Demonic Hauntings: Signs of a Haunting and What To Do About It

Things That Attract Demons & Signs of a Demonic Haunting

Sometimes hauntings escalate, become violent, and cause harm. These are called a “demonic haunting” or “attachment”. No matter your definition of a demon, one thing is for certain: demons are negative spirits that manifest themselves in terrifying ways. Demons’ goal is to destroy life: love, happiness, and human life in general. No matter what a person’s belief about them, the point is to eradicate a demonic haunting as soon as possible. This is because demonic hauntings can cross the proverbial veil into attachments and possession. The first step in removing a demon from a home or workplace is to recognize the signs. Learn the things that attract demons too.

Stop! Before You Read Further, Think First. 99% of the Time, It’s Not a Demon.

More often than not, you’re not experiencing a demonic haunting. I’ve been a witch for 30+ years and have had experience with spirits of all kinds. Typically, when people think they’re being plagued by a demon, it’s usually a build-up of negative energy. You must cleanse the negative energy from your home and from yourself regularly. This is especially important if you are an empath, witch, medium, healer, or if you are a ghost hunter. Learn how to cleanse yourself and your space here. If you’ve cleansed thoroughly AND raised your vibrations, and you’re still experiencing these things, it’s time to look at hauntings.

Signs It’s a Demonic Haunting

A demonic haunting is when a demon or “evil spirit” has taken up camp in your home, place of business, or has begun attaching to you or others. When demonic hauntings first begin, the signs are subtle and may mimic those of your average, run-of-the-mill ghost. If you notice anything at all. You might experience one or more of the following:

  • Odd sounds: footsteps, doors opening and closing, whispers, faint screams or moaning, white noise, or electronic interference.
  • Unusual sights: shadows in your peripheral vision, flickering lights and electronics. Objects moving places when your back is turned, figures in the dark, etc.
  • Strange feelings: a feeling of being watched, a feeling that something is “wrong”. Also feeling like someone has been in your house or building. Inexplicable wafts of cold air, goosebumps, and the feeling of being touched by an invisible hand.
  • Strange smells: perfume, food smells, sulfur, smoke, and bad odors like rotting meat or dead animals

As the Demonic Haunting Progresses…

As the demon gains energy and begins to manifest easily, all signs will increase and intensify. At this point, most people notice the signs since they are pretty obvious. You might experience these things:

  • Recurrent nightmares on a weekly or nightly basis, depending upon the severity
  • Phantom-mania: being held down in bed. And upon waking, discovering unexplained bruises or scratches on one’s body
  • A general feeling of discomfort or dread, not being able to fully settle down in one’s own home or environment. Negativity between family members or friends increases and lead to arguments, fights, and general discord
  • A spirit begins to show itself to a member of the home or environment.
  • Often, these demons center their focus on one particular person and this can sometimes be a child. They will appear to a child often as a nice entity. If an otherwise normal child becomes withdrawn and has an “imaginary friend,” this is a BIG sign
  • Religious objects will be destroyed or inexplicably lost, e.g. crucifix, bible, rosaries, etc.
  • Entire homes or rooms are ransacked, though nothing has been taken
  • You find writing on walls or other places in the building
  • A string of really bad luck: i.e. car problems, bank account issues, illness, injury, even death

Signs will differ depending on the severity of the haunting and the type of demon. Keeping a log of your experiences will help in identifying the type of haunting you have. At this point, we recommend not engaging with the entity. Don’t threaten it, call it out, or use any paranormal activity equipment. This tends to anger or provoke demons and only feeds their energy further.

Things that attract demons include places where murders and suicides have occurred.

Signs It’s Gone Beyond a “Haunting”

Negative people and situations fuel demonic hauntings. It’s a vicious cycle because the demon brings negativity that triggers people’s fears, then the negativity from people feeds the demon more energy. Because of this cycle, the demonic haunting may turn into an attachment and sometimes into a full-blown possession, depending on whether or not the demon is able to influence one particular person. When the demonic haunting has changed into something powerful and dangerous, one or more of the following signs will appear within the individual:

