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How to Find a Fairy In Your House

First and foremost, if you want to find a fairy in your house, believe in them. Fairies only show themselves to people who believe OR people who need to learn a lesson. You want to be the believer, not the fairy’s student. Secondly, not everyone will have this being in their household, whether you want one or not. The fairy folk don’t play by human rules. They have their own.

First, What is a Fairy? And What Isn’t?

I find most people’s understanding of what a fairy is, well, it just isn’t correct. That being said, it’s incredibly difficult to define these beings. We could take up a few pages discussing the various theories on what a fairy is including land spirits, demonized gods, the ghosts of our ancestors, unbaptized babies doomed to wandering the earth, primitive small-sized humans and many others. We’re not going to debate it here. But what I will tell you is this, I believe they are elemental beings…spiritual beings that have the ability to manifest in the physical. And I believe they may be attached to the earth, to it’s forests, mountains, rivers and such. Sometimes they attach themselves to land, homes that sit on that land, and sometimes to the humans that live there.

I also believe that some fairies are attached to families or bloodlines. They are guardian spirits or guides that are passed down from person to person over the centuries. Sometimes these “fairies” may have even once lived human lives and now they have the job to protect the family’s line from the Otherworld. Still sometimes we are able to summon these beings to us and into our homes. But it takes a special person, the right conditions, and the willing fairy to live in our houses.

What They Aren’t

Don’t be mistaken. Not all fairies look like Tinkerbell and act like Cinderella’s fairy godmother. Many are mischievous, misshapen, and even downright frightening to behold. The garden fairy variety are typically the ones that look closest to the pixie Tinkerbell. But you also have gnomes that take up residence in the roots of old trees that sometimes look endearing, other times creepy. Don’t expect that whatever being is in your house will be cute and cuddly. The fae are unpredictable and shapeshifting beings. They aren’t to be messed with and they aren’t simply play-things.

Signs There Are Fairies In Your House

If you’re a friend of the fairies, it’s possible you already have a fairy living in your house. You may even live on the land where fairies have always resided. Or you’ve called one to you through magical endeavors. There are usually a few tell-tale signs when a fairy is already living in your house:

  • the cat or dog acts strangely, plays with someone/something invisible or stares up at the ceiling
  • food goes missing without explanation, particularly sweets and milk
  • strange noises at night: furniture being jumped on, light footsteps on stairs or in hallways, tapping noises in closets and on walls
  • doors opening and closing
  • chores in your home get done without anyone’s knowledge (shouldn’t we all be so lucky?!)
  • jewelry and sparkly items go missing and turn up in odd or obvious places
  • milk or beer goes bad before expiration dates with no explanation
  • seemingly poltergeist-like activity (again this depends on the type of fairy in your home)
  • new types of plants and vines growing around the outside of your home
  • household members’ hair is braided or knotted at night in small tight knots (fairy-knots) with no explanation
  • finding small objects like dollhouse furniture, doll clothes, etc. around the home or property
  • missing keys, remote controllers, shoes, etc. that turn up in odd places

Ancestral Heritage & Fairies

In fairy folklore, the oldest families in Scotland, Ireland, Germany and England have fairies attached to them. Either the fairies guard the property these families own OR the fairies guard the families directly. In Irish folklore, the bean-sidhe (banshee) or washer-woman, has shown herself to certain ancient Irish families to warn them of oncoming death or to mourn a current death. The O’Briens, O’Neills, O’Connors, O’Grady’s, and Kavanaghs have been haunted by the banshee for centuries. There are similar stories with the Scottish brownies, fairy queens and other fairies. My Scottish ancestors, who descend from the McFee Clan, claim descent from a selkie. It’s likely this being may be attached to my bloodline.

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How to find a fairy in your house

You have the signs and you know there’s a fairy in your home but you can’t find it? Fairies are finicky and they follow their own rules. The best thing to do is wait until the fairy is ready and willing to show itself. Most fairies will not come out of hiding – they don’t trust human beings. This is from many years of our disbelief, and years of our Christian ancestors calling them evil. Also think of the damage we’re doing to the Earth, their sacred place. In addition, folklore says that if you try to “catch” a fairy off guard or while they’re doing their business around the house, they will be offended and leave at best. Some stories tell of fairies like the kobold going on an angry rampage, hurting and even killing those who wronged them. So my recommendation is this – don’t try to “catch” a glimpse of the fairy. Let it come to you, willingly.

