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8 REAL Mermaid Sightings from Israel, Africa and More

Mermaids are one of those mythical creatures that have haunted our imaginations for thousands of years. There are literally hundreds of mermaid legends spanning continents dating back centuries. Why are there so many stories of mermaids, if there isn’t some kind of truth behind the legend? Turns out, real mermaid sightings have happened in recent years from Israel to Africa to Canada! Perhaps they’re more than just mythical…

1. A Real Mermaid Sighting in Israel

  • What happened and when: In 2009 a huge hub-bub in Israel swept the nation; one could call it the “mermaid craze.”
  • What happened? On a small beach in Kiryat Yam, a real mermaid sighting took place, leaving the city and the entire country enthralled. For a period of several months, locals and tourists witnessed a real mermaid appear and then disappear into the ocean.
  • The sighting: The woman, or mermaid, had the tail of a fish and the upper body of a lady, was beautiful. She was at first mistaken to be a sunbathing tourist by a few local men. Then, as they drew closer to the woman on the beach, they noticed she had a tail. She then dove into the water and into the sunset, without resurfacing for air even once. They knew then that they had experienced a real mermaid sighting.
  • The craze: This is what began the mermaid craze in Israel. After that first real mermaid sighting, more individuals claimed to have seen this real mermaid. She only appeared at sunset and seemed to play tricks on eyewitnesses, never allowing them to get too close to her before splashing into the sea never to be seen again.
  • The aftermath: The town of Kiryat Yam saw a major increase in tourism after this mermaid craze. They even offered an award of one million dollars to the person who could catch the mermaid on film. Of course, no one ever did get that real mermaid sighting evidence that the town so longed for. But we can still hope.
Mermaids have been seen all over the world.
Mermaids have been spotted all over the world.

2. Mermaid Songs

A friend of mine told me a story of how her father heard mermaids singing from within the depths of the ocean. He and his mates were in submarines and would hear the seductive song of mermaids emanating from the ocean waves. Some men would even jump off the vessel while in a trance from the mermaids’ songs.

3. Antartica: The “Ningen”

There have been real mermaid sightings, or what the Japanese have called “ningen” sightings, in the waters off the coast of Antartica. These sea creatures appear to be very human-like, but are completely white and obviously live under the water just as other mermaids of legend.

Mermaids are seen in Medieval art often...I wonder why?
Mermaids were a popular motif in the Middle Ages

4. Mermaids in the Middle Ages

During the Middle Ages in the twelfth century, a merman was caught from the waters off the coast of Orfold Castle in Suffolk. The owners of the castle held the merman for about six months, but then escaped and returned to his home in the ocean. The stories say that this merman was quiet—he apparently never said a single word to his captors, and would only eat fish when provided with meals.

5. Real Mermaids in Dyfed

In Dyfed, twelve people watched a beautiful mermaid bathing in the water. She had the body of a beautiful human woman, but a black tail splashed from behind her. This real mermaid sighting occurred in July of 1826 and was talked about for years after the occurrence.

6. Mermaids in Zimbabwe

Mermaids were seen and heard in Zimbabwe in 2002 from men who were working on a reservoir. They were driven away by mermaids, and wouldn’t return to work again. A mermaid report was published in the papers and backed by the Minister Nkomo. Apparently, all of the workers were terrified to go back to work and so the resolution was to brew traditional beer and offer it to appease the mermaids. After they did this, they were able to return to work on the reservoir.

Mermaids near Greece were Sirens.

7. Canadian Mermaid Sightings

In British Columbia, Canada, a real mermaid sighting occurred in 1967 when people saw a woman with the tail of a dolphin. She had beautiful blonde hair and was spotted eating salmon. Some tourists on the ferry actually saw this mermaid in Active Pass near Victoria. The town went nuts for the mermaid, but she has not been seen since.

8. Mer-child Sighting on the Isle of Man

One intriguing story, written and published in the British Press in 1810, tells of mer-children found on the Isle of Man. Apparently, a fisherman thought he heard a dying bird and went toward the noise. There he found one dead mer-child and another that had been injured in a recent storm. He took the injured mer-child home and nursed it back to health. The mer-children were under two feet in length, had the torso of a normal child and the tail of a fish. Also, their hair was like seaweed, stringy and green. The mer-child ate mussels provided by the man and sometimes drank milk.

What Do YOU Think? Do Mermaids Exist?

Most modern people will deny the possibility of the existence of mermaids. But our ancient and Medieval ancestors might disagree. I believe there’s too many legends and sightings worldwide to definitively say there are no mermaids or mer-beings. Maybe they existed once and their numbers are dwindling now with overfishing and too many ships on the oceans. Maybe they exist but are in hiding. While it seems far-fetched, I don’t believe we can attribute these sightings to mere mix-ups. You and I would both know the difference between a seal and a mer-child if we caught one in our nets and took it home, don’t you think?

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