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Egyptian Witch Books: 13 Must-Reads on Ancient Egyptian Myth & Magick

Are you an Egyptian witch looking for books to further your craft? Or maybe you’re just looking to incorporate some Egyptian witchcraft into your practice and need to know where to start. Here we provide our favorite Egyptian witch books on mythology and magick.

What is an Egyptian Witch?

When someone says they’re an Egyptian witch, what does that mean exactly? It could mean anything they want it to. But we would define an Egyptian witch as an individual who practices witchcraft inspired by ancient Egyptian mythology, religion, and culture. Because Ancient Egypt is no longer a legitimate civilization, the Egyptian witch must gather their inspiration from various sources. We recommend a combination of online sources, documentaries, and books. Don’t limit yourself to just reading modern books on Egyptian magic. Branch out and get your hands on anything to do with Egyptian archaeology, geography, history, mythology, and fairy tales.

Mythology Books for the Egyptian Witch

Probably the best resource in the hands of an Egyptian witch is mythology. We can glean quite a bit about what the Egyptians believed and magically practiced based on their mythos. And there are TONS of books and resources out there. Here’s some of our favorites:

1. The Complete Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt by Richard H. Wilkinson

There were literally hundreds of Ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses over the centuries and this book does a wonderful job of addressing many of them. Gods and goddesses I’d never heard of were included in great detail. A must-have reference book for the Egyptian witch’s library. Plus the pictures are just beautiful.

2. The Egyptian Book of the Dead

It’s name is daunting and a bit scary for those who don’t understand. But The Egyptian Book of the Dead’s title when further translated once meant The Book of Coming Forth by Day. It’s actually a spell book with text guiding the individual into the afterlife. Some of the spells give the reader things to say and what to wear in the afterlife when meeting the gods. Many of the passages are beautiful and honor the gods in a poetic way. A must-read for those interested in Egyptian witchcraft and magick.

3. The Oxford History of Ancient Egypt

While history can sometimes be boring, the history of Ancient Egypt is a riveting one and shouldn’t be overlooked by the Egyptian witch. Who better to write a book on Ancieng Egyptian history than Oxford? Pick this history book up for your collection and educate yourself on why the Ancient Egyptians believed what they did.

4. The Egyptian Myths: A Guide to the Ancient Gods and Legends by Gary J. Shaw

Another guide to Egyptian mythology that would be rather helpful for the Egyptian witch. This book surveys how the ancient Egyptians saw and experienced the world. Remember, to the ancient Egyptians, the gods were an integral part of nature and vice versa and all of their magick was focused on pleasing and working with the gods.

5. Thoth: The History of the Ancient Egyptian God of Wisdom by Lesley Jackson

When I first became interested in Egyptian witchcraft, Thoth the god of writing and wisdom called to me. I haven’t read many books on singular Egyptian gods but this one was informative and enlightening. Thoth is an Egyptian deity with much depth and aids any Egyptian witch interested in ancient history, writing as a form of spirituality, past lives, healing and more!

6. NatGeo’s A Treasury of Egyptian Mythology (for Kids)

Yes, it says for kids, but hear me out. A. the pictures and illustrations are GORGEOUS and B. it really puts Egyptian mythology into a basic, understandable format. My daughter owns this book and tore through the entire thing in a week! Great for kids and Egyptian witch adults, too!

7. All Color Book of Egyptian Mythology

Some of my most treasured Egyptian books have beautiful, full-color pictures like the All Color Book of Egyptian Mythology by Richard Patrick. You can purchase in a paperback or hard copy form through Amazon. The 100 color pictures make this book worth the purchase.

Studying ancient Egyptian tombs and archaeology is a boon for the Egyptian witch.

Egyptian Magick Books

What we know about how the Egyptians practiced magick comes from mythology and archaeology. We know they were incredibly regimented and put a large emphasis on purification, particularly before ritual and divination. Many of the Egyptian gods won’t even look your way unless you’ve undergone some amount of purification before invoking them. This means physically (via bathing rituals and detoxification) and spiritually with smoke-cleansing your aura and space, etc. You’ll learn more about Egyptian magic through our suggested books below:

8. Ancient Egyptian Magic by Eleanor Harris

I looked for a worthy Egyptian magick book for a long time before I found this one. It seemed every book that claimed Egyptian magick only detailed the gods and goddesses, but didn’t actually dive into spells, rituals or divination methods. This book does! It teaches how to divine by oil scrying, which I found particularly intriguing. That being said, because most of the ancient Egyptian rituals aren’t practical today, certain rituals should be used in an inspirational way instead of trying to duplicate it.

9. Circle of Isis: Ancient Egyptian Magic for Modern Witches

Wonderful suggestions for how to incorporate Egyptian deities into one’s practice are included in this book by Ellen Cannon Reed. I particularly enjoyed the provided meditations. Another great resource for the Egyptian witch’s book collection.

10. Magic of Isis: A Book of Powerful Incantations and Prayers by Alana Fairchild

If you’re a child of the Great Mother Isis, this book of prayers and chants is for you. Working a prayer to Isis into your daily rituals is rewarding and brings one closer to the Great Mother of Egyptian magic. Fairchild’s inspired book is also great to inspire personal prayers to almost any god or goddess of any pantheon.

Books on Egyptian Archaeology & History

Bypassing books on Egyptian history and archaeology wouldn’t be a good thing for the witch pursuing an Egyptian path. You’d lose out on pertinent information. Here’s a few we recommend picking up:

11. Egyptology: The History and Legacy of the Modern Study of Ancient Egypt

A comprehensive look at the study of Ancient Egypt, also known as Egyptology. Studying Egypt through the lens of a scholar is a boon to any Egyptian witch. You’d be surprised how inspired you find yourself after diving deep into the world of archaeology – Egyptian tombs, sarcophagi, hieroglyphs, temple ruins, etc. The Valley of the Kings, Pyramids at Giza, the Sphinx, all of these ancient features have much to teach us.

12. The Woman Who Would be King: Hatshepsut’s Rise to Power in Ancient Egypt

I was always fascinated by Egyptian queens like Nefertiti and Hatshepsut. I particularly loved Hatshepsut’s story – her drive and cunning to put herself in a powerful position through her nephew. By reading this book, we gather more of the overall picture surrounding Hatshepsut’s rise to power. Did I mention this Egyptian queen was also a priestess of Amun. She called herself “God’s Wife of Amun”.

13. Hieroglyphic Words of Power: Symbols for Magic, Divination and Dreamwork

I once knew an Egyptian witch who learned how to read hieoglyphs. She used her knowledge of the ancient Egyptian symbols to create and perform beautiful rituals and elaborate spells. If you don’t have the time or dedication, pick up a copy of Hieroglyphic Words of Power by Normandi Ellis.

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    August 23, 2021 at 10:51 pm

    I love this article! However, OOO does not have much about Egyptian Witchcraft. I feel drawn to Egyptian gods and goddesses though none of them have worked out and I know that some deity is out there and yet I don’t know who. Please help!

    1. Margaret

      January 27, 2022 at 10:17 pm

      Finally found one that is working out! Nekhbet, patron vulture goddess of northern Egypt and protection, has had my attention for a while. I would highly n recommend her- though almost no information can be found on her that is useful. She’s a very friendly goddess who brings a smile to my face by sheer presence! I may start working with Anpu (anubis), though I have no idea right now.

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