Peace & Prosperity Floor Sweep for A Household Needing Serenity

This is one of my own personal magical recipes for Bella Donna Members Only. Cleansings are SO important to rid our sacred spaces and homes of nasty negative energy and entities. I love smudging my home, but let’s be real – smudging doesn’t quite hit all of the nooks and crannies on the floor, now does it? To get a really deep purification of your home means to cleanse the floors too! And one way to do that is to concoct a magical floor wash OR floor sweep. In this article, I give you my personal floor sweep recipe for peace and prosperity.

What You’ll Need:

  1. Salt: 4-5 cups depending on the size of your house (I use pink Himalayan salt for added peaceful vibes)
  2. Sunflower petals (dried): 1-2 cups
  3. Bee Pollen: one-ounce packet (the brand I use is Badia and is sold at many grocery stores in the spice aisle!)
  4. Sage (dried): 1/2 cup (can be culinary OR white sage)
  5. A broom and dustpan OR heavy duty vacuum (your choice)

What To Do:

  1. Mix your salt, sunflower petals, bee pollen, and sage in a mortar and pestle OR a large bowl and mallet if you don’t have a mortar. If you plan to use a vacuum, grind/pound down the larger pieces of petals and sage.
  2. Start in the north facing rooms of the house and LIGHTLY sprinkle your floor sweep onto the carpets and tile/hard floors while saying OR singing: PURITY, PEACE, HAPPINESS, PROSPERITY. Repeatedly sing or say these words throughout the entire process!!! This is building energy for your ritual.
  3. Go from room to room North – East – South – West and sprinkle your floor sweep all over the floors. If you have to go back and make more mixture, that’s fine too! Keep repeating PURITY, PEACE, HAPPINESS, PROSPERITY the entire time.
  4. If you don’t have pets or small children, leave the floor sweep down for as long as you’d like. For me, I had to lay the floor sweep and vacuum it right up because my cat will literally eat anything on the floor!
  5. When you’re ready, sweep or vacuum up the floor sweep and pray PURITY, PEACE, HAPPINESS, PROSPERITY, visualizing all wonderful things for you and your household as you go along.
  6. When you’re done, claim it and say “so be it!”

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