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A Real Fairy Sighting at Chimney Rock, North Carolina

When we think of fairies, we think of pixies, gnomes, or leprechauns from Ireland. But did you know dozens of Native American tribes believe in the “little people”, just as European believe in fairies? In fact, there have been real fairy sightings in the U.S. for hundreds of years. One real fairy sighting, seen by multiple people, occurred in the late eighteen hundreds at the very haunted Chimney Rock in North Carolina. Here’s more about fairies in the U.S. and a true fairy encounter.

A Professor is Called On

In 1891, a professor was working in his North Carolina home when there was a knock at the door. A few children stood there and pleaded with the professor to come to the side of Chimney Rock. There were “people floating around on the side of the mountain”, the children claimed. The professor dismissed their story as a prank and sent them away. But then, a few minutes later, another knock. This time it wasn’t the mischievous children but an elderly woman from town. She also pleaded with him to come and see the “ghosties” on the side of Chimney Rock. At this point he decided he’d accompany the old woman to Chimney Rock to assure her there was no supernatural thing floating around on the side of the mountain.

A Real Fairy Sighting at Chimney Rock

The professor accompanied the woman to Chimney Rock and, to his amazement, saw what they had seen. There were dozens of bright beings flying around the side of the mountain…right there on the side of the mountain! He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Was this real? These beings were bright and wearing white gowns, they looked like humans but were flying. There was dozens of these fairies, even appeared to be men, women, and children. More townspeople went that day to see the real fairies or little people, some in later years claiming they were angels, and the story lived on for years afterwards at Chimney Rock.

The fairies at Chimney Rock wore all white and floated in mid-air.

Local NC Cherokee Legends

To the Cherokee tribe, the little people were as real as me and you. There are legends of different kinds of little people including the moon-eyed people, the dogwoods, laurel people, and more. The Natives attributed these creatures to being another species or purely nature spirits. Some stories tell of fairies helping the Cherokee on hunting trips, while others say the little people played tricks on them. Were the beings seen at Chimney Rock that day the same little people of the Cherokee tribe? Or were they something else entirely? Why did they show themselves to the local people?

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  1. Lisa Cuddy

    November 15, 2020 at 4:07 pm

    I’ve always believed in faeries and raised my daughter to believe in them. The fae became her belief system and she celebrated them every year on or around May 1 at a faerie festival in Glen Rock Pa until it was no longer held. I saw them as a child in my hometown of Sharptown MD on a faerie ring. Clapping

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