  • Withdrawal: a person under demonic influence pulls away from his/her family in a social and physical manner. The person becomes withdrawn and won’t speak to family members normally.
  • Anger/Resentment: person shows out-of-nowhere signs of emotional intensity, usually in the form of anger or resentment towards his/her family.
  • Lack of Interest in Once-Loved Activities: the person will also withdraw themselves from regular activities they once enjoyed, e.g. hobbies, academics, family quality time, etc.
  • Recurrent Nightmares and Night Terrors: the person will experience recurrent nightmares, often accompanied by “night terrors”
  • Unexplained Marks on the Body: the person might have scratch marks, bite marks, and bruises on his/her body in places he/she could not inflict upon him/herself.
  • Interest in the Occult/Black Magic: he/she might have taken a sudden interest in the occult, particularly in necromancy or black magic.
  • Unexplained Illness and Weakness: he/she might become inexplicably ill and/or visibly weak of body and mind.
  • Signs and symptoms might include weight loss, hair loss, change in skin tone, loss of appetite, vomiting, and loss of energy.

How do you know?

How do you know if it has gone from a haunting to an attachment and or full-blown possession? You’ll when it is possession, as the person will no longer be him/herself in any regard. The voice will change and they’ll throw fits of a supernatural power. Now’s the time to call a priest or someone able to handle a dangerous and dark situation. Just remember: you can stop it from progressing! Don’t feed into negativity in the household, and get the person help when you see the first signs. Don’t wait until it gets worse!

People who are experiencing a demonic haunting may become a magnet for the demon's games.

Things That Attract Demons and Demonic Hauntings

Let’s answer the question: what is a demon? A demon is a negative entity that’s never incarnated. This doesn’t mean they haven’t tried. Putting aside any religious thoughts on the matter, let’s agree these beings exist in our world. Certain places and people attract demons, unfortunately.

Things That Attract Demons to a Place:

  • Murder/Suicide: any form of violent death that has occurred in a particular place will generate enough negative energy to attract negative beings.
  • Black Magic: place that has been used in black magic rituals is an open door for negative beings to come through and linger. If a group of people participated in these rituals, it is even more of a magnet for demonic entities.
  • Multiple Deaths: any place that has seen multiple deaths can attract demonic hauntings. Remember, negative entities feed off of negativity.
  • Recurrent Negativity: a place where negative people dwell. If the negativity is strong enough and lasts long enough, can generate enough energy to draw the attention of negative entities.
  • Fire: widespread fires that cause loss of life or property damage can sometimes attract demonic entities

Things That Attract Demons to People:

  • Dabbling in the Occult: sometimes simply dabbling in the occult without protecting oneself will attract a demon. For example, playing with a ouija board, tarot cards, or pendulums. Also be aware of using antique or pre-owned mirrors for scrying purposes without first cleansing the mirror.
  • Performing Black Magic: diving head first into the world of black magic most definitely will open a portal for negative things to come through, particularly if you are performing rituals with a group.
  • Obsession With Death: a person who obsesses over death might be wont to attract a demon, e.g. traipsing around a cemetery, performing a séance, visiting haunted places, researching death and murder scenes obsessively, ghost hunting without protection, etc.
  • Depression/Anxiety: people who are deeply depressed may have a weaker aura and can attract negativity, including demons
  • Drug Use/Abuse: a person who uses drugs on a regular basis open themselves up to demonic attachment. Why is this? Because drugs deplete your physical, mental, and spiritual energy, leaving you weak enough to allow lower level entities to feed on your energy (or what’s left of it)

What To Do If You Think You’re Haunted

Once again, it’s more likely that you’re NOT experiencing a demonic haunting or attachment. However, if you truly feel plagued by the thought, it’s time to request the help of a qualified individual. Going to your local Catholic priest and asking for help is my first recommendation. Sometimes you may be able to locate a local shaman or medium who is also qualified in handling evil spirits. If you’ve tried cleansing on your own, and the experiences are escalating, ask someone for help. I also highly recommend speaking to a doctor about your experiences, because sometimes what seems to be the paranormal might also be a physical or mental condition. There’s no shame in asking for help either way.

