Mabon Crystals and Herbs

Mabon Crystals and Herbs: 22 for Your Autumn Equinox Rituals

Mabon. Also known as the Autumn Equinox and Witches’ Thanksgiving. It’s a powerful, liminal time that brings in the Autumn season, as well as balance in many aspects of our lives. Many spiritual and magical practitioners enjoy celebrating this sabbat by performing ritual, making yummy Autumn Equinox foods, and decorating their home in Fall decor. I like to call Mabon the gateway sabbat to the holidays, as it seems to open the door for the Samhain and Yule vibes that are coming soon! A simple way to bring in those Autumn vibes is to incorporate these 20 Mabon crystals and herbs into your daily rituals and on your altar.

First, Briefly, What is Mabon?

Mabon is a Welsh term for a Wiccan/pagan sabbat that’s celebrated annually on the Autumn Equinox around September 21st in the Northern Hemisphere and March 21st in the Southern Hemisphere. The Autumn Equinox is globally when the day is equal to the night in length of time. This means it is a time of balance.

It’s also the official start of Autumn…hence the name Autumn Equinox. Many cultures and pagan religions celebrate the Equinox in various ways, and you’ll even find differences in how it’s celebrated by coven, group, family and even down to the individual. How YOU celebrate is up to you! One easy way to honor this holy pagan day is to incorporate Mabon crystals and herbs into your daily life, rituals, and on your altar.

10 Mabon Crystals for Your Autumn Altar and Rituals

Truly any crystal, stone, or rock that brings balance, prosperity, protection, and peace is a great tool to use on Mabon. But here are our favorite Mabon crystals, stones, and rocks:

1. Goldstone (Brown and Red Varieties)

Yes, goldstone is a manmade stone. That being said, I’ve had great success with it in a number of ways. And I always enjoy making it an everyday stone around Mabon time. Here’s why:

  • The glittering, orange-red-gold color invokes major Mabon vibes. Think Harvest.
  • Aligns our sacral chakra and brings about creativity and new opportunities
  • Works on our Root chakra and helps us ground and center, bringing balance in our bodies and lives
  • When added to the altar or carried in your pocket/purse, brings prosperity (helps you reap the seeds you’ve sown)

2. Butterscotch Jasper

I don’t think Butterscotch Jasper gets enough attention in the witchy/pagan community. It is a wonderful Mabon crystal to have on your altar, around the house, and to use in your Autumn Equinox ritual. Butterscotch jasper comes in shades of tans and caramel browns. It lets you know immediately upon holding it that it is indeed an earthy stone. The color is perfect for Mabon and its properties include inspiring joy, inner child work, and positive energy. ALL things we need a healthy dose of before going into the Autumn and Winter seasons.

3. Amethyst: A Mabon Crystal for Spirit Work

Right around Mabon, I start to encounter and experience more spirits from the Otherworld. Typically they are of an ancestral or Underworld origin. Meaning I see, hear, smell, and dream of the dead. And as we descend into darkness, these experiences become more and more prevalent in my life. A crystal I’ve found particularly helpful around Mabon and going into these darker seasons is amethyst. It increases intuition, psychic ability, and I’ve found it aids in discernment between benevolent and malevolent spirits.

Amethyst is great for intuition and spirit work at Mabon.

4. Hag Stones for Protection and Divination at Mabon

Hag stones, also called faery and holey stones, aren’t a crystal. They aren’t shiny or pretty, necessarily, but they are a powerful tool for the Autumn season. Hag stones are stones that have a hole straight through them…the hole being made naturally with water eroding at the stone. Until, over time, a hole is worn straight through it. They are steeped in Celtic and Norse folklore and are very lucky when found in nature. Bring your hag stones out and put them on your altar for Mabon, or hang them next to your front door. They are protective and also useful when peering into the Otherworld.

5. Red Jasper

The first reason I call red jasper a Mabon crystal is because it is a BALANCER. It balances energy in the physical, mental, and spiritual realms. The second reason is its dark red color…again, it invokes serious Autumn Equinox vibes. Red jasper is great for aligning your root chakra with the earth, grounding yourself, and rooting yourself in Mother Earth this Autumn Equinox. A beautiful stone to have on the altar, windowsill, or to wear as an amulet.

6. Carnelian

First things first, carnelian aligns with Virgo energy. And…well, Virgo energy is all over the Mabon sabbat since Virgo season begin at Mabon. Secondly, carnelian is a Mabon crystal because it brings harmony…amplifying the balancing effects of the Equinox in one’s life. Not to mention, it’s a protective stone and aids in past life recall and work. All things that are needed during the Fall season.

7. Orange Calcite

As Autumn approaches, we are often a little worn down from our Summer escapades. Orange calcite is the remedy to that – it boosts energy, both physical and mental. It’s also a great way to balance our emotions. Plus, it’s orange, another magical color for Mabon altars, table centerpieces, and decor.

8. Black Obsidian

Black obsidian has been one of my most used stones for many years. And when Mabon comes around, I use it even more! It’s effective when warding your home from malevolent wandering spirits that tend to frequenly pop up during the Autumn and Winter seasons. It also shields from tricksters and dark magic. Simply set it near the front door or next to your bed if you’re experiencing nightmares or hag attacks at night. It’s powerful when used in divination and in shadow work. Both practices that align with the Mabon and Samhain seasons.

9. Citrine

Citrine is the Mabon crystal that aligns and opens our solar plexus. It keeps the sunlight going as we enter a period of darkness. It boosts energy, creativity, self esteem, and confidence. And it attracts prosperity and success during the Harvest season.

10. Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is a balancing stone when it comes to our mental health and helps relieves stress. It’s well known to be an energy absorber…absorbing negative energy in one’s space. Or, when worn, attached to one’s aura. In addition, to absorving negativity, this Mabon crystal wards off nightmares and psychic attack.

10 Mabon Herbs for Your Autumn Equinox Celebrations

Herbs have their own special energies that are powerful when incorporated into Mabon rituals, celebrations, and daily Autumn living. Here are our favorite Mabon herbs with notes on which ones are edible and which ones are poisonous/non-edible.

1. Sunflower

Sunflowers remind me of my childhood, specifically the Summer and Autumn seasons. They are a flower representing the harvest, and also a wonderful Mabon herb to use in your rituals, cooking, and more. Sunflower seeds ARE edible and make a tasty and healthy snack. The sunflower petals are potent when used in ritual baths to bring prosperity and joy. They also aid us in connecting with sun gods and goddesses and reaping the rewards of what we’ve sown over the Spring and Summer seasons.

2. Oak: Sacred Mabon Tree

The oak has been a sacred tree to many cultures for thousands of years. Particularly special to the Celtic people. Their priesthood, the Druids, are believed to have been named for the Oak tree. Druid relating closely to Dryad, a term for the elemental spirits of Oak trees. Around the Autumn Equinox, we begin to see the Oak trees shedding their beautiful leaves and dropping acorns. The leaves of the Oak can be used as Mabon decorations on the altar, on tabletops, and more. Add three oak leaves to the ritual bath at Mabon to induce wisdom and prosperity. Acorns can be added to your decor, spell bags, poppets, and more.

3. Pine as a Mabon Herb

One of my favorite Fall aromas is the scent of fallen, wet pine needles. And, one of our favorite Mabon activities, is gathering pinecones. Pinecones are an ubiquitous symbol of the Autumn season and are therefore a powerful tool to use in ritual and in your sacred space. We also enjoy burning pine needles to cleanse sacred space of negative, stagnant energy. Or adding them to a simmer pot on the stove.

4. Apple

Delicious, nutritious, and an Autumn symbol of the afterlife and the goddess, apples should be included in your Mabon meals and traditions. You don’t have to wait to bob for apples on Halloween…get your face in that tub on Mabon! In addition, apples can be added to simmer pots, baked into pies, added to pork dishes, cut in half horizontally and offered to the Goddess, and much more! I love apples on Mabon. They can also be used in beauty and vitality spells.

5. Pumpkin (Not JUST for Halloween!)

Pumpkins and gourds of all kinds make their appearance around the Autumn Equinox. Don’t overlook this Mabon herb…er…or fruit, rather. Pumpkins can be used in spells, baked into pies, the seeds eaten as snacks and to bring prosperity. Or paint symbols on pumpkins and set them by your doors to ward off evil.

6. Mugwort

First, mugwort contains a constituent called thujone, which is also present in Wormwood. Wormwood is the Mildly psychoactive ingredient in absinthe. WARNING: thujone is toxic in high amounts or over a prolonged period of time! Nursing or pregnant mamas should not take mugwort internally. Now, as a Mabon Herb, mugwort’s energy brings about prophetic dreams when drank as a tea. It’s helpful in spirit work at cemeteries and in paranormal investigations to both attract and ward spirits. Learn more here.

7. Rosemary

Oh, Rosemary. Elf leaf. Dew of the Sea. This beautiful herb probably makes it onto every one of my Sabbat herb lists. For one, it’s evergreen so it represents immortality and longevity throughout each season. And two, it’s incredibly versatile in magical and culinary endeavors. Rosemary cleanses, brings prosperity, aids in memory, promotes love, and connects us with the faery realm. You can burn it, add it to your stews and sauces, sprinkle it in the bathtub and around the house, or infuse into oil and massage your scalp. I love it SO much, I’ve even made an entire podcast episode on it! You can listen to it by joining the Burning HallOWS Patreon here.

8. Thyme

Where thyme grows, faery energy flows. Thyme is a wonderful Mabon herb and goes well with rosemary in kitchen witchery. It ensures good health and vitality when eaten and induces love and lust. It also promotes strength and endurance, two qualities we all need as Autumn rolls into the Winter season at Samhain. Great as an offering to deities like Aphrodite, Ra, and Venus.

9. Cinnamon: The Ultimate Mabon Herb

We use it all year long in my house, and especially in the Autumn and Winter seasons. CINNAMON. Who doesn’t love the aroma and flavor of this potent witchy herb? Wash your front door with a cinnamon infusion to ensure a bountiful Autumn season. Hang a bag of cinnamon sticks near the front door for protection and prosperity. Add it to mulled cider and wine for your Mabon feast. And so much more!

10. Mandrake (TOXIC!)

The mystical mandrake root has been used for centuries in magic for shapeshifting, flying/astral travel, and spirit work. All customs and traditions woven into the Autumn season for many witches. In Germany, the mandrake root is called the alraun and is considered a familiar spirit and guardian to old German family households. Learn more about it here. And do be careful when working with this toxic/deadly herb.

11. Vanilla as a Mabon Herb / Spice

While you might not think of Vanilla as an herb, so to speak, it does come from a bean and is a powerful ingredient for Autumn magical desserts and drinks! Vanilla is such a prominent scent and flavor, I’d venture to say most of the world can identify it within seconds of coming into contact with it. Add vanilla to your coffee, tea, and other rich drinks to invoke love, lust, and beauty this Autumn Equinox.

12. Star Anise for Warmth and Dreams this Mabon

I don’t know about you, but star anise is one of my favorite Mabon herbs. It screams Autumn to me, and I’m one of those witches that use it through the Autumn AND Winter seasons. Adding it to meals and rituals it brings clarity, psychic abilities, creativity, and more!

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