How to Get Rid of Shadow People in 4 Steps

How to Get Rid of Shadow People in 4 Essential Steps

Are you seeing shadow people? Do the shadows seem to follow you or visit you on a regular basis? These paranormal beings are usually harmless yet unnerving. Sometimes their harmless natures morph into something a little more threatening. If you’re tired of dealing with shadow people, it’s time to eradicate them from your life. Learn how to get rid of shadow people effectively here.

Shadow People: Profile

What are shadow people? Put simply, they are shadow beings. They are typically seen in one’s peripheral vision. Though some people see them face-to-face. Shadow people morph into different forms but are most frequently seen in the shape of a man, tentacled-monster, or large spider. Sometimes they have glowing red eyes. I’ve noticed a pattern with my shadow people encounters – they all happen when I’m in a hypnogagic state. When I’m between sleep and waking, in the “twilight” zone, so to speak. But many people see them when they’re wide awake.

The Hat Man: Profile

The Hat Man’s presence is typically ominous. He stands at the end of your bed, staring down at you, showing no fear. Is he feeding on people’s fear? It’s quite possible. A close family member tells a terrifying story of staying the night at a friend’s house in high school, only to wake up and see the figure of an incredibly tall man wearing a fedora hat standing at the end of the bed. He was staring at her. Let’s just say she refused to visit her friend’s house ever again.

Most eyewitnesses agree the Hat Man is tall, standing between six to eight feet. He is always wearing a hat of some kind: a top hat, fedora, or wide-brimmed hat. In some instances, the Hat Man wears a cape or a long coat. The difference between the two is the Hat Man is more of a solidified figure with no fear, while shadow people are translucent and tend to dart away when spotted. 

Typical Shadow People Theories

Most people believe shadow people are demons. The author Heidi Hollis claims the Hat Man is the devil himself. She also says the Hat Man controls the shadow people, sort of like the Devil directs his demonic legion. Another theory is shadow people are alien beings sent to observe us. Sleep paralysis is occasionally coupled with shadow people and Hat Man sightings, giving a scientific explanation for this universal phenomenon. Sleep paralysis is a state in which you are still dreaming/sleeping but your eyes open. Your whole body feels paralyzed because it hasn’t woken up along with your mind. At the same time, you may experience “hallucinations” or dreams with your eyes wide open. 

A Witch’s Perspective on Shadow People

I don’t subscribe to the idea of all shadow people being demons. Nor do I subscribe to the idea of the Hat Man being Satan himself. As a pagan witch, I first had to breakdown my beliefs about the Christian Satan. I don’t deny the possibility of an evil being existing in the world that may be the “Satan” Christians fear; however, my take on Satan’s origins is a bit different than the Abrahamic view. If Satan exists, he is a tulpa (a thought form) that people have thought into existence. I highly doubt he shows himself in Hat Man form.

The Hat Man wears different outfits, different hats, and manifests itself all over the world. If the Hat Man is Satan, that means Satan is omnipresent and omnipotent, which I don’t buy. Secondly, if the Hat Man (aka Satan) was one being why would he change outfits? It’s like, “hold my fedora for me Beelzebub, I must change into my cape and top hat now. This victim is a fancy one, so I need to impress him.” Doubtful.

Furthermore, if Satan does exist, why would he be wasting time on random people all around the world? If anything, he’d be showing himself to the higher ups – politicians, royalty, the richest people in the world not Bob the plumber from down the street. 

Are They Demons and the Devil or Something Else?

The Hat Man isn’t one finite being – there are multiple Hat Men. Whether these were men who dressed in a certain fashion when they died and now carry that over into the afterlife is yet to be determined, but makes more sense to me than an all-powerful being who enjoys changing outfits from one victim to the next. And again, why would Satan be wasting his time on any Tom, Dick, or Harry instead of going after bigger fish to exact his plan on destroying the world and humankind?

My experience with shadow people is connected directly to my bouts of sleep paralysis. I am also an astral traveler and lucid dreamer, so my take is astral beings and low-level entities will feed on your energy while your soul is out traveling in the beyond at night. This is why you see them when you’re in that hypnogogic state – you basically catch them feeding on your body’s energy as your astral body is re-entering your physical body.

