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Kitchen Witchery: How to Cook a Magical Meal

If you cook and spend much of your time in the kitchen, you are a kitchen witch. You are carrying on the legacy of your ancestors who came before you—those who cooked over an open fire, at the hearthside, over cast-iron stoves, and today over the electric stove. Tending to the nourishment and health of your family and friends each time you cook. You are making magic in the kitchen by transforming seemingly simple ingredients into a masterpiece meal. This is alchemy. If you’re not sure how you can make a magical meal, come along with me and we will learn the basics of kitchen witchery together.

Why Make a Magical Meal?

First, what’s the point in making a magical meal? Witches cast spells. Kitchen witches literally cast spells by cooking their meals and brewing drinks with intention. You can turn your dinner into a healing spell, a ritual to honor your goddess, or a ward to spiritually protect your entire family. So much magic can be baked into every pie. Stirred into every stockpot. Whatever you seek to accomplish magically, you can do so by making a magical meal.

Steps in Making a Magical Meal

Before starting the cooking process, there’s one important preliminary step: creating a magical atmosphere. If your kitchen isn’t a place that feels magical, you’re not going to want to make magic there. So change it up. Clean, declutter, and redecorate. I also keep a portable altar in my kitchen with candles, incense, offering cups and representations of my goddess and ancestors. Play witchy and relaxing music, light a candle, and get into the magical mindset.

Step 1: Set Your Intention

What’s a crucial component of kitchen witchery? Setting clear intentions. Let’s say our intention is financial abundance. If you want to bring more abundance into the home, make sure you specify what kind of abundance. If I said I want abundance, I am telling the universe abundance of nearly anything! This sounds like a good thing, but too much of something can sometimes be overwhelmingly bad. State specific intentions and write them down. Your intention will be your main focus throughout the entire meal-cooking process. Keep it at the forefront of your mind.

Aligning with Intentions

You’ll also have to decide what kind of meal you are cooking before moving on. Will it be breakfast, lunch, or dinner? How many people will eat the magical meal? Is it for a normal weeknight, weekend, or a holiday? What’s the budget? Let your intention inspire the meal you make. The ingredients should align with your intention. For example, a meal for financial abundance should include leafy greens (greens = money). Research foods and their magical properties. Look up a recipe online or in a cookbook. Use an old family recipe, which is even more magical. Or make up the meal as you go along.

Sometimes your intention might not be to cast a spell but instead to honor an ancestor, god, or other spirit. In this case, research and be inspired by that spirit and make a meal in their name. For example, if your loved one was your grandma and she loved eating key lime pie, make a key lime pie. If your deity is Hecate, you might consider making a fish dish with red wine. And if you’re looking to appease your household spirits, consider making traditional foods like bannocks, cakes, and leaving some milk out, as well.

And yet another reason and intention to cook a magical meal may be to celebrate the sabbats or sacred holidays. Consider using ingredients that are traditional to the sabbat and season. For example, on Lughnasadh, many people choose to eat grapes, berries, and drink wine. On Imbolc, we partake in lots of dairy like milk, butter, and cheese. And on Samhain, you might choose to make anything with potatoes, pumpkin, and apples. The key word here is to celebrate…so make it a fun dish to cook AND eat.

The cauldron is a kitchen witch's number one tool in cooking a magical meal
A modern day crockpot or stockpot may serve as a cauldron in kitchen witchery.

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Step 2: Gather Magical Ingredients

It’s time to gather magical ingredients. This part of the process is EXTREMELY important, so spend extra time on it. Research the magical properties of your ingredients online or in a book like Scott Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Wicca in the Kitchen. Consider the folklore and history of the food. The best magical ingredients come from the garden. Unfortunately, most people don’t live on a farm or grow their own food, so a trip to the grocery store or market will do.

Tips in choosing ingredients: choose organic, locally grown, and healthy options. For example, instead of buying canned veggies, go to a local produce stand to buy fresh veggies. Write down each ingredient and how it supports your intention for this magical meal. Not every ingredient will align, and that’s okay! As long as some of the ingredients back up your intention, it will be a magical meal. Next, add some magical herbs to the list. Most people have a whole cabinet of magical herbs right in their kitchen cabinet perfect for kitchen witchery!

Step 3: Prepare Your Magical Meal

In The Mystic Cookbook by Meadow and Denise Linn, the importance of vibes is iterated time and time again. However you’re feeling at the time of cooking will determine the energy that goes into the food. Then that energy is passed on to others. So be careful when preparing the meal you’re not in a negative state of mind. Raise your energetic vibrations by putting on some music while cooking. Your intention might even determine what kind of music you play. For instance, if your intention is love, play soft, romantic music. If your intention is joy, put on dance music and dance around the kitchen!

An Incantation for the Art of Cookery:

“Sweeten the oven,
sweeten the pot,
sweeten the cold
And sweeten the hot–
Summon thy virtues
Into this place
To teach me patience
And skill and grace.”

Valerie Worth, Crone’s Book of Magical Words

Intention, Ancestors, Symbols

During the preparation of your magical meal, focus on your intention. This means thinking about it and visualizing it while cooking. You can also pray or bless the food during preparation. Light a red candle in the kitchen and give thanks for your ancestors who also cooked magical meals before you. The stove, oven, or fire represents the same flame that cooked your ancestors’ meals over thousands of years. The fire itself is magical and transmutable. It changes the ingredients into something else, therefore it is alchemical and the basis of kitchen witchery.

Stir clockwise to draw something to you, stir counter-clockwise to banish something. Draw symbols into your food. For example, if you’re baking a pie, carve a protective rune into the crust. In addition, if you have the time, put on some music and dance or sing along while you cook. There’s something truly remarkable about this ritual that adds an extra magick kick to your food!

Magical Properties of Food

VegetablesFruitsHerbs and SpicesMeats/Seafood
Tomatoes – LoveBanana – FertilityBasil – MoneyOysters – Love/Lust
Greens – MoneyApple – Luck, Love, WisdomLavender – Anxiety ReliefBacon – Financial Prosperity
Potatoes – StabilityStrawberries – LoveRosemary – HealingEggs – Fertility/Renewal

Step 4: Last Blessings

You’ve made a magical meal with the right intentions, ingredients, and energy. The last step is blessing the meal before serving it. Bless the food in the kitchen, before serving the food, or bless the food at the table. Setting the table can be magical too. Add flowers or foliage to the center of the table that supports your intention. While setting the table with plates, napkins, and utensils, visualize intention. Bless each setting at the table. I like to also include a place for the ancestors or gods at our table for particularly important meals or holidays. The more effort you put into this magical meal, the more likely your intention will manifest.

Listen to Kitty and Allorah’s Episode on How to Cook a Magical Meal:

kITCHEN WITCHERY: How to cook a magical meal

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