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33 thoughts on “Things That Attract Demons & Signs of a Demonic Haunting

  1. People / human beings, actually create and bring to life or otherwise give life to “demons” and many other types of dark entities themselves with & through their own thoughts, intentions & energies. Most people have absolutely no clue exactly *WHAT* we are nor how incredibly powerful we actually are!!!??? Very easy to manifest damn near anything one wishes or intends… But most often, once said process begins very few are capable of controlling or preventing it from gaining strength and running its course as the lack of understanding themselves & how things actually work & functions limits them greatly. “Demons”, as such are indeed very real! They are an extension of the individual…. Like a type of embodiment & projection of one or more facets of their own subconscious. And yes, they can be extremely dangerous and/or deadly…. (if allowed)? But also…. Can be extremely helpful to the individual as well, (depending upon the individual)? The main problem with such things is the extreme lack of understanding on many levels. Idiots and the very young which have limited life experience are typically the ones most at risk regarding negative aspects.

  2. The Catholic church has received an increase of reports of demonic possessions and attachments, and they said it is going to get worse as there is a growing number of athiests, and practice of dark arts. The Catholic Church has even put together an exorcism conference open to all religious faiths such as protestants, lutheran, evangelists, etc., to teach them how to properly perform a thorough exorcism.
    Find a Priest and explain your experiences in detail. They won’t think you’re crazy. There is an Exorcist priest, Fr. Chad Ripperger, with a PhD in Psychology. So he is able to discern between spiritual attacks vs psychological issues. He created a book, Deliverance prayers for the Laity. Also the book called Dominion – information about Angelology and Demonology. He also has many lectures you can find on YouTube.

  3. I had an attack. I caught them on my phone. Very odd looking things. Sometimes they’d be animals and look normal, with crazy looking hooves or crow feet. Other times they were very dark. And one was more powerful than the others….it had a throne and was very scary looking. Never could see with the naked eye, but I could feel and hear them. And see them only through glass or a camera. The only thing that got rid of them was Jesus. I had a team of three from a church come to my home. I’m only telling to a fraction. I even had a seizure and had bites on my leg in a place I can’t even reach. It’s was very very scary.

  4. I thought I was possessed a long time ago, never got baptized, went to the hospital and got a doctors opinion, it was a rare mind disease called twenty two q disorder, I’m not trying to say anyone is mental, but try to get a diagnose from someone , for Pete’s sake,I’m not scared of demons , and I’m not scared of god. Good luck and blessed my grandmother had my
    Symptoms, but she died in a car accident, and ever since I got checked, I feel better about things get help from someone no matter what u believe, as long as they are trustworthy.

  5. If you wake up with scratches on your body the sprit is hurting you in your sleep and its gonna get much worse if you don’t get baptized. Always check your back for long red claw marks

  6. Get a priest an orthodox priest of any religion to bless the house. You can use sage but preferably in combination with another plant like juniper (always good to burn on its own as well) . Also using frankincense afterwards will be more powerful.
    Have a blessed (once again from a monk, elder or priest) object in the house.
    If it’s black magic try the heart sutra followed by the lion faced dakini. Listen with headphones and without. You’ll hear things go bump. It will remove any hardcore curse from you.
    If it’s evil eye try amulets like the eye of horus. The actual eye of horus is the most powerful in my experience.
    Try crystals but cleanse them regulary. White quartz, black tourmaline, carnelian, malachite, amber (powerful against curses)
    You can use some sage spray with rosewater as well. Might help.
    You could buy icons of saints and gods. Anything holy will help protect your house. Coupled with all the other things should be enough. Don’t be too dogmatic in all these things. Help could come from the most unexpected quarters. God bless you.

  7. Get the book called the Bondage Breaker by Neil Anderson or even YouTube his stuff. You can renounce any demonic active, willing brought into your life or unwillingly. All of these stories break my heart. I’m sorry for you’re suffering. I will be praying for each of you.

