while stating “wormwood draw to me, the familiar spirit that’s good and right for me, to protect my house and family, and guard my hearth heartily.” Say 3 times.
  6. Light the candle and place on the stove next to your vessel/doll/statue.
  7. Next, offer your tobacco to the familiar spirit. You can light it as incense on a charcoal, if you’d like, or simply sprinkle it in a circle around the vessel/doll/statue. While you do this say, “tobacco draw the spirit to me, familiar spirit hear me. I give this offering gratefully.”
  8. Take a bit of olive oil, rub it on your hands, then dress the statue/vessel/poppet with the oil. Start from the bottom and rub up until you’ve covered the entire doll/vessel from bottom to top. While doing this chant, “kitchen guardian take heart. You have a safe place at my hearth. May this doll/vessel/statue be your home. May we benefit each other until your spirit must roam.” Repeat at least 3 times but up to 13 for full power.
  9. After you’ve invited the familiar spirit to take place in your kitchen and have a home in the doll/vessel, let the candle burn for at least an hour beside the doll/vessel on your stove. The candle acts as a beacon to draw the right familiar spirit to you.
  10. Once you’ve extinguished the candle, you must set your kitchen guardian spirit’s doll/vessel somewhere where it won’t be handled by lots of hands. Keep the candle and light it once a day for 7 days next to your kitchen guardian spirit.
  11. You’ll need to name your kitchen guardian. Don’t tell anyone outside of your family it’s name. Talk to it every day and provide offerings as much as possible. Learn more about the care and feeding of household spirits here. If you don’t care for the kitchen guardian spirit, it will leave.

WARNING: spirit work is not easy and has its risks. You must know how to properly cleanse and protect your home from malevolent spirits but also leave an opening for benevolent spirits to come through. If you already have ancestors and gods guarding your space, you’ll need to ask their permission first to allow a familiar kitchen guardian spirit to take residence at your hearth. Ask them to allow the right, good spirit in and keep the malevolent, trickster spirits out.

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