How to Spot a Witch Today in 8 Ways (According to a Modern Witch)

Witches of the past may have had a certain look…or maybe they didn’t. Witches today don’t go by any particular standard of appearances. Maybe when you hear the word witch you think black clothes, pointy hat, and gothic. But modern witches have broken the mold of stereotypes and do their own thing no matter societal expectations – for good or for bad. Maybe you think you live by a witch or maybe you’re a witch and want to find more like you! Whatever your motive, here’s how to spot a witch today.

8 Signs He or She is a Witch

Before we get far into it, I want you to know most modern witches are decent people. We’re not running around spoiling milk and stealing children like folklore might suggest. We simply love nature and believe in the magick all around us. So without further adieu…

1. Crystals

It’s not a requirement by any means, but many modern witches love crystals and stones. You may be able to spot a witch today wearing crystal pendants, carrying crystals in their purses and pockets, or in their cubicles/offices at work. (Keep in mind crystals are used by people who aren’t witches, too and are a popular trend in modern times with people from all walks of life.)

2. Otherworldly Aromas

In addition to wearing and carrying crystals, otherworldly aromas may accompany a modern witch. This witch learned how to spot a witch today by using the power of smell. Sounds crazy, right? If you know the scent of patchouli or lavender, you’ll recognize when a modern witch walks by. I’ve met other witches based on the essential oils and perfumes they were wearing! Other favorite aromas of witches include jasmine, dragon’s blood, rose, lemon and chamomile.

3. Magical Pendants

I recently went to the tailor’s around the corner to have a couple dresses hemmed. And for the very first time, I noticed my tailor wearing two necklaces. One was a pendant of the Egyptian goddess Isis and the other was the Om symbol. I complimented her, “I love your necklace. That’s the Egyptian goddess Isis, right?” The twinkle in her eye after I said that told me everything. When you learn how to spot a witch today, it’s because you’re really paying attention to small details.

4. Interest in the Occult

Maybe you work with her – you know that lady who talks a lot about Mercury retrograde and the moon phases? She may be a witch! However, just an interest in astrology doesn’t confirm her witchy-ness. A witch today may have an interest in many occult topics – astrology, crystals, metaphysics, reincarnation, spirituality, healing, herbs, the paranormal, etc. Pay attention to her conversations and you may have just spotted a witch!

5. Paint It Black (Or Purple)

This isn’t to say that all witches love the colors black and purple, but it is to say that quite a few do! Learn how to spot a witch by paying attention to what they wear. While there’s no set “witch style” or uniform, many witches tend to dress in a particular way. Some wear clothes for magical purposes, even! For example, black clothing to a witch reflects negativity and…well, how do I put this? It makes us feel witchy! Lots of witches also love bohemian and hippie style clothing, as well as long, flowy skirts and dresses. While others prefer their tshirts and jeans. It takes a keen eye!

6. Tattoos

Again, while there’s no requirement or designated witch style, many witches today choose special pagan or witch tattoos. Tattoos are the witch’s ticket to the otherworld, so often witches choose symbols like runes, sigils, pentacles, the Celtic triquetra, triple moons, Norse symbols, brooms, cauldrons and more. They may also have tattoos of animals, the sun and moon, flowers and magical sayings like “blessed be”.

7. Magical Home

While witches don’t carry their home around with them, if you’ve been to a witch’s home you’ll probably know it. You may find altars all around her house – tables or dressers with statues, candles, incense, etc. Or maybe her house smells like fresh bread, herbs, incense and essential oils. Crystals may also be in random places throughout the modern witch’s home. While often being discreet, the modern witch has learned how to decorate her magical home to suit her magical lifestyle.

8. Nature Lover

Most witches are drawn to the path of witchcraft because of a deep innate love for nature. Witchcraft is a nature-based path, and therefore when you spot a witch today you may notice they are BIG nature lovers. Either they adore plants and keep them all over their apartment, or they adore animals. OR BOTH. The modern witch may be more likely to go for nature walks, hike, swim, camp, kayak, etc. and may even have show a propensity for environmental causes.

There’s No Set of “Witch” Standards

Be aware, while these 8 ways to spot a witch today are legitimate, it doesn’t mean that one thing or another certainly makes that person a witch. In modern times, a witch could be anyone and live anywhere. A witch could be a female or male, young or old, big or small. He or she could be open about his/her beliefs OR closed off. If you want to learn how to spot a witch today and truly know, you’d have to be a witch yourself. Or simply ask them.

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How to Spot a Witch Today in 8 Ways According to a Modern Witch

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