How to Get Rid of Shadow People in 4 Steps

Many people claim shadow people are attached to them for one reason or another. What do shadow people want? We don’t really know but most people agree it’s one of two things: they want to observe us and/or they feed off our energy. If it’s the latter, we quickly need to learn how to get rid of shadow people. STAT. Here’s how:

1. First, Cleanse Your Space

The first thing you need to do is cleanse your space. Physically clean your house top to bottom. Get out the vacuum, mop, dust rags, pledge, etc. and give your house a good scrubbing. De-clutter it, as well. Energy gets trapped in dirty, dark and cluttered spaces which can attract (or sometimes produce) low-level entities like shadow people. In addition to cleaning your space, a spiritual cleansing is a MUST. This can be done in multiple ways, but the most effective is by smoke-cleansing. Sage and rosemary both work wonders to cleanse a space of negative energy and spirits. Don’t forget: you must. open. the. windows. If not, the spirit could get trapped and you’ll just p*ss it off more.

2. Cleanse Yourself

Just as you cleaned and cleansed your space, you must do the same with yourself. Shadow people are attracted to individuals who are in low-vibrational state and to those who have grime in their auras. Time to take a long, herbal bath with purifying herbs like rosemary and lavender or smoke-cleanse yourself. There are other methods of cleansing including: Reiki, using high-vibrational crystals, bathing in the ocean, energy healing, meditation, etc. 

3. Raise Your Vibrations

Want to learn how to get rid of shadow people for good? Follow all the steps above, but also remember it is IMPERATIVE to raise your vibrations. What does it mean to raise your vibrations? Everyone and everything is made of energy, and energy moves at all times. It never stops moving. It vibrates. When you vibrate at a high frequency, low-level entities are unable to attach and feed off your energy.

Low vibrating people are in a weakened state, which allows for shadow people to move in and take advantage. Low vibrations come from depression, chronic illness, drug and alcohol addiction, etc. Raise your vibrations by taking care of yourself: eat healthy, drink lots of water, give up unhealthy habits like smoking and excessive drinking, exercise, get plenty of sleep, and get healthy mentally through therapy, etc. 

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4. Spiritual Protection

In addition to cleansing your space, yourself, and raising your vibrations, spiritual protection is required. How can you spiritually protect yourself? Depending on your religion and beliefs, use protective symbols to ward off negative entities. The cross, runes like Algiz and Thurisaz, Helm of Awe, Nazar, the Star of David, etc. will all work when kept on one’s person.

Protective Amulets

Jewelry bearing your protective symbols can be worn to get rid of shadow people. Remember to pray or charge your jewelry with white light and protective vibes. Stitch the symbols into your favorite jacket or bag and carry it with you. Draw or inscribe these symbols on the bottom of your shoes to protect you everywhere you go. Dip your finger in olive oil or holy water and draw the symbol on your doors and windows to keep shadow people out of your space. Refresh your the symbols on your doors/windows once a month.

Ward Your Property

Another way to ward is to place protective objects in the four corners of your property. Crystals with protective qualities like tiger’s eye or black tourmaline, gargoyle or angel statues, etc. I’ve even drawn symbols on rocks. Bury your wards or if they’re statues, you may keep them above ground. Pray over them and ask your guides/gods for protection. Learn more about warding here. You’ll want to refresh your wards every 3 months to keep the protective seal around your home powerful.

If All Else Fails…

Sometimes we need extra help when learning how to get rid of shadow people. If any of this information didn’t sink in or you need help getting rid of shadow people that don’t seem to go away, contact a local religious official such as a priest, pastor, medium, shaman, rabbi, Reiki master, etc. 

