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Fairies & Mermaids Found by Humans: 2 INCREDIBLE Tales!

Supernatural stories from centuries before inadvertently get lumped into “folklore” by our modern, analytical minds. But what if these stories weren’t just fairy tales? What if fairies and mermaids were actual people that existed in different form? What if their world collided with ours and sometimes these otherworldly people visited ours? Here we tell two tales when fairies and mermaids were lost and found in our world.

The Green Fairies of Woolpit

In the twelfth century, there was a town in England called Woolpit. One day, this quiet town became astir with the stories of a mysterious boy and girl found by a villager. Thought to be brother and sister, and missing their parents, these kids didn’t look normal. There was doubt they were even human. Their skin was green and they spoke an unidentifiable language. And their clothes were made of strange fabric. The villagers took the children in and the entire town of Woolpit marveled at the green children from a distant land. For days the children didn’t eat, until finally they came across a couple raw beans. They gorged themselves. So the villagers continued to provide the green children beans to eat.

The Green Children Tell Their Story…

Eventually, the children learned the villagers’ language and were questioned thereafter. They said they came from a place called Saint Martin’s Land, where the sun isn’t as bright and it’s always twilight. Their land was “Christian” and that the day they got lost they were in the fields with their sheep. They heard bells ringing and then found themselves mysteriously in a field in Woolpit. It was concluded the two children should be baptized, and so they were. The boy ended up dying shortly after, but the girl survived. She adapted to Woolpit society and even married a man in Lynne. They said her ways were wanton, or loose, compared to the other women of that day and age.

Who or What Were the Green Children of Woolpit?

This story was documented by a man named William of Newburgh in 1189. And written once more by Ralph of Coggeshall in 1220. Today scholars debate whether the story was just “folklore” – a symbolic story about diseased Flemish orphans taken in by Woolpit villagers. Some say they were fairy-children from underneath the earth, who slipped into our world and got lost. Others say they were extraterrestrial. To me, their green skin, otherworldly language, and the fact they claimed to have lived in a twilight-place underground confirms they were fairy-children. Today in the town of Woolpit, there’s a sign with the silhouette of the two Green Children of Woolpit.

The green children of woolpit were thought to be fairies who lost their way and were found by humans.

Mermaids on the Isle of Man

One of my most favorite real mermaid sighting was more than just a sighting…it was a close encounter. On the Isle of Man, in the late seventeen hundreds, two men from Douglas found two strange creatures stranded on the rocks. They heard a kitten-like cry, and when they got closer, they realized there were mermaids. The two-foot-long creatures had green seaweed-like hair, green skin and purple scales on their tails. One of the merchildren was dead, but the other still alive, so they took it home to help it.

The Care and Feeding of the Mer-Child

The British Press published an article on the mermaid discovery in 1810, which stated the merman was kept by one of the men who found it. He kept it in a tub of water, and fed it mussels and shell-fish. At the time the article was published, it was said the merman was still alive and being cared for. No one knows what happened to the creature, or if the published article was a hoax or real.

Other Mermaid Encounters on the Isle of Man

The thing about the Isle of Man is mermaid sightings have been going on for centuries. There was a time when less ships sailed around the Isle of Man, which allowed for the merfolk to become comfortable there Many people saw these creatures. In addition to the merchildren, there was another tale of a mermaid caught in a sailor’s net. She refused to eat anything, and so he released her. Bystanders said they saw her dive into the water, where mermaids were waiting for her, and they asked her what she thought of humans. She replied they were “dumb for throwing out the water they boil their eggs in!”

Fairies and mermaids have been seen by hundreds of people all over the world over the years.

Do You Believe in Fairies and Mermaids?

There are many fanciful things in this world to be doubted. Things that seem too fantastical to believe. Like fairies and mermaids. Or are they so hard to believe in? If we immerse ourselves in the folklore of our ancestors, we’d notice an obvious pattern – nearly every culture had their version of fairies and mermaids. How is this possible that every culture, some that supposedly never came in contact with one another, all had their own stories of these creatures if they didn’t exist in some regard?

What if fairies and mermaids were something else?

Consider this: fairies might not be winged spirits but an actual species of people who were driven into the woods, caves, under mounds, etc. in ancient times. They’ve been seen and believed in for centuries before the Industrial Revolution, and after. And how about mermaids? What if they are just a different species in the evolutionary chain? If you believe in evolution, why is it so hard to believe that a human-like creature didn’t emerge from the ocean and became half-fish half-human? If we believe in God, angels, demons, ghosts, etc., the belief in fairies and mermaids is not far-fetched. And if they don’t exist? At least we can find whimsy in the possibility. Otherwise, life is just plain boring.

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