50+ Signs of an Old Soul

50+ Signs You’re An Old Soul (You’ve Lived Many Times Before)

You have that longing for home. And yet you’re more than familiar with this existence. There’s that knowing deep inside that you’ve been here before. Why? Because you have. You’re an old soul and you’ve been told time and time again. But, just for confirmation and a little fun, here’s 50+ signs you’re an old soul living in a modern world.

First, What is an Old Soul?

What does it mean when someone says you’re an old soul? Does it mean you act older than your age? No, not exactly. Though that can be a factor. Being an old soul means you’ve been here many times before. You’ve incarnated and reincarnated – living multiple lives beyond the one you’re living now. Yes, I’m talking about reincarnation: the belief that souls are recycled. That we don’t just live one human life, but dozens. Possibly hundreds. Maybe even more. But I’ll let you in on a little secret – we don’t just have past lives. We have other lives. Because time isn’t linear – it’s cyclical and infinite. We may be living other lives in a parallel universe right now. We may be living past lives parallel to our current life. Who truly knows? All I know is, the universe is divine and we’ve only begun to understand the meaning of life.

50+ Signs You’re An Old Soul

Without further adieu, here’s how to know if you’ve lived many lives. 50+ signs you’re an old soul. You may nod your head to ten, or twenty, or even the entire list. But if you know, you know. You don’t need a list to confirm it for you.

1. You’ve been told you’re an old soul. Many times.

If you’ve been told over and over again by multiple people that you’re an old soul, you likely are. The funny thing about this is – old souls recognize other old souls. So the people who see it in you, are likely old souls themselves. And vice versa.

2. The old soul is drawn to decades and centuries past.

This is a big sign you’re an old soul. If you’ve always found the distant past fascinating, it’s because you’ve lived in it. Ancient Egypt? The Wild West? Prehistoric Africa? Ancient Greece? The 1920’s? Medieval France? What’s that one time period you’ve always been drawn to?

3. You’re decidedly old fashioned in your morals and values.

While you’re forward thinking in many ways, you might also feel traditional and old fashioned when it comes to solid morals and values. You might even feel like these are values other people should have but don’t. Old souls wonder why the newer souls don’t share the same outlook on life. It’s because they’re new. And you’re not.

4. That sense of longing to go home never subsides.

Old souls have a longing in their hearts for home. A home we might never find here on this plane of existence. And, I’m sorry to say, that longing may never subside.

5. You’ve always been interested in reincarnation.

As a child, someone talked to you about reincarnation and the concept rang true. You’ve believed in past lives, future lives, and parallel lives ever since.

6. You have an interest in alternative spiritual pathways.

Another sign you’re an old soul is having an interest in alternative spirituality. Maybe you follow a more new age path, are Wiccan, pagan, goddess-worshiping, or Hindu. You tend to seek your peace in religion and spirituality outside the mainstream.

7. Old souls know the true meaning of life.

You don’t spend your time on pointless things. You know the true meaning of life – to love, live and learn. To experience what it’s like to be a human being on Mother Earth. You don’t obsess with the mundane things, but enjoy them openly. Your goal in life is to experience the human condition, you might even prioritize things like travel, family, and self growth. The old soul rarely prioritizes things like money, power, and earthly possessions.

8. You have “old soul” or “wise” eyes.

People tell you you have wise eyes, or the eyes of an old soul. This is because the eyes are the windows to the soul.

9. Dreams of the past

Old souls often dream about their past lives. You’ll know these dreams are different in that they are much more vivid than typical dreams. And they seem like an actual memory, rather than a jumbled up dream. These are more like visions and transport you to the past.

10. You prefer antiques over modern furniture

When you walk into an old home or antique store, you’re drawn to furniture and décor of the past. You prefer antiques and a rustic ambience over modern furniture. This is because old souls gravitate to things that remind them of their past lives.

11. You wore vintage clothing before it was cool.

I’m aware that vintage clothing is now the cool thing to wear. However, there was a time in the early 2000s and before when vintage clothing wasn’t popular. If you started wearing vintage clothes before they were cool, you’re likely an old soul. Again, folks with many past lives gravitate to the things they had in those other lives.

12. Certain movies and shows affect you deeply.

You watch Outlander and something about the scenery, songs, and words sing to your heart. The Mummy was your favorite movie for many years. As a kid you obsessed over any movie or TV show that featured Billy the Kid or Jesse James. OR if you’ve ever had a moment where a troubling scene affected you much deeper than others – this could be a nod to one of your past lives.