How to Get Rid of Shadow People in 4 Essential Steps

36 thoughts on “How to Get Rid of Shadow People in 4 Essential Steps

  1. I have been ill ever since I married my husband. I first became aware the evil that was in my husbands former home after I moved in. My husbands former wife died in the house. We sold that home and things did get better but now I see shadows at night. I have seen these shadows turn glittery or like a sparkler always on the ceiling or climbing the walls at night. I feel them on me, they cause parts of my body to become very hot. I am so tired, I don’t feel good all of the time. I feel like they are draining me of my energy, perhaps trying to kill me. Do drain my husband as well. He does not see them or refuses to see them. We both have the same illnesses. He needed a heart ablation, I had a heart ablation. He had to have his back fused, I had to have my back fused. He needs shoulder surgery, I am having shoulder problems. Both of us are having joint problems. To coincidental! I was very healthy before meeting him. We are both seniors and we need help.

    1. I highly recommend doing everything that the article says to do. Become close and connected with your spirit team and tell them to go to work first and Foremost. They are desperate to help you and do what you ask of them, you just have to ask!

    2. I highly recommend doing everything that the article says to do. Become close and connected with your spirit team and tell them to go to work first and Foremost. They are desperate to help you and do what you ask of them, you just have to ask.

    3. Sharon I’m so sorry that your enduring this. You are spot on, shadow spririts leach off people and then those people are vampiring anyone close to them. I have experienced this very thing. You have to cleanse yourself and him and possibly this house too. It maybe attached to him.

  2. Bin seeing this tall dark figure it’s bin coming around more and more and even some people around me have seen it,I’ve seen it in public while it’s dark I’ve seen it just about everywhere especially when I’m in negative times,my friends have told me they’ve seen it even when I’m not around it all started when I got a Ouija board I never played it I got it thinking it would be kool to have and something to show off when my friends came around since then it started out like me waking up at night hearing weird stuff around the house then I started notice things coming up missing like I’ll set something down and come back to it and it’ll be gone and it’s find it in weird places then I started seeing things I thought my mind was playing tricks on me until one day one of my friends spent the night and woke me up and said there’s someone in your house I seen them peeking around the Conner in the hall way since then it’s bin getting closer and closer now my little brother will be screaming in his sleep and can’t wake up I thought it’s nothing I’m tripping until years have passed and I’m moved and it’s still happening since then my friend moved in and had a key board and it would play by its self he got creeped seen something and moved out he wouldn’t tell me what happened but now my girlfriend moved in and she’s woke me up several times saying things that seem like a wild story I haven’t seen anything in a while but I always feel this negativity Energy around me my good friends moms a witch and won’t even come in my house she’s told me there’s something here and when I go to there house she makes me leave my shoes outside and tells me wipe my feet and it’ll/them will be waiting for me at the door now I have a 5 month year old daughter and she’s bin having nightmares to and hasn’t bin exposed to no scary movies nothing really I’m tripping I’m not affected by it anymore but it seems like everyone around me is since my first encounter with she tall dark figure there bin a couple more one in a hat and just regular looking figures but they don’t come around. Me anymore but like I’ve said everyone else is affectived by it,it seems.since the start I’ve lost more and more sleep it’s to the point where I sleep for 2-4 hours a night then I’m up and tired in the day I don’t have a sleep schedule anymore feels like somethings on my back waying me down I constantly feel exhausted I’ve tried everything literally even tried communicating with the figures but I get nothing I feel like I’ve gone crazy my girlfriend use to see the tall on in the darkest corner by my door and she’s said I’ve woken up out my sleep and said it’s in the Conner or have bin dead asleep and said I’m my sleep it’s watching us idk anymore looking for some advice or help if you know something think I’m going crazyyyyyy

      1. no way, i will tell you how your shodow is made it vibrates whith light and if you have a wall next to you you will have two shodows.

  3. I’m curry experiencing issues like listed above my 8yr described Minecraft like figure me kinda too hat but both thought rectangular. It’s not only bolder it’s attached to my 20yr innocent sweet autistic son who attacks me his dad and brother. In videos it seems to be grabbing my so n and talking to him. Cant really make it out clear and makes me seem crazy. I know I am not though have felt that way. My son is lost and scared I know this!!!! Nothing makes sense like it use to. I have had visions of things then lived them and seen one thing widen a child but write it off usually. Don’t want anything but my family safe and this over.