  8. I need help as well. I have had an episode for the past month and a half. I am 40 years old and I have never experienced anything like this in my life I just got out of prison and somebody told me that I was at a weak time in my life and my shield was down and I came to a new area so it started out I was working on a job and I saw a reflection and I turned around and there was nobody there for about a week I was seeing reflections and I didn’t know what it was so I started a new job I was working somewhere I went to work I was leaving the house and I turned around and there was a lady standing at the door like I said I didn’t know you were here and she looked at me she didn’t say anything she turned around walked away. The next day I said something to my boss I said well I didn’t know that there was anybody here he said there isn’t anybody here so I was like oh I’m sorry I justI must’ve imagine that. About a week of seeing people in reflections that weren’t there. And then I had a haunting in my house. Where I was sitting in my living room and seven bodies came in my house spirits and they sat down and I told my wife that what was going on and she thought I was going crazy. So I continue to go to work and continue to try to live my life so then it goes from now I’m being haunted at home every day. To one night I get so nervous because the spirit comes in my house but it’s not like the other spirits that are making me cold or making me smell something or making me hot or making me shiver I have a different reactions to every single one of the spirits. But this one that came in felt like the boss and when I saw him I crumbled I went to the ground and I startedPraising God. And begging for help from God and then I took my Bible and I ran out of my house because I knew that if I opened up my fear in front of my family that they could terrorize me. Because I thought I was going crazy and then continuously I’m seeing things I’m hearing things I’m feeling things my daughter in my house I have a 10-month-old baby girl she sees everything they are terrorizing her to get my attention because I stop paying attention to them because my wife said don’t manifest negative energy I am angry all the time I blow up on people for no reason and I can’t control my emotions at all so I have a lot going on in my life and I’m in a new place and it just out of prison like I said in all I’m 40 years old and all the stuff is happening to me at one time so now my 10-month-old daughter is being affected greatly Buy them because I stopped paying attention to them and they grabbed onto her now my daughter is scratching her head she’s got a fever for four days she’s sick the doctors we’ve taken her to the doctor for five times in five days in the doctors don’t know what’s wrong with her can’t diagnose her my wife is thinking I’m crazy because I continuously tell her that this is going on and then I bring my 21-year-old son into my life from a different county to try to get him straight and he starts looking at the pictures that I’ve been taking I’ve got videos I’ve got pictures I’m constantly obsessed with the situation because I want to know what’s getting a hold of me one evening I felt like something entered me because I know they walk through me and that’s when they give me these different vibrations or sensations. But this night something grabbed onto my body and I told my wife I said sweetheart I said I feel like I’m fighting to be myself and now over the past month and a half I’m getting a grip on it slowly. But I still have a hard time differentiating if I’m going insane or if this is really spiritual in gods talking to me and his own way he’s showing me signs in the sky he showing me signs on the TV showing signs in the radio everywhere that I go that I get a negative and it’s entity that’s making it really really hard to exist then I’ll get a sign from God and it’s not as much as I’m getting the negative energy and I’ve been carrying this with me for 45 days about and it’s all new to me I don’t know anything about them I was scared to death and I gave them plenty to feed on because I completely ran around trying to video them and fight them and take this into matters into my own hands but I don’t know what to do I’ve gone to church I had talk to a priest briefly I didn’t give him much details because I was embarrassed that he was going to think I was crazy but now it’s affecting my little girl dramatically she’s not healthy she’s not her self I know in my heart that they’re trying to take over my my body my daughters body. Because they are investing my house because I showed them that I know they’re there the hundreds of them came in they just left my door open for spirits to come in and come in I see animals dead animals I see dead people I said the spirits are all all spirits they’re not just people spirits their animal spirits their existing anything that existed before I can see their spirits I feel their energy I see them there like a blur and then I can see reflections I take pictures of stuff I have completely gone mad with pictures and videos and I can’t get this situation under control but my biggest concern is my daughter because I feel like she’s being possessed by this thing it’s taking her away she’s only 10 months old and doesn’t know how to deal with the situation. I know that babies and dogs see everything my dog as well as going crazy all the time he attacked a dog yesterday for no reason he’s not himself either but he sees everything I see and I believe that they’re trying to work in him to get to me I don’t know what to do if anybody has anything to do I staged I’ve been staging the staging just pisses them off. I don’t know what to do I need help my whole family is a mess now because I’m going crazy as they think because I am seeing the stuff but it’s obviously going on in the world and other people are seeing it I know that for a fact it came in through me because I did have a weakness I did just come from a really bad place and I know that you know I am not a perfect person but I am in the middle of changing my life and then all of a sudden something as dramatic is this happens it’s not it’s not understandable to me so if you know anything that can help me other than sage and stones because I’ve done spent $500 on sage and stones and I don’t have money like that to keep burning I need to fix the situation and please please help me if you can thank you and God bless everybody that’s going through this

    1. Hi. I understand you’re going through a lot. With the signs you’re exhibiting, I encourage you to seek help for your mental health. See a psychiatrist for yours and your family’s sake. We wish you all the best.

