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Magical Properties of Food: The Kitchen Witch’s Food List

If you’re interested in Kitchen Witchcraft, here is a kitchen witch’s food list and magical properties of food. These are staple and ordinary foods you probably have in your pantry or fridge, but maybe you never realized they contained magickal properties. Keep in mind food is magick in and of itself. It doesn’t need anything to carry magickal properties. It comes directly from Mother Earth. Vegetables, herbs, grains, and fruits are plants and therefore imbued with Mother Earth’s love and nourishment. Meats and dairy come from Mother Earth’s amazing creatures and should be shown the highest respect and gratitude.

Making a Magickal Meal

Making a magickal meal is as easy as praying over your food while preparing it and being thankful for mother earth’s nourishment. Keep in mind, when preparing food, whatever energy you give off will affect the food. So if you’re in a good mood, dancing and smiling, the food will take on a positive energy. If you’re in a bad mood, the food will absorb some of this energy too. Mindfulness is part of cooking like a kitchen witch. Be mindful of ingredients, the history, the magical properties of food and how it nurtures your body.

Magical properties of food: bread has been made for centuries and is associated with a good harvest and survival.

Magical Properties of Fruits, Breads & Sweets

Apple: sacred fruit to the Goddess and the Isle of Avalon. Cut an apple horizontally through it’s center, the five pointed star is made up of its seeds. A witchcraft food used in love, healing, divination, and immortality.
Bagel: a round shaped bread with a hole ruled by Adonis. Breakfast food of various flavors. Eat bagels to create illusions. Warning: never ever eat pork products on a bagel, it brings bad luck (this is according to Jewish custom/folklore). Sesame bagel – prosperity. Poppy bagel – eat to increase intuitive dreams. Salted bagel – removes inconsistencies.
Banana: an everyday witchcraft food ruled by Mars. Prevents harm and accidents while traveling cross-country or by air (yet oddly enough is bad luck on a boat). To increase sexual stamina – dry and crush the banana into a powder and rub it on your body. Powerful lust-inducing properties (because of its shape).
Chocolate: can be used as flavoring or as a dessert itself; drink as a beverage (hot cocoa/chocolate). Hot cocoa was invented by the Aztecs and Mayans to increase warriors’ power and virility. It was a sacred food to various ancient peoples. Chocolate is an aphrodisiac associated with love. Dark chocolate is associated with romance and intimacy. Milk chocolate is associated with nurturing and friendship. A staple for kitchen witches.
Ketchup: is made of tomatoes and ruled by Venus. When drawn in the shape of a pentagram is used for summoning or dismissing energy. When spreading on other foods, used in visualizing relationships. Continue to visualize or call out person’s name while eating ketchup. Aphrodisiac because its made of tomatoes.
Oranges: magickal fruit dates back to prehistory. Used in love, joy, and inspiration magic. Placed in stockings on Christmas as sympathetic magic to encourage the return of the sun. Sun magick. Eat to lift your spirits and increase energy. Dry and grind into a powder to use in love and abundance spells.
Pasta: ruled by Mercury. Spiral pasta: enhances creativity. Spaghetti/linguini: protection and improving communications. Corn pasta: financial creativity. Rice pasta: love.
Pizza: a delicious, recreational food ruled by the Sun. Eat pizza when things are difficult and you need a lucky break.
Rum: alcohol ruled by Ellegua and Chango. Rum channels spirits of the gods and given as an offering to attract the gods’ favor. Use in baking a rum cake or mix with coke for a fun Friday night!
Strawberry: witchcraft food and aphrodisiac associated with Aphrodite, Freya, and Berchta. Magickal food with properties of love, healing, fertility, and good luck.
Sugar: is ruled by the Orishas and by goddess of love – Venus. When powdered, sprinkle on pink or red candles to draw someone’s attention. Use it in spell jars, bags, baths, and more to “sweeten” someone up.

