Ouija Board Dangers & the Zozo Demon

Ouija Board Dangers and the Zozo Demon Phenomenon

The Ouija Board poses real danger to those who play. One of those dangers is contact with the Ouija Board Zozo demon. The Ouija board is a means of divination or talking to the dead. It is made of a flat piece of cardboard or wood on which letters, numbers, and some words are written (yes, no, goodbye, hello, etc.). A planchette is used as the moving piece. The planchette is usually plastic and has a window so that the numbers and letters can be seen.

The Ouija Board’s Murky Beginnings

The ouija board is based on spirit boards from ancient China that were used to tell the future or contact ancestors. In the late 1800s, a man named Elijah Bond began to manufacture them and it was regarded as a mere parlor game to most, that is until American Spiritualists began using it as a means to contact the dead.

They are available at most toy stores, but some folks actually make their own with miscellaneous objects found around the house (i.e. cardboard, marker, shot glass.) It doesn’t take much to create one. The problem is that they is marketed towards children and it usually can be found sitting next to a Monopoly Junior or Scrabble game in the game section of a Toys r’ Us or Walmart. However, it is not a game and should not be played by anyone who doesn’t know how to spiritually protect themselves. There are real ouija board dangers that most people don’t know about before they begin playing with the ouija board.

Let’s talk about the different experiences one can have with the ouija board.

A portal can be opened for the Ouija Board Zozo demon to enter this plane.
The Original Ouija Board with “yes”, “no”, the alphabet and numbers. Also includes good bye for clearing the board.

Personal Ouija Board Stories

If you were to do a Google search on Ouija experiences, what do you think you’d find? Pages upon pages of search results would turn up blogs and videos about negative experiences with the Ouija Board, everything from tales of angered spirits to stories of full-on demonic possession. But are all experiences negative?

My first experience with the Ouija board was a negative and frightening experience. You can lump my story right into the thousands upon thousands of other terrifying ones out there involving the Ouija Board Zozo demon, or who I would come to know as the Demon Z. It started when I was about thirteen. Two friends and I decided to play with a Ouija board. We didn’t own one, so we figured we’d just make it. We used a piece of cardboard from a box, a Sharpie to write the letters and numbers, and a small shot glass as the planchette. We sat upstairs in one of the guest bedrooms, just the three of us in the house. Keep in mind this was the middle of the day, and so it was fairly bright outside and in the room.

We sat around the board, excited and nervous at the same time. We each placed one finger very lightly on the top of the shot glass, and we began asking questions. “Is anyone here with us?” “Can you hear us?” We didn’t get any activity for quite some time. Then something happened. The planchette began to move, but the answers it was giving us did not make any sense. It just moved all around the board, as if it was trying to figure out what to say. “Who are you?” “Give us your name.” We asked the spirit to identify itself. The planchette quickly shot over to the letter Z. The three of us looked at each other…that’s strange, we were all thinking. We asked this spirit Z what year it died. It answered, “1908.” After the name and year, none of the other answers made sense again. We began to get a little irritated with this spirit and decided to clear out the board by running the planchette over the “Goodbye” word and saying out loud: “Okay. We’d like to talk to someone else now, so goodbye.”

Z Returns…Or Never Went Away

We stopped playing and went downstairs to watch some TV for awhile. “Surely we’ll get a different spirit the next time we go up and play with it,” we all said. So after a few hours, we ran up the steps again. As soon as we began talking to it, the spirit talking to us kept running over the letter Z. Constantly to the letter Z, the planchette would move. We began getting a little freaked-out at this point and tried clearing the board again, but each time we played, the same spirit would talk to us, spelling out random unidentifiable words and pausing over the Z time and time again.

The air in the room was thick and heavy and the three of us were frightened. Why couldn’t we get rid of this spirit? Why was it hanging around like an unwelcome guest? After tossing the board and planchette into the trash, my friends went home and I was left to experience the frightening things going on in my house. Loud footsteps at night, doors opening and shutting by themselves, and strange voices emanating from the shadows. My brother even swore that he heard someone breathing under his bed one night. When we moved to a different house, the haunting stopped. Did the Ouija Board Zozo demon hang around to mess with us?

My second experience was much less frightening but just as strange. One of my loved one’s long-passed relatives came through to say hello. The problem with this is that I didn’t feel I could believe the spirit was truly my loved ones’ family member. It felt as if something was just screwing with our emotions.

Opening a Portal With the Ouija Board

Many occultists, religious folks, and even witches believe that the ouija board is not a game to play around with and that it can open a portal between this world and the next. The portal is opened for unknown reasons, all that is known is that the spirit board allows almost any entity to come through, and if the user isn’t protecting him/herself or their environment, it is very likely that the door will open. This means that the entity can pass through to our dimension, if they are strong enough.

While some people believe that this portal can also allow ancestors and friendly ghosts to pass through to our world, most say that it is only the darker entities that come through. This is because they push the other lighter beings back; the darker entities are stronger.

What do you do once you have opened a portal through the ouija board and don’t know how to close it? Call an exorcist, someone to cleanse and bless you home. A priest, shaman, or witch may be able to help you close it. It’s not something that most normal people can do.

The planchette of a Ouija Board
Contact with demons through a Ouija Board always includes a planchette.

The Ouija Board Zozo Demon

After making a video in which I talk about my experiences with the ouija board and particularly with this darker entity named “Z,” I found out that this darker entity is an Ouija demon and that many people have encountered it. The demon also calls itself Zozo and Zizi. There is a Ouija Board Zozo demon and I witnessed his presence before people even wrote about him on the internet.

This particular entity seems to enjoy frightening people using the ouija board, and some claim it is a particularly large spirit. It can come through to our dimension rather easily and can possess both homes and bodies, if allowed to enter. More than one person have accounted for this phenomenon and most that have come in contact with the Ouija Board Zozo demon say that it uses few words and usually gets more aggressive the longer you talk to it. It doesn’t want to leave once it’s been invited.

There are discussions online about who this ouija board demon Zozo really is. Some relate it to an ancient Assyrian god of the wind named Pazuzu, while others say it is nothing more than the Devil or Beelzebub. Still others maintain that it is simply an internet urban legend, but I know better. Whoever it really is, I don’t want to talk to it again, and I suggest to anyone who comes in contact with the Ouija Board Zozo demon to close the conversation immediately and cleanse yourself.

Ways to Protect Yourself from the Zozo Demon

There are ways to protect yourself from darker entities that prey on Ouija Board users:

  • First tip: don’t use an ouija board! (I realize not everyone will follow this advice, so keep reading)
  • Second tip: if you plan on using the board against advice, draw a circle around yourself and the board (and whoever’s using it) with sea salt, holy water, or dried sage.
  • Third tip: ask your guardian angels/spirit guides/ancestors to protect you while you use it.
  • Fourth tip: never leave the circle until you are done with the ouija board and until you have out-loud told the spirits goodbye and also cleared the board by moving the planchette over “goodbye” three times.
  • Fifth tip: if you feel you have opened a portal and can’t close it, don’t be ashamed to call on professional help to exorcise the spirits and close the portal.

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Could the Ouija Board Demon Be Something Else?

We know that the Ouija board is a type of spirit board, a form of divination used to speak to spirits. But many might forget that spirit boards are also used and have been used by witches and magical practitioners for centuries. Is it possible that the Demon Zozo might not necessarily be a demon, but instead a servitor of a powerful witch or sorcerer? Perhaps it’s attached itself to the Ouija Board because of its master using it as a communication channel from its inception. If you’re not sure what a servitor is, I’ll define it for you: a servitor is a spirit created in the heart and mind of a witch or magician used to manifest a specific outcome. But the problem is, sometimes those servitors aren’t given a “deadline”, so to speak, and then run amuck after.

OR is the Demon Zozo not a demon at all, but rather a Tulpa or egregore? A spirit that’s been created by the fears of those who have played with the Ouija Board for the past century or more? The mind is a powerful thing and when thousands or even millions of people believe in something together, they may channel that energy into a manifestation such as a “demon” that haunts a spirit board.

Should You Try the Ouija Board?

I’ll be honest and tell you that I’ve known a lot of people who have used the Ouija Board who say they’ll never use it again. Many people have negative and terrifying experiences with it; however, there are some people, particularly witches who claim they can use the Ouija Board safely with no negative consequences. I am not saying that no one should use it. I am saying that unless you have the know-how to open and close the portal the board opens effectively, don’t use it. It is not a toy and shouldn’t be played with. And, as the saying goes, you should know how to banish whatever you summon. Otherwise, don’t call it up from the depths.

21 thoughts on “Ouija Board Dangers and the Zozo Demon Phenomenon

  1. I was trying ouija and we was meeting a nice spirit and his friends ,one of they was a demon with the name death, I was scared but the demon was friendly…If I meet Zozo what I must do?And where I must use ouija board?

  2. My post wasnt accepted, guess that’s the way it goes sometimes. Seeing is believing as they say. People believe in werewolves but my post wasnt accepted. Really?. I’ve seen zozo, I know what it looks like.

  3. I’ve had a couple of encounters with the z man, as I call him, over the last few years. I’ve never actually used a ouija board, I make my own protected letter boards and it’s never come through there. I’m an exorcist and demonologist, and it doesn’t like that I can actually grab demons with my bare hands and rip them apart, I’ve done this to well over a thousand entities. I think it’s curious as to how a human can do this, I don’t know anyone else like me. Yesterday it tried to ‘bait me’, it stuck a demon under my sons bed and was stalking around to see if I’d go upstairs and destroy it. I could see it in my minds eye, it’s hideous, and was waiting for me to do what I do. I waited until it fucked off, then destroyed the entity. It was pissed off. BTW, aerosols like deodorant and hairspray destroy demonic entities. Something in the propellant kills them.

  4. It’s real I had a exorcist come by the house today and he didn’t like it. He tossed me around the room tried to break my shoulder this wasnt the exorcism yet so it’s serious. It took 10 yrs for him to show himself. I have spent the last 10 yrs suffering from this I felt it but now I know it’s really here. pls don’t open the door it’s not something to be played with . I am a child of God and he protects me so believe in God and he will set you free.

  5. I made an Ouija Board and It spelled ZOZO every time I tried to ask it something. It also said when he died was 1908 what should I do. This was at my school so I cannot cleanse it. What should I do Please TELL ME

  6. Seeing as how christ insanity is not real and is a poor ripoff of European Paganism, basically at least half the comments are fake right off.

  7. By the way, the 70s band Led Zeppelin used ZoSo on thei cover for their 4 album. There were symbols on the cover , one for each band member. Zoso was the one for guitarist Jimmie Page. They went through a phase where they were exploring occultism… with Page buying the home and property owned by magician Alaister Crowley.

  8. My kids were not and still don’t mess with Ouija/Spirit Boards. Being sensitive runs in the family and can/will attract something.
    Now having said that, placing Proper Protections around the room the Board is in & Stating Clearly only Positive Spirits that come from the Light are Allowed. Using a Board should be harmless.
    Also if something identifies as a passed Loved One, Verify it! Ask about personal stuff only they would know. If the answer is wrong say Goodbye.

  9. My daughter is obsessed with ghost adventures. I found where she has written the demonic alphabet in her bedroom. She uses this alphabet to write the name zozo on her upper thigh. In the last year she has changed a great deal. I dont know what to do.

    1. She needs help. Take the ouija board away. Make her get rid of the demonic alphabet. Pray for her. Cleanse your space with smudge smoke and holy water. I would even ask the help of a religious official and maybe even a counselor.

  10. Ok. About 3-4 years ago my daughter bought me a spirit board/Ouija board and I use it all the time by myself. For a short time it didn’t do anything. Then one night I started having these weird dreams and what was weird was I had the same type of dreams every night, till last Thursday when I put up a tapestry of the Archangel Gabriel and then they stopped. Then last night I used it and it got pissed off at me. Started threatening me, told me I had no right to force those dreams to end and stuff like that. I told it I had every right and then it told me, You are going to pay for this and that ended the session, of course I said Goodbye and it said Goodbye as well. Should I be afraid of this or what? I can’t get rid of the board as my daughter would get very upset with me as it had been a gift and cost her $25.00

    1. Helen – I think you need to get rid of it, no matter if it was a gift or not. I’m sure your daughter would understand why if you explained it to her.

  11. My husband and I played it last night just before New Years. It kept moving off the board and tried to draw a circle around the two of us first and then just around myself. Can u tell me why you think it was doing this? Then we removed the board completely and it moved again on it’s own but again tried to draw a small circle on the floor. ????!!! It just has me a little freaked out this morning.

    1. Drawing a circle around a person or two people is usually done by a magical practitioner to protect from outside/negative forces. It sounds like the spirit might have been a good spirit trying to speak to you but first protect you. That being said, that’s a frightening experience anyway! Make sure to cleanse your space with a good smudging.

  12. Ive already played and I’m sure ive contacted the demon ZOZO since it has spelt its named and moved quick and aggressively. and its a wrong time to be doing research . me and my cousin ended the game after we heard a kick noise on our wall. we passed the planchette side-wards to goodbye once. we weren’t protected at all and we slept in the same room. it wasn’t dark, we had a little lamp light on. and now im hearing noises. what should I do or what did I do wrong? advice?

    1. Not cleansing a space beforehand and not using spiritual protection during a ouija board session will open you up to the demon zozo coming through. My first suggestion is to get rid of the board immediately. Then cleanse the space. Google how to smudge.

  13. I bought a spirit board about 2 weeks ago and haven’t used it yet… Originally got it so my man could possibly talk to his dead parents… Also what crystals can I wear to protect me?

    1. Hi Aprille! Just keep in mind that the spirits you are asking for won’t always be the spirits talking to you. Sometimes evil spirits will lie and act like the spirit you are asking for. For protection – selenite, obsidian, tourmaline, and tiger’s eye. Thanks for commenting!

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