      1. Now see everyone will say quote “ get to a doctor ,?u need tone on meds ur crazy” unquote and I really really resent this ,!I know I’m experiencing something . So afraid and alone no one will support me !!!please I need help now , I know it is my cats go crazy and see them and my parrot is worst screaming all day ready to hurt him please recommend to me wht to do!

    2. get ahold of yourself,if you have a 10 month old in an enviornment like you described then you need to get the heck out of need to focus on your daughters well being ,something positive,not these negative thoughts and suspicions.all i can say is ,go to the catholic church,regardlerss of what religion they can help and are the only religion that deal in exorcisms and posession.these things whatever they are are terrified of not saying to get born again or give confession but if you need help they can have to be able to know the difference between real events and events caused by mental have to be able to tell the diffrence between reality and and a reality created by paranoia and negativity.its crucial you can do this,if not you should give up your daughter before she becomes a victim of your imagination,give her to someone who can provide a positive happy enviornment,because you sound like youre on the event horizon of sanity.not trying to be cruel but your description of things doesnt sound realistic and your paranoia is growing the result of this could be probably brought these entities with you from the corrections facility you were incarcerated in.its a breeding ground for ghosts and demons and death.go to the church its your only hope.or this wont end well.

    3. Don’t fear it. Transmute the energy. You LOVE your children and your family, love yourself first then you’ll have the strength to create change within the entity that’s bothering you. Trust your intention, walk your truth and DO ALL THIS FROM A PLACE OF LOVE. NOT FEAR! easier to say but it is the key. You will get through this and it will begin healing your generational curses and any attached to your family and their linage to come. Blessed be. You’ve got this.


      1. Well it might not be demonic possession, we are now a depressed species so lot of us have a low self esteem myself included

    5. I command you unclean spirits in the name of JESUS to leave my house and family alone.In the name and blood of Jesus be gone unclean spirits. I ask the holy spirit to enter my house and protect me and my family in the name of Jesus . Say this out loud and have Faith in the lord and the demons will leave you alone .

  9. I am in need of any professional guidance or help in the demon haunting field ASAP. I will not go into grate detail because my story is like a book. But, for a recent example I have been seeing a black shadow everywhere. With my own eyes and I have captured him with my phone. I have constant feelings of being watched, horrific dreams, no motivation, unexplained sicknesses, hearing voices, I have even seen a little boy in broad daylight sitting upon one of my trailers watching me as I was feeding my animals outside. My dog has also been acting strange not wanting to come into our living room and looking around franticly at nothing. I have most recently also seen figures with horns and hooves. Had dreams about the devil and a lot of devilish things pop up at me. Now this is only not even 1percent of what has been going on it gets worse, much worse. But I would like someone to contact me through email so I can share my story in the entirety. Preferably like I said a professional or someone of knowledge in this as I do not want to make things worse. Thank you. email;