Magickal Herbs

Basil: a popular witchcraft food for making magic in the kitchen. Useful and fragrant herb used fresh or dried in cooking. Lusty herb with an aroma that calls forth sexual energy. Place a few leaves in the wallet to draw money.
Bay: magickal herb used for centuries in the Mediterranean. Believed to enhance psychic powers when burned or rubbed over third eye. Add to various dishes of Italian, Cuban, and Greek ethnicity to connect to the gods.
Chili Powder: made from ground, dried chilis. Used in hoodoo and other forms of folk magic for centuries. Use in spells to “send someone away” or shut someone up. Has a powerful kick and should be used wisely in magick. Spicy – use sparingly in witchcraft food; magical properties of food with spice often send someone away
Cilantro/Coriander: cilantro is the leaf and coriander is the seed of this magickal herb. Ruled by Mars and used in love and lust magick. If the seeds are worn helps with migraine headaches. Flavors witchcraft foods, great in salsa and chutney.
Cinnamon: a multi-purpose powdered bark used in desserts and dishes. Magical properties include abundance/money, protection, and love.
Cumin: an ancient magickal herb from the Middle East used to flavor stews and meats. Blended in drinks to promote lust. Used in witchcraft foods to promote love and protection. Ruled by Mars.
Oregano: used in Italian food to flavor meat and tomato dishes. Ruled by Venus. Love, happiness, luck, and protection magick. Also said to enhance psychic abilities.
Peppermint: a sweet-tasting, invigorating magickal herb for desserts and drank as tea. Carry dried peppermint leaves in your wallet to bring in money. Relieves stomachaches. When grown in the garden is good luck.
Rosemary: enhances intuition and psychic abilities. When taken as a supplement improves memory and cognition. Also good for love, purification, and uncrossings.
Salt: while technically not an herb, flavors witchcraft food of all kinds. Purifying; used for centuries to absorb negative energies and protect oneself and house from evil. Sea salt and Himalayan pink salt are best for the body. Himalayan pink salt helps to decalcify one’s pineal gland. Black salt is also used by witches for various purposes.
Thyme: a magickal herb long associated with the fairies. Ruled by Venus. Purifies, bring pleasant dreams, worn or burned for good health, attracts fortune, love, courage, and psychic enhancement.

Magickal veggies include tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, avocadoes and more!

Magical Properties of Food: Veggies

Avocado: long associated with fertility and virility because of its shape. Men eat to increase stamina in and out of the bedroom.
Carrot: root plant ruled by Mars. Because of its shape is associated with lust & fertility. When eaten by women encourages pregnancy. Flowers of the plant are known as Queen Anne’s Lace. Come in various colors – white, orange, and even purple.
Lettuce: ruled by water element, made up mostly of water. Ruled by the moon and eaten to prevent sea-sickness. Used in protection spells, particularly helpful if grown in the garden to protect one’s home. Rubbed on face/forehead to help fall asleep. Also used in divination and chastity magick. Very healthy to eat – high in fiber, vitamins, and water content.
Onion: a masculine root plant used in various forms of magick. When cut open and left in a room will absorb sickness. Grow it in the garden to protect one’s home against evil spirits. Used also in money and lust magick and will produce prophetic dreams if placed under the pillow. The Holy Trinity of vegetables for many culinary dishes is carrot, celery, and onion sauteed in a butter base (shhh, don’t tell anyone my kitchen witch secret to amazing stuffing!)
Potato: staple food in Ireland dating back centuries. Once thought to be poisonous (part of the nightshade family), now a very common food all over the world. Ruled by the moon. When eaten baked or fried calms an upset stomach (my own personal remedy). Used in healing magick.
Tomato: technically not a vegetable, most people consider it as such. Was thought to be the fruit of love in the Mediterranean region. Is considered a powerful aphrodisiac and used in many Italian, Greek, and Mexican dishes.
Zucchini: a veggie (some say fruit) ruled by Jupiter. Whole raw zucchinis are used in sex magick. To stop a man from cheating, carve his name in the zucchini and freeze it. Eat zucchini cooked for protection and prosperity.

What Makes a Food Become Witchcraft Food? Pizza’s Not Magickal?

As previously mentioned, any and every food is magickal. Any food can be used in witchcraft for charms, spells, healing remedies, in ritual and as offerings to the gods and ancestors. Food comes from the earth and the earth is pure magick. When we cook or transform our food into a meal, we are giving it our energy and practicing alchemy (changing something into a different form). The actual magical properties of food are important but not as important as your intention.

I’ve had people comment and say pizza isn’t a witchcraft food…it isn’t magickal. Bagels have nothing to do with magick. I beg to differ. What makes the sauce on a pizza? Tomatoes, herbs, salt and onions. What makes the crust? Grains and someone’s hands kneading energy and love into it. What goes into a bagel? Ingredients that all have their own magical properties and lore, as well as the individual’s energy who crafted it. Not to mention the shape of the pizza and the bagel are both circles (typically). A circle represents unity and everlasting life. Don’t tell me that pizza can’t be magical. There are magickal properties of food for EVERY food. Food is magick.

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  2. A

    January 7, 2021 at 2:09 pm

    Cinnamon is not a root and cumin is not an herb.

    1. kitty fields

      January 8, 2021 at 11:55 am

      Not sure what you’re talking about. But thanks for the support.

      1. fluidstatic

        April 27, 2022 at 3:11 pm

        Cinnamon is bark, and cumin comes from seeds and is therefore classified as a spice; herbs are leaves.

        1. kitty fields

          May 3, 2022 at 8:30 am

          In the magical community, ANY plant used in a metaphysical way is referred to as an herb. Including trees, seeds, barks, etc. But thanks for the info.

  3. Tori Liebel

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    What about mushrooms? What are they good for

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