  4. I have several experiences, with ghosts an shadows. But.. I thought that the shadows where ghosts as well? Am I wrong? The day my mother died, We saw a shadow, exactly like her shape, how she would stand. She turnd and left. Wasn’t this my mother? Also about 16 years ago, I was getting ill. I had a hard time to wake up and get out of bed. For about a year, someone was calling me, said I had to wake up, and get out of bed (luckely, otherwise I would have lost my job at that time). I did’nt had any other experiences like seeing someone or something. Just this, every morning I had to go to work. And I alays said thank you. Untill I was talking with a friend. He was sitting across me, when I felt something really cold and havy come over me, like a blanket. Everything tingled, and I bowed. Whn I came up and looked at my friend, he had big staring eyes, and stared at soemthing behind me. I turned, and we both saw a shadowfigure leave alongside the wall. After that, I wasn’t called anymore in the morning, and didn’t see anything anymore. Would this really have been something bad? He made me get out of bed every morning and keeping my job…

  5. Hey there! I recently have discovered an interest in white magic. Ever since, I have been seeing dark shadows with white eyes. I would like to know if they are evil, or are protecting me? They never have glowing lights behind them or seem evil. I am a bit confused.

  6. I need some help, please. I’ve had a shadow person attachment since I was 10, I am now 47. What I’m about to say is very difficult for me. Please don’t think I’m crazy. This thing raped me from 10-21. Frequently. Since 21 its turned to big time annoyance. Except one night 12years ago. I have many medical issues and I’m bipolar, complex PTSD and an anxiety disorder. This one night I was going on my 7th day of no sleep and in severe pain. My 13 year old son happened to be sleeping in my bed. At some point I made it to bed. We don’t know how many time passed but my son said he doesn’t remember waking up all the sudden he was just kinda over me. He said I looked horrible and I had a blue glow coming from me. Something drew his attention to look straight ahead. He saw 5 yes 5 shadow people with a red glow behind them. He knew he had to get me out of there; he knew they wanted to do me harm, possibly kill me. He hopped over me, grabbing my arm and pulling me out of bed. As he did this, I also saw them. He said he believes they want to drain me. He said there’s a reason my nickname is sunshine. I’ve been told over the years that I’m a witch and I’m an empath. I don’t know if that is true. I’m getting more and more worn down. Please help if you can.🙏

    1. Sherah – have you taken the steps in this article? You need to take back your power. You’re allowing these beings to have power over you. Remember you are ALIVE. You are HUMAN and sentient. They do not have physical bodies and therefore are less powerful than you!

    2. Sherah….The one very powerful thing you can do is play the Kadoish mantra out loud on a device. You can find it on YouTube and then play it on a loop. The ancient Hebrew is extremely powerful. It will keep evil away. To also help get rid of attachments you can get in a bath of white vinegar. Bathe in it for a good 15 minutes. Don’t dry off with a towel. Air dry. Try this…good luck. I don’t believe in coincidence. There is a reason I came upon your post while I researched something.

    3. Sheesh my ex would see shadow people I need to talk to someone about this. I’m starting to get Latin language downloads and I don’t know latin. I need someone to clarify things for me may we speak?

  7. Hey I bet that is happening to you because you can manage it! I am sure many people would be a lot more scared, but you seem like there is a mission you need to do, i am sure there is a reason that the shadow is around you! Try finding the reason please and dont mind the fear, it is normal. Breathe and investigate! Peace and love

  8. I see them all the time . Sometimes at night their is one that always try to get me when I’m sleeping . My boyfriend wakes me up I’m usually screaming From the top of my lungs. I have a cancel Burning in my room at all times What if the candle goes out at night That’s when it comes.

      1. Hi I disagree. I’m also clairvoyant and clairaudient. Shadow people and dead people are different. Yes they look similar but they have lover vibrations than dead people

        1. I was thinking the same thing! I dont think they were ever human. My daughter is 7 and being terrorized by them , but last week something else has come something evil. I’m scared and reading everything. Thank you

    1. How do you get rid of it completely? My house is brand new. We had it build 2.5 yrs ago. The property was farm land. I keep seeing these black shadows just about every day.