  10. Its too much to go into here, I have started my new YouTube channel the first 4 videos uploaded are all background information leading into the massive scale demonic infestation. I actually need help with this as its so far out of control, even though ii have zero fear of them, no need to have fear I believe in God and God is on my side, nothing can stand against me, and their looks dont bother me either. What i am concerned about is whether or not the bright white sphere is an angel or a demon. The video captures i have are like none other i have ever seen, perhaps someone that has experience can help me to identify and find a way to close this portal so I can get back to a normal life. There are literally hundreds of them, and now i have been living with my ex-wife and daughter after having my eyes scorched so heavily it put me in the ER 3X in under 10 days, and they have definitively followed me here, i am not sure exactly why, i explained to them i am a man of God and love and this is god’s home and who they really need to go and pay a visit to are the criminals who framed me after stealing from me a lot of personal and the IP of my business, and that they then framed me for the criminal actions they did against me playing the victim, then to top it off used black magic and you are here by mistake, I have no fear whatsoever of any of them, because with God on my side nothing can stand against me, and they know that I really don’t give a f about anything and have no fear of death, and if you don’t fear death, you don’t fear demons. Also I informed them this is god’s house (my ex-wife and daughter step son her man and his daughter I am just here spending time through covid19 and had a 2 month healing process. They are here and I see them trying to get in closer to the house and I told them no, absolutely not, I will call upon god if you continue to do this not in fear but out of respect. My home and life were invaded by criminals, I was then framed for their criminal actions, and as such, they were forced to resort to black magic when I was still standing as they expected me to die…not the case, and when its my time that is for good to decide not them as thew only thing I fear is god, period. So, now I have a new girl I have been seeing ever since my ex-fiance went mentally insane prob demon possession, and same for my friend, similar behaviors, nasty vicious evil tortuous behavior, lashing out violently, but, I maintained my cool, as giving into hate and fear, is giving into dark negative space energy. Now i was pissed off and upset, anyone would be we are human beings but I have not gone dark, only defended myself and my honor from it being slammed into the ground, which is in my right to do so as a human being. I have prayed for them in front of them to God, i have prayed for those who ripped me off for everything i had just to bring me down hoping it would kill me, and when their intensive criminal racketeering failed, they used black magic with the hopes of that killing me so they all can get away with theft. Too bad so sad, a little miscalculation by the black magicians and the demons they conjured against me, as I literally just told them, its time to pack it up, get your peeps at my house and go fuck with the people who conjured you as they are not of god as I am, so they are your kind of people i was simply a decoy made out to be that way so they could avoid or skate by…I have also let these entities know any attempt to cause me fear, will fail, period, as god is on my side, and he is all that i fear. So no fear, no hatred, no anger, nothing of the sort from me, only love for those i cared for, and hurt from not being able to save them from the serpent wrapping around their soul that i saw happen right in front of me first to my ex-fiance then 4 months later to my best friend of 24+ years, both of which were too weak to resist the temptation of fear and dont, hatred, rotten to the core…i cannot still believe it myself my best friend whom i was taking care of giving him a free place to stay was practicing black magic, effectuated my ex-fiance’s possession to get her to move out, and be terrified of me as a big stage act, then he turned around and tried to kill m,e in my own home. Literally, not kidding, and still threatens me but i do not give him the time of day, he does not scare me, the demons he and others conjured do onto scare me, and I am standing here before God and they seem to like sticking around, which is not going to be cool this coming week my new girl is supposed to be moving in with me, that means they need to be bye bye and that portal closed. I have no idea how to do any of that, but the message has been sent loud and clear to them, in a positive yet stern way so they know not to touch my kids, my ex wife, her man, his daughter or me. And not to do what they did to my ex-fiance and now former best friend, to my new girlfriend, or i will find them and whip their asses. That is not giving into hatred either, that is defending the honor and safety of loved ones as anyone would do and it is not something anyone would disagree with. I don’t care about their rules, I don’t play by their rules, i play by God’s rules, and as such, my faith remains in God and God only. They already know all of this, so now, is where I need to know what do I do to get my life back in order and live a happy life and healthy life with my new girlfriend. Is that too much to ask for? I think not as I have the right to a happy life, if that is what I choose, and that is what I choose, so they can go bye bye and go terrorize people who will actually give into fear like the ones who ripped me off and slandered me, framed me, and continued to beat me while I was down, then driving my ex fiance and my best friend away from me, trying to isolate me thinking that would be the final hit – they have failed miserably, and now, the tables had best reverse an as I am not going to ask come tomorrow, I am going to demand they leave my space and give me my creative space to live my life, and I am sorry, but they are not welcome, we have deciphered why they are here, and deciphered that is a mistake, whether they accept that or not is not my problem to deal with. My new YouTube channel is under – the background leading into the start of the infestation of my home from big portal that was left wide open, was on March 22, 2020 2 days after my former best friend was kicked out. They both have since then even as of last week, I received death threats from him, and clearly they are too far gone into the mouth of madness as their weak minds gave into fear, which led eventually to resentment, stealing, lying, deception, and nasty behaviors. When they do that, stand up for yourself but dont let them push your buttons, as they are counting on you lashing out and giving into the hatred they have replaced their light with the darkness. They both failed miserably, which is why the demons have failed. Waste of time on their part as I was framed into being the way they were, all of their collective criminal racketeering club called the BS Camp, and as always, God is on my side, and hence, they simply cannot and never will win, black magic, sorcery, witchcraft, all it did was harm the ones around me as their jealousy ego’s, greed and power hunger stem from their negative vibration, which is not who I am. Being upset of mad because you just had your fiance ripped away from you through demonic possession then your best friend, both of which then turn to kick mud in my face and act so far out of control, I did not recognize either one. Both at my house, and separated by about 4 months from when my ex-fiance’s possession started, and I think so did my now worse enemy’s possession, only he was the one doing the black magic and as such part of the deception was him lying through his teeth acting like he had no idea what was going on. Months after is when he came clean the day he started to threaten my life and did and said anything he could to get me to knock his teeth down his throat – but I had seen this or similar demon before in my ex-fiance, and knew if I caved in to anger, that would eventually lead to my own possession and this is how I was able to do it – its simple – let their bullshit go through one ear and out the other, then remember, they want to bring you down, that is the objective of the demon, but if you dont let them, and you maintain your cool, it is only them who get converted into negative energies, while you maintain the positive vibration. The funny part is they will then do or say anything they can to frame you for being the demon while they play they play the victim. i have lost nearly everything including the woman I was planning on marrying this past April, my companies IP and my personal wealth were all stolen, leaving me with next to nothing. So, as I always do, its time to roll up the sleeves and get back to working, and one day, I will have the money required to open Global Thermonuclear War against the bastards, however for now, it is time for me to get back to a happy healthy life that I deserve, that my new girl deserves, and that is precisely what we are going to do, meaning demons have a short window to get their asses in gear and get out of my happy positive space. And this is the part where I am not sure of the best way to handle that, bit if anyone can please let me know or if you know anyone, please let me know immediately. You can email to me also All I need to know is how to ensure the demon infestation is bye bye, and that portal closes and no chance of it opening again. I do not know how to do this the right way, such that all is done without me doing something stupid! lol

