Green Witch Books and Resources

The Official List of Green Witch Books, Blogs, and YT Channels

Looking to expand your knowledge as a green witch? Research, read, and study using our mega GIANT list of green witch books and resources. Find books, blogs, and YT channels on green witchcraft, herbalism, foraging and wildcrafting, trees, fairies, folklore, and more!

First, What is a Green Witch?

Is a green witch a wise person with a green face? None of the green witches that I know of. A green witch is someone who practices magic in the most natural way possible. Often this involves the witch getting outdoors and casting spells in the woods, in the garden, and other natural settings. They incorporate herbs, roots, flowers, trees, rocks, the landscape, and wildlife into their tradition. A green witch prefers to be outside as much as possible. Their wand is a fallen oak branch. Their altar is a tree stump. Well, you get the point.

If you’d like to learn more about practicing green witchcraft, we have a HUGE list of resources here. But truly, let Mother Earth be your ultimate teacher.

Green Witch Books & Resources

Sections covered in this list:

  • Green Witch and Wicca Books
  • Herbal Books for the Green Witch
  • Tree Magic and Ogham
  • Foraging and Wildcrafting
  • Fairies and Folklore
  • Green Witch Blogs
  • Recommended YT Channels

Green Witchcraft & Wicca Books

1. The Green Witch

The Green Witch by Arin Murphy-Hiscock is a new book on the market for the green witch. It is also a loved book in that it provides easy to use recipes and information on herbs, essential oils, and more!

2. Green Witchcraft 1, 2, 3

Green Witchcraft 1, 2, and 3 by Ann Moura is a favorite among Wiccans and Green witches alike. If you learn more towards Wicca, you’ll love Ann Moura’s books. 

3. Grimoire for the Green Witch

Another of Ann Moura’s green books, Grimoire for the Green Witch provides a full Book of Shadows for readers to use and adapt for their own green traditions. 

4. A Green Witch’s Cupboard

Deborah Martin is a Master Herbalist and teaches us about sixty-nine different herbs in A Green Witch’s Cupboard – herbs that can be used in cooking, medicine, and magic. 

5. Craft of the Wild Witch

Craft of the Wild Witch by Poppy Palin is an essential for the green witch. A green witch is indeed a wild witch, utilizing the energies of the forest, garden, and meadows. Talking to the trees and fairies. Seeing herbs as magical helpers. 

Herbal Books for the Green Witch

1. Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs

I haven’t used any other herbal book more than this one. Scott Cunningham is a well-known Wiccan author and this book will demonstrate why. An indelible reference for the green witch to always have on-hand.

2. 20,000 Secrets of Tea

Another of my must-have herbal reference books, 20,000 Secrets of Tea makes it easy to concoct magical teas for medicine and everyday use. I can’t tell you how many times I referred to this book by Victoria Zak.

3. Illustrated Herbiary

This new herbal guide by Maia Toll and Kate O’Hara will have you gawking at the beautiful artwork. 36 bewitching botanicals are detailed within. 

4. The Witching Herbs

I’ve heard nothing but good things about The Witching Herbs by Harold Roth. Not only does he discuss the magic of each herb, but also goes into detail about their lore and history. A must-have on the green witch bookshelf.

5. The Complete Book of Incense, Oils, and Brews

Another of Cunningham’s books – The Complete Book of Incense, Oils, and Brews gives easy-to-use incense recipes, oil mixtures, and brews for various magical intentions as well as to honor different deities.

6. Rosemary Gladstar’s Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health

The green witch should know how to use herbs for magic but also for healing. Rosemary Gladstar’s books are a wonderful place to start learning the healing effects of herbs.

7. Rosemary Gladstar’s Medicinal Herbs: A Beginner’s Guide

Rosemary Gladstar is simply a wealth of herbal knowledge. And you can’t go wrong with any of her work. Her beginner’s guide is wonderful for anyone to pick up and learn a thing or two about the common herbs including calendula, lavender, lemon balm, marshmallow, etc.

Tree Magic and Ogham

1. The Magic of Trees

The Magic of Trees by Tess Whitehurst will teach you about the magical properties of trees and how to utilize tree magic in your practice. Often green witches attach to herbs but forget the power of the trees!

2. Whispers from the Woods

One of the first books I picked up on tree magic by Sandra Kynes is a must-have for the green witch. 

3. Celtic Tree Magic

Danu Forest guides us into the magical forest of the Druids and teaches us about the Ogham sacred tree alphabet in Celtic Tree Magic. 

Foraging and Wildcrafting

1. The Forager’s Harvest

The Forager’s Harvest by Samuel Thayer is a book that should be on every green witch’s bookshelf. If you’re a green witch, you’re a natural forager. Learn how to properly identify, harvest, and prepare edible wild plants with this guide.