13. An addiction to history

Another sign of an old soul is an obsession, or downright addiction, to history. You studied history in college. You became a historian. Or you just love history so much that it’s all you think about.

14. You prefer to be alone to recharge.

New souls frequently enjoy the company of lots of other people. They feel energized in largely social situations. On the other hand, old souls seek solitude when they need to recharge their batteries. We’ve been around plenty of people over the course of our lives, so sometimes silence is golden.

15. You go to nature to heal.

Old souls appreciate the strength and healing power of Mother Nature. When we’re feeling anxious or depressed or just out of sorts, a walk in the woods sets us right. Or maybe meditation on the beach. Or even just a stroll through the neighborhood. We know that nature heals every ailment.

Old souls turn to nature to heal and recharge.

16. Old Souls Carry Birthmarks

Sometimes our birthmarks are breadcrumbs to our past lives. They help us unravel the puzzle that is our eternal soul. Perhaps you have a birthmark in the shape of a country. Or continent. Or maybe you even have a birthmark that resembles a rune or symbol. Sometimes old souls carry birthmarks that show how they were killed in a past life. Family members may even have the same birthmark as you, as a sign you’ve incarnated with your soul group once more.

17. Palm Signs on Old Souls

Just as our birthmarks can be symbolic messages from our other lives, so can the lines of our palms. Learn more about palm signs here.

18. Longing for the stars

Some old souls haven’t just lived on this planet. But they’ve lived on other planets, in other star systems, in other galaxies. Some have even lived in other dimensions. These souls are called starseeds. If you long to be among the stars and have dreams of floating into space, you likely are an old soul that has lived in another dimension or galaxy.

19. Old Souls Astral Travel Easily

You’ve naturally been astral traveling and lucid dreaming since you were a child. I believe old souls have this ability, as we’ve been traveling between dimensions and planes for an infinite number of lifetimes. Some of us even have the ability to travel to the Akashic library and see our past lives on glimmering, golden pages there.

20. A Career in Healing or Teaching

Many old souls live a life of purpose: specifically to heal or teach the people around them. You may have a career in healing: doctor, nurse, acupuncturist, midwife, death doula, herbalist, chiropractor, etc. OR you’ve chosen to be a teacher, guidance counselor or some other role that teaches others.

21. Animals Are Drawn To You

Animals are naturally drawn to people with old souls. This is because old souls recognize the beauty and divinity in animals. They aren’t just animals. They have souls too. And old souls know and can connect on a deep level.

22. People Are Drawn To You

Along the same wavelength, people are drawn to you too. Ever have a complete stranger tell you their life story at the grocery store? Do people with problems seem to flock to you like moths to the flame? Your old soul shines a bright light in the darkness and so people can’t help but seek you out for friendship, advice, and compassion.

23. You Stay Away From Drama

Because old souls have lived lifetimes before, we tend to stay away from drama. We’ve already been through lifetimes of it and prefer a quiet, peaceful existence to a noisy, chaotic one. If you avoid high maintenance people and drama in general, you might be an old soul.

24. A Few Close Friends

To the point previous to this one, old souls are selective of their friends. We enjoy having close, personal relationships with people similar to ourselves. Rather than having lots of fairweather friendships and acquaintances.

25. Deja Vu: A Frequent Occurrence for Old Souls

Have you ever had Deja vu? It’s when you get the feeling you’ve been in a certain place before, or you’ve lived a particular experience before. Yet you know it wasn’t in this lifetime. This happens when we visit a place we were familiar with in a past life. Or meet someone with whom we shared a connection in another life.

26. Past Life Readings and Regressions

If you’ve lived many past lives, you’re more inclined to seek out past life tarot readings and past life regressions. I’ve found folks that have newer souls typically don’t have as much of an interest in reincarnation. Why? It’s simple – because they’ve only incarnated a few times.

27. The Old Soul Keeps Learning

Old souls have an insatiable desire to learn. We never want to stop learning all we can about life, the planet, and about ourselves. We take classes on things that interest us. And we read and study many topics, sometimes all at once.

28. Your Perspective On History Differs

Have you ever been told a piece of history that you downright felt was incorrect? Or distorted? This may be because you lived that piece of history and remember it occurring in a much different way than it’s been taught. Remember, history is written by the victors. And the folks who were defeated or suppressed didn’t have a voice. There’s always more to history than we’ve been taught.