    1. I wanna say that light/portals you’re seeing is your protection. Your ancestors attempting to give you messages to help heal any generational curse. Listen and stay aware and present in every moment.

      Blessed be.

  11. I have some how got several entities attached to me. Sometimes I can hear them talking they mainly visit me in my sleep when I close my eyes when I look at the black in the back of my eyes I see them sometimes in full color. I have been pulled out of my body. Problem is they are attached mean at the house. I seek medical help first. But once they started visiting me in my sleep holding me down raping me and all other kinds of things I knew it was not a medical situation. None of the medicine ever worked it just made me fat. What do you think I could do about this. I am desperate for help and don’t know where to turn. Can you please help me

    1. Try getting a protection amulet from The Moonlight Shop. Also, Voodoo “magic” is real, though ridiculously personified on TV.
      Google a voodoo practitioner in your city or State that you can visit. If none, work remotely with one from voodoo ground zero; the Dominican Republic.

    2. I can try some things I prey to anubis and guided by madam laveau in my herbal practices and protections I dealt with pulling evil from people and even making deals with demons where they fail and I gain a spiritual advantage my shadow has 2 pairs of arms and 3 pairs of wings hoping to find out what i am but spirits are usually the easiest just ask over and over what they need and try to help

    3. Sure. Go see a Catholic priest. You don’t have to be Catholic, but they are among the front line in demon warfare. Plus, they like to help people. If it has progressed that far, you will probably need real help. Or maybe work on meditation and force them out. It is your body, and you still have free will. You have to know that you are in charge of your own body. They have no right to be there–especially if they are hurting you. When strange things happen, accept that it is happening and tell them to GET OUT. They will feed off your fear. There is literally nothing to fear, but fear itself. You are a powerful being, if you choose to be. But there’s no shame in bringing in some help 🙂 It’s not just in your head, and you deserve freedom. I believe you can do this, and you should too.

    1. Hello there talk to a priest. Usually you wait to be approved by someone higher than the priest . They go out to your home and pray and spray with holy water. You should join in with prayers like psalm 91 which after printed and sealed to your front and back doors. Also they recommend to wash the floors with holy water. The priest ends up at your front door after going around your house. You should feel at peace after this. But if not they may have to go another 3 times. Deep Clean and clutter and get rid off any family old things. Never buy any antiques that’s an invitation for evil spirits attached to it. Gd luck.

      1. I walked into a cleaning job and now I’m reading with a negative energy, well several but the one is familiar and deeply rooted. I know the lady I’m working for is possessed. But it’s multi faceted. She lives in a house which was possibly the sleeve quarters in the 1800s plus there was a horrible 1900 storm that killed thousands of people here… Addiction is an entity, but the Serene creepiness reminds me of an energy Ive battled with in the past. It will take a lot to circumvent this energy from these apts but I have faith that my medicine and others like me can and will create this needed change . Any advice or support is appreciated.

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