Barefoot in a Dream: What Does It Mean?

Barefoot in a Dream: What Does It Mean to Have Naked Feet?

You and I both know that dreams can be random or they can have deep meaning. Dreams take us to faraway places, allow us to visit ancestors and angels, and teach us important lessons. It’s just about interpreting the dream correctly for yourself. Remember, the meaning of a dream to your friend might be completely different than the meaning to you. In this article, we take a look at being barefoot in a dream, in different settings and situations, could mean to you.

Before You Interpret Your Barefoot Dream…

Do yourself a favor and write down everything you remember from this barefoot dream. Anything at all. How you felt in the dream. How you felt when you woke up. The circumstances of the dream. Where were you? What were you walking on? Were your feet your own or seemingly someone else’s? All of these details will come in handy when interpreting the meaning of being barefoot in a dream.

Dreams With Feet – Are They Significant?

In most of our dreams, we aren’t looking at ourselves. We’re experiencing the dreamscape all around us. Is it a familiar place? Somewhere completely fantastical? Out of this world even? Maybe we have a friend or family member with us in the dream that keeps us company. Maybe we are running from an enemy or unseen monster. But most dreams aren’t focused on our own bodies but the bodies and situations around us.

So, it should be said, when we have dreams in which we notice our bodies in some way, these dreams are particularly significant. And teach us special lessons to take into our waking lives. Therefore, when you’re barefoot in a dream, your subconscious mind and the universe are trying to bring something crucial to your attention.

Foot Symbolism: Journeys, Sexuality, and Respect

Before we break down all of the barefooted dreams, let’s talk about the importance of symbolism. Particularly, what our feet represent. First, the foot represents our ability to transport ourselves from place to place. It is its first function and the most important of all. Second, according to ancient mythology, the foot as a symbol represents respect and humility. Which is why certain ancient cultures washed their honored guests’ feet. There’s evidence of this practice in the Bible. Lastly, feet symbolize fertility, sexuality, and eroticism. This belief may explain those folks with a foot or shoe fetish.

When You’re Barefoot in a Dream…The Basics

Now that we understand what feet represent overall, let’s figure out what it means to be barefoot in a dream on a base level:

  • If you’re feet are on the ground and you feel safe, this barefoot dream means you’re grounded in reality
  • Walking with bare feet in a dream may indicate a journey you are currently on OR one you will soon take
  • Running barefoot accompanied by a feeling of fear or anxiety means you are running from something in real life – be it your relationships, job, or a major decision
  • If your bare feet are floating or jumping…this dream brings messages of joyfulness and whimsy
  • Bare feet that look like someone else’s indicate you don’t feel like yourself lately or you’re envious of another’s stance in life (the idea of “walking in someone else’s shoes”)

The Condition of Your Bare Feet May Change the Meaning of the Dream…

Depending on how your feet look will change the potential meaning of your dream. For instance, if you have clean, manicured feet, you are confident and at peace in real life. However, if your feet are dirty, muddy or injured in the dream, the universe is telling you your life decisions need to change. Broken toes or bleeding feet means you are on the WRONG path in life and need to find another, safer way! And if you have amputated foot or toe? Consider the areas of your life in which you’ve been “cut off” from. How can you move forward?

Feet in the sand indicates you’re relaxed and mentally calm.

What About the Ground Under Your Feet?

We think the ground and surroundings in your dream play a big part as to what the overall meaning is. So, if you can recall the ground and place you were walking, consider the options below.

1. A Dirt Road

I’ve had many dreams in which I’m walking down a dirt road. Sometimes I’m bare foot. Expectedly, it doesn’t hurt having the gravel beneath my feet. The idea behind this dream is to either show you’re comfortability on a new, unpaved path in your life OR if you are uncomfortable in the dream…it means the opposite. That you’ve started down a new path, are unsure and wary.

2. Paved Road or Sidewalk

In your barefoot dream are you walking down a paved road or sidewalk? If you feel safe and happy or curious, this is a big indication you are grounded in reality. And you’re on the right path in your career and life purpose. It might hurt in real life, but in dreams, bare feet typically indicates your comfort level is high in this circumstance.