29. Alternative Medicine

Do you believe in a holistic approach to healing? Old souls seek out alternative ways to heal themselves and others, including practices like Reiki, meditation, crystal healing, herbalism, acupuncture, etc. That’s not to say you don’t believe in western medicine, but you do believe in healing the whole self. Body, mind and soul.

30. Old Souls Always Ask Why

You have a tendency to question everything. A very logical, grounded mind wants to understand the why behind laws, beliefs, rules, morals, etc. Old souls tend to always ask why?

31. You feel very different from the rest of the world.

You’ve felt like the black sheep or odd-man-out since you were a kid. You still do. It’s because you are different – your soul is ancient. Embrace your uniqueness. But stay humble.

32. Old School Morals

Old souls may notice the morals of their peers don’t align with theirs. You believe in manners, respect, kindness and consideration for others. You believe in raising your children to be independent, self sufficient members of society. And you realize a lot of folks around you don’t believe or live in the same way. It’s because you’re carrying your old school (past life) morals along with you.

33. A Desire to Go Back to Simpler Times

Do you want to leave everything behind and go off grid? Start a homestead or live on a farm? Old souls long for the old ways…we long to go back to simpler times when we were closer to the land. And closer to our families.

Your dreams may be a map to your past lives.

34. Old Souls Care About Money Less

It’s not that we don’t have money or access to money, it’s that we care less about earthly riches. We care more about riches of the heart – family, close friendships, seeking wisdom, helping those in need, etc. We’ve lived lifetimes on this planet (and others) and likely have had wealthy lives. Money makes things easier but it doesn’t fulfill our purpose here.

35. Sensitivity to Electronics

Some old souls find themselves being extra-sensitive to electronics. I find this is particularly true for those who have lived many lives in other star systems and dimensions (starseeds). Whether it’s because we’re too grounded or extremely tuned-in, I’m not quite sure. But you may find yourself getting headaches from looking at screens much quicker than others. It might even make you sick – nauseous, dizzy, etc.

36. An Old Soul Isn’t Afraid of Death

Well, we have lived and died many times before. So the experience serves to lessen our fear of death and the afterlife. Many of us end up going into services like morticians, death doulas, hospice nurses, coroners, and funeral directors.

37. Inexplicable Fears of Drowning, Fires, Etc.

It’s interesting. I’ve found my fears of drowning relate to my past lives. I’ve had multiple lives in which water was an element of destruction for me. In this life, I’ve had no brushes with drowning. Maybe you’re afraid of heights, airplane rides, horses, or something that you can’t explain. Old souls may carry these fears with them from lifetime to lifetime. You might not be scared of death, but of the thing that could cause it.

38. You Dream of People Before Meeting Them

I can’t really explain this one. But it seems old souls tend to dream about others before meeting them in real life.

39. You Have a Twin Flame

Having a twin flame means your soul is connected to another through an unbreakable energetic cord. Unlike what Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelley claim (that your soul elevates to a level where you join with another elevated soul). A twin flame is actually a soul that was created along with yours at the beginning. If you’ve realized you have one, you’re re-membering things new souls typically don’t.

40. You’ve Known Your Family Members Before

Have you looked at your daughter in the eyes and thought, “gosh I feel like I’ve known her forever. In lifetimes before.” It’s likely that you have, and as an old soul you can tap into that connection easily. Or with any family member or close friend, for that matter.

41. Old Souls Have a Desire to Help Others

Around the holidays, heck throughout the year, old souls enjoy helping others. You might find them at the local food drive, soup kitchen, volunteering at the children’s hospital or even at the local animal rescue.

42. An Inexplicable Sense of Knowing

If you’re an old soul, you likely have an inner sense of knowing. Even when things are confusing in the world, you have peace in knowledge that everything will be all right. Your friends and family members might even ask you, how did you know that? It’s because old souls have been around the block and seen all kinds of things happen.

43. An Old Soul Often Believes in the Supernatural

As an old soul, you know we can’t always explain everything. That science, while valid, hasn’t quite caught up with the spiritual world. Maybe you believe in aliens, ghosts, angels, and gods. It’s only because you’ve met a few or have had numerous experiences over your lifetimes.