2. Foraging and Feasting

Foraging and Feasting: A Field Guide and Wild Food Cookbook by Dina Falconi gives recipes and details on how to harvest edible wild foods just like our ancestors once did!

3. Backyard Foraging

With great reviews on Amazon, Ellen Zachos’ guide to 65 backyard plants you didn’t know you could eat is the perfect book for the green witch looking to learn more about edible plants in his or her own backyard!

4. Edible Wild Plants

Edible Wild Plants by Thomas Elias and Peter Dykeman has sold over one hundred thousand copies to foragers and herbalists worldwide. It details over 200 wild foods and the photographs are stunning!

5. Books on YOUR Local Ecosystem

Most nurseries carry pamphlets and books on your local wildlife including butterflies, birds, pollinators, trees, flowers, etc. A green witch gets to know their environment intimately. The resources are out there for you, check on Amazon too.

Fairies and Folklore Books

1. The Forest in Folklore and Mythology

A green witch has an inseparable connection with the forest. Dive into the folklore and mythology of the forest to learn more.

2. A Witch’s Guide to Faery Folk

One of the first books I picked up on the fairies and one that I still own to this day. A must-have guide to working with the fairies and spirits of the forest by Edain McCoy.

3. Meeting the Other Crowd

A compendium of stories about Irish fairies, Meeting the Other Crowd by Eddie Lenehan is intriguing and hard to put down!

4. The Fairy Faith in Celtic Countries

The Fairy Faith in Celtic Countries by W.Y. Evans-Wentz is a timeless fairy book from the early twentieth century that every green witch should read. It gives an idea as to how the belief in fairies was widespread over the continent of Europe. Even my kids love hearing the fairy stories in this book!

5. Wildflower Folklore

Want to learn more about wildflowers and their energies? Read Wildflower Folklore by Laura C. Martin. 

Compendium of Fairies BOOK: Signed Copy


Grab a signed paperback copy of Kitty Fields’ Compendium of Fairies, Volume 2 in The Otherworldly Oracle Collection with detailed info. on how to work with the ancient elementals, fairy queens, and more.


Green Witch Blogs

1. Sarah Anne Lawless

One of the first witchcraft blogs I ever found and am still attached to is Sarah Anne Lawless’ blog now called Bane Folk. Sarah is an animist, folk witch, forager, and herbalist. Talk about an essential blog for the green witch!

2. The Witchy Mommy

A personal friend of mine, The Witchy Mommy’s blog is ran by Feather GardenBelle, a YouTube personality, knowledgeable herbalist, and green witch. Find information on herbs, flowers, insects, and other natural items on her blog and website.

3. A Witch’s Path

This green witch hasn’t posted a new blog post in quite some time, but traveling back through her blog’s archives will teach you many great things about green witchcraft. Don’t pass up this blog.

4. Witch of Lupine Hollow

A favorite website of mine, the Witch of Lupine Hollow, teaches us how to use witchcraft in modern times. I adore her tea and essential oil blend recipes above all else!

Green Witch Youtube Channels

1. The Witchy Mommy

I’ve already mentioned her blog, but you MUST check out her YouTube channel too! She’s also on patreon and shares quite a bit of her herbal and magical knowledge to paying patrons there.

2. Eat the Weeds

I’m dying to take a tour with Green Dean from Eat the Weeds YouTube Channel! He does wild herb and edible plant tours in the Southeastern United States. His videos are super informative and great for foraging green witches!

3. Bealtaine Cottage

A wise Irish woman with a love for the earth, this is one YouTube channel you need to subscribe to.

4. Asia Suler

Watch her YouTube channel because of her calm demeanor and herbal knowledge. 

Green Witch Books and Resources LIST

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  1. Thank you so much for this list! It’s really informative, I have a hard time finding book recs that are specifically for the green witches. I’m a green witch from France, and my practice is tailored around the traditions and plants of my country. If I can suggest something, I’ve discovered the channel “The Green Witch” by a lovely young woman named Annie. She has so many videos that are incredibly informative and full of knowledge, as well as visually beautiful. You should definitely add her to your list!

  2. Awsome list. Susun S. Weed is an awesome herbalist. She is the author of the Wise Woman Tradition. She has written several books on herbal heath and she has a weekly radio show as well as two YouTube channels. Susun Weed and The Wise Woman Way.

  3. This is an awesome list, thank you! I am currently “Hedgewitch Book of Days” by Mandy Mitchell and am really enjoying it too for anyone looking for other reads. Thanks again!

  4. That is a wonderful list. In fact my first ever green witch book that i bought is right at the top of your list . I’m an aspiring green witch blogger for green witches in the southern hemisphere. Anyone interested can find my blog at generverethegreenwitch.wordpress. as im just starting out both as a blogger and as a green witch, i ask that all comments be of an encouraging supportive kind. Thank you for your list, i hope that one day i may be added to it in the future. Cheers Gen

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