3. Walking on or through water

Well, aren’t you just a regular old child of god…walking on water with your barefeet? Kidding, of course! But if you find you’re barefoot in a dream and walking on water, you are feeling EXTRA confident and trusting in someone new in your life. Or in a new situation. Maybe you started a new job or just made a new friend. If you have a new lover, this means you can trust them.

When you’re wading through water with bare feet, this depends on your feelings in the dream. If you feel light and free, you’re happy and relaxed with your current decisions. But a feeling of not being able to walk or run fast, you’re feeling held back.

4. Grass

Being barefoot on the grass frequently means you want something you don’t have. Perhaps you’ve made goals to achieve that something – be it a big house, stable career, spouse or degree. But you haven’t quite met that goal yet. The concept here is “the grass is always greener”. Remember to be grateful for your current life, too.

5. On a Bridge With Bare Feet

If you find yourself walking over a bridge with bare feet, this dream means you are currently in a transition in real life. You’re moving between two things – perhaps you’re changing jobs, ending a relationship, or even moving homes. Because most bridges are over water, the water brings in an element of emotions. If you feel calm in the dream, you are calm in real life. If you feel rushed or fearful, your emotions might be in turmoil during this transitional time.

6. Barefoot At Your Job

Being barefoot at your job in a dream seems a lot better than being naked, yes? Any kind of nudity while at the workplace in a dream typically means you feel exposed or you’re fearful of being exposed to your boss or colleagues. If the dream feels positive, you are confident in your ability to do your job. If you feel embarrassed or unprepared, then maybe you’re feeling unprepared or not up to the task.

7. At School

If you’re barefoot in a dream and at your current school, your mind is reminding you to remain grounded in your studies and focus. If you don’t currently go to school, and your bare feet take you back to your old childhood school, you’re getting ready to learn a big life lesson. As we all know, lessons are also journeys. We learn more about ourselves through life lessons than any other means.

8. Walking Barefoot on the Beach Dream

Most of my beach dreams are happy ones. If you’re walking barefoot at the beach in your dream, you likely are feeling relaxed and confident in real life. Perhaps your dreams are even telling you you need a trip to the beach to relax and reconnect.

9. On the Railroad Tracks

Barefoot on a railroad track dreams mean you’re in desperate need of a change in your current situation. If you hear the train in the distance, it means you are in danger in real life. It’s a warning sign, typically. Walking on a train track without a noise could mean you’re aching for an adventure in real life. Maybe you need to shake things up – get out of the house, explore your town, woods, etc. SAFELY, of course! And we don’t recommend walking on ANY railroad tracks!

Erotic feet dreams don’t necessarily mean you want to have sex with that individual.

Sexual or Erotic Dreams With Bare Feet

Because the foot is a worldwide symbol of creativity and yes, sexuality, there may be some of you who have erotic or sexual dreams with your bare feet. Or the feet of others’. There’s nothing to be ashamed of, first of all. Secondly, having an erotic dream doesn’t always mean you feel sexually attracted to that situation or person in real life. Sex in a dream can mean MULTIPLE things that most people forget or don’t understand.

So let’s go over the sex dream meanings first:

  • First, remove any negative feelings about your dream and preconceived notions about sex
  • Next, realize sex with someone or a particular sexual situation mostly means something else entirely
  • Sex in a dream typically indicates the need for connection on a deep level – not necessarily physical but emotional, mental and spiritual

Next, What if I my bare feet are part of a sexual act in my dream?

First, consider the exact surroundings and plot points of your dream. Was it with someone you would never have sexual relations with in real life? Is the person massaging your feet or licking your feet? Taking the sexuality out of it, this dream could mean you have a need to create something with that person. If it’s a co-worker, this is a message to reach out to the person and interface on work issues. Resolve problems and create new solutions.

Are you massaging someone’s feet that might be in your immediate family? Is it sexual in nature? Don’t feel guilty, first of all. It likely has nothing to do with sexual attraction to that person or vice versa. This dream means you are longing OR need to reconnect with that person on a deeper level. Allowing someone to massage your feet or massaging someone else’s shows great trust in a dream. Open yourself up to that person on a mental and emotional level and watch the relationship re-flourish.

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What if My Barefoot Dream Includes Shoes?

Again