44. Tend to Have Views Outside the Norm

While everyone else is running around fighting with one another over whose political party is correct, you’re sitting back going – I don’t trust either one of them. An old soul has lived many lives over many centuries and has seen nearly every form of government. So you tend to have political views outside the societal norm. You just know better than to believe the rhetoric.

45. Toxins Affect You More than Others

I can’t quite explain this one either, but if you’re an old soul you’ll find toxins affect you harsher than other people. This means alcohol, drugs, pharmaceuticals, dye in foods, etc. You’ve developed an allergy to certain foods or random things that most people don’t.

46. You Pick Up On Signs and Omens Easily

An old soul will pick up on signs and omens much quicker than the normal person. Signs and omens are messages from the spirit world. They send us these messages as lessons, warnings, and encouragement. Old souls are tuned into the spirit world and therefore acknowledge these messages easily.

47. An Old Soul Sees the Beauty in Little Things

Instead of getting stuck in an endless cycle of daily life, in which everything is the same…dull and lifeless. An old soul stops to smell the roses. Every day. And sees the beauty in the little things in life. We know this is important…because why else would we be here?

48. Old Souls Are Artistic

Because an old soul sees the beauty in life and in the world, he or she is frequently an artist of some kind. Maybe you paint, write, sing, play an instrument, bake, or engage in crafting or woodworking hobbies. Maybe you even make digital art or design video games. All of these art forms are frequented by souls who have reincarnated many times.

49. You’ve Read Many Lives, Many Masters

Many an old soul has read the book Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss. And re-read it. This book strikes a deep-seated, soul-ingrained nerve for many of us. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it!

50. An Old Soul Feels Connected to the Universe

If you’re an old soul, you likely have felt a connection to everything. You feel we are all connected to one another and to the universe. Because of this connection, you know it’s important to care about all forms of life.

50+ Signs of an Old Soul

3 thoughts on “50+ Signs You’re An Old Soul (You’ve Lived Many Times Before)

  1. When I was five or seven my paternal grandmother was entertaining us grandchildren by reading our palms. One by one we held out our little hands to her to have her tell us about our future marriages, number of children, and so on, while Grandpa, Daddy and my uncles played fiddle, and guitars in the next room. Now my grandmother was not a mystic-type, but a died in the wool Primitive Southern Baptist! Nevertheless, she saw no incongruity in parlor palm readings. Apparently, none of the other adults present worried much about such things either. Maybe it was just a Southern traditional country thing, I can’t say. There were at least sixteen of us cousins, so it was not a very short exercise on that Sunday afteroon in the old farmhouse. When I held out my little hand, she looked, looked again, traced her finger over some lines, and stated simply “I can’t read her, too complicated, too many lines.” She paused looked me full in the face, folded up my little ha d and said, “She is a very old soul.” My mother didn’t like that. I was not her favorite and she thought I had.been singled out as someone special. “Hmpf, she hardly ever has much to say!” Grandmother looked Mama eye to eye and stated, “Still waters run deep.”
    I guess it was 1956 or 1958 then. Just telling this true story so young people understand that the concept of “old soul” is not new, not recent, long before my birth for sure. No, not new at all. Some say it takes an old soul to recognize an old soul. Now that I am an old person with an old soul, I find some of the online chatter regarding “how to tell if you are an old soul” and so forth, sort of amusing. Apparently there are lots of young people looking to describe all the parameters of old souls, analyzing old soul personalities and habits, even telling others WHY old souls think and act this way, or that way. Funny how my grandma so long ago now, just KNEW, when I was too small a child to have developed all those habits. Some of those traits you mention fit me to a T. Some don’t, and never did. We old souls are individuals too, so not every old soul will automatically like every other old soul. Some might just be back to cause chaos if they can, some are back to help this generation, some are back just because Divinity made them come back. A do over. Perhaps. Even the wise do not know all things. Certainly I do not.
    Not every old soul is wise in goodness. So be wary youngsters. Take from it only so much, no more. You are repsonsible for your own soul, no one else. And eve soulmates are not immune to disagreements, so please do not think you will find on this earth perfection in relationship.
    Insofar as relating to animals’s souls , sometimes the relationship will just depend upon how hungry their bodies are, if you get my drift.
    One trait no one mentions about old souls: down to earth common sense. Strive to develop that, because in this time, it is rarer than old souls.

  2. I liked that article I wish I could of copied an saved it in my articles. How do I get your upcoming news articles on your blog

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