  9. Are there certain Incense we can buy and burn to help raise vibrations and energy levels in the house for positivity?

  10. Great article. I need to keep this for a reference. I first encountered a shadow figure about 15 years ago. I watch a shadowy figure move away from me along the living room wall and then it disappeared. My daughter, who is 11, recently saw multiple shadowy figures moving away from her bedroom door and down the hallway. So I did a cleanse with sage followed by lavender to usher in positive energies. Looks like it worked but I will do more or regular cleansing throughout the months ahead. The best advice I’ve seen thus far is keeping your home and space spic and span. thank you.

  11. Thank you this article is very helpful. Is there anything specific I should say when burning the sage? My son see’s them and I just bought some white sage to cleanse and hopefully get rid of the shadow men. Thanks

    1. Open some windows. This is a must! Just be stern and say, “only positive energy can stay, all negative energy must go away.” start at the front door, move counterclockwise from room to room, don’t forget closets, showers, and garages! then end up at the front door where you started and say, “this home is cleansed and is a receptacle of positive energy, love and light only. so be it.”

  12. Thank you for the info in this article. It is very helpful. I have one question please. My 6 year old has been seeing a shadow man and shadow people for a few years now. We’ve had enough so I bought some white sage to cleanse the house with. Is there anything specific that I should say while I’m burning the sage? Thanks!

  13. I had a car accident a week ago an 4 9foot fingers faceless light gray shrouded my car my 11year old gorl saw them to she freeked right out ive never seen her screem so much now we see them all the time an when i think or talk about them i go hot an cold starl to shake an cry were so sceard our house is lit up 24/7 i dont no what to do i feel like we wernt ment yo servive thr crash can you help

  14. I have experienced these shadow people and none of them are good. I have been having a hard time getting rid of them because I talked to them before I knew how truly evil they were. Please read Heidi Hollis book The Secret War. She talks to a Heavenly being that tells her about the shadows and their agenda. Also, she writes a book called The Hat Man, a guide in comics on how to get rid of dark beings for all ages.
    I had experiences with a hat man. That is how I found Heidi and her book. From my experience and talking to others, I concluded that there is more than one hat man and they are truly evil. These shadows drive people to do horrible things. They can shapeshift into anything, making you think that they are someone, or something else. They paraded as my deceased ex husband, deceiving me. If you need to talk or have any questions, my email is

    1. Plz contact me I have a very serious situation going on and I need help please no one to turn to that believes me please help me

    2. I wrote this comment before I began studying the Bible. I learned that the things in the Heidi Hollis books that I mentioned are not biblical, so do not go by those books. I have had much experience with shadow people. From studying the Bible and the things that I’ve learned through experience with these shadow entities, I believe that they are made up of Satan, demons and fallen angels. What you need to do if you are being plagued by these entities is to anoint your home and yourself with olive oil that you’ve asked God to bless. Ask that God send them back to the abyss where they came from. The etymology of the name Christ itself means to rub with olive oil. If you need advice, you can email me at

  15. I was pleased or rather relieved to read your article. My mother, sister and I have had horrible nightmares of this sort of black, shadowy, silhouette of a man for many years. I cannot speak for my family members as they did not like to speak of him, but I was tormented by him when I was a teenager and then again as an older adult. He seemed to come and go with no warning. My dreams were particularly horrible as he would tickle me and it would feel so uncomfortable, almost painful. I was so sure he was feeding off of me in some way because I woke up tense, irritable and this defensive feeling would last all day long, sometimes it would last a few days until I was sure he wasn’t coming back. Your article struck a chord with me because I used to be Christian a long time ago and became Pagan, so my beliefs didn’t change, I just changed religions to fit my beliefs. I also doubt this “person” is a devil or sorts the way a Christian believes. I feel like it is a lost soul who takes advantage of people who like you say, travel. I have been a night traveler long before I could even understand there was a word for it. So, bravo for giving out sound advice to rid oneself of this annoyance and for mentioning sleep paralysis as well, because that is what it feels like when he visited. I’m glad to say he leaves me alone, probably because as a Pagan, I faced him and know how to keep things spic and span now.

    1. Christine – These beings are the same no matter what religion the person follows! I’m so glad the article helped. Let me know if you need anything else.

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