Fairy Offerings

Here’s the thing. You won’t be able to find a fairy in your home, because the fairies will only be found if they want to be. Next you can try to coax the fairy out of hiding. Leave a sweet treat as an offering to the fairy on one of the Celtic holy days (fairies are active on May Day, Summer Solstice, and Halloween). Fairy bread, cakes, cupcakes, brownies, and other sweets are favorite fairy foods. Mead, ale, milk, and sweetcream are the fairies’ favorite things to drinks.

It takes time.

If you leave offering after offering and nothing happens, it’s possible you may never actually see the fairy. Just give him or her time. It’s also possible he or she is scared of a person or animal in your home. Wait until you’re by yourself and try talking to the fairy. Give them a hello, let them know you’re a friend, and invite them to show themselves when ready. Set up a special place for the fairy, like a shelf in the pantry or linen closet. Or a fairy garden outside.

How to Find a Fairy: Brownies are Scottish house fairies one of the fairies you can find in your house (if you're lucky enough!)
Old drawing of Scottish Brownies

Things Fairies Dislike

Maybe you’ve tried everything but still haven’t found a fairy in your house. There may be no fairy in your home. There’s a number of things fairies dislike which would prevent them from living in your home.

  • Loud, deep-sounding windchimes or bells
  • Loud, disobedient children
  • Christian/Catholic paraphernalia (crosses, Bibles, etc)
  • Laziness
  • Clergymen
  • Iron horseshoes, iron skillets, iron tools, etc. (iron traditionally wards off the fae, though I’ve found this to be different for each type of fairy)
  • Bowls of salt
  • Noise and commotion
  • Lots of clutter
  • Stale air
  • A home with no whimsy or joy
  • People who have no respect for nature
  • Being insulted
  • People who try to spy on them or catch them in the act

Rid your home of these things – most fairies won’t come around for these reasons.

Things Fairies Like in a Home:

  • houseplants, trees, and flowers
  • shrines and altars to the old gods
  • wine cellars and clean, stocked pantries
  • herb and flower gardens
  • extra cabinet/closet space for them to hide
  • fairy altars with offerings
  • people with a reverence for nature
  • sweet, imaginative children
  • people who believe in the fae
  • shiny, sparkly things (i.e. jewelry, crystals, etc.)
  • water (in bowls or fountains)
  • music
How to find a fairy in your house: leave out offerings and show your love for nature.

The Best Kinds of House Fairies

Just because you’re dying for fairy activity in your home doesn’t mean to invite all the energy that comes your way. This can be dangerous. You wouldn’t go up to a stranger on the street and invite them into your home, would you? It’s the same with fairies, they are unpredictable and vary in intent and personality just like humans. Fairies are ancient, otherworldly beings. They don’t follow the same moral code the human race does.

The Brownie: Scottish House Elf

The best type of fairy to have in your home is the Scottish Brownie. The Brownie is a house fairy or elf and it occupies a deserving Scottish family’s home. The Brownie originates in Scotland, but is also in North America because of the Scottish immigrants. He’s short and stout like a gnome and wears earth colors and sometimes the color red. The Brownie is the best type of fairy to have in your home because he enjoys helping with unfinished chores when the family’s asleep. In some legends, Brownies are friends with roosters or even shapeshift into roosters. The rooster’s crow in the morning is a warning to the Brownie that daylight is approaching.

Sprites & Pixies in the House and Garden

Sprites and pixies are fairies commonly found in proximity to humans; however, they’re not the best type of fairy to have in your home. They’re capricious in nature: always getting into trouble and playing little tricks. They like taking jewelry and hiding it in random places, and they’ll hide your keys on busy mornings! It’s best to keep sprites and pixies in your garden and not in the house. Fairies to watch out for (these fairies are deceitful): goblins/hobgoblins, trolls, ogres, kelpies, any fairy from the Unseelie Court. These fairies are easy to identify – you’ll get a sick feeling in their presence. Don’t accidentally invite these buggars into your home.

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      I just put out an offering to try to become friends… maybe you should do the same! 🙂 good luck on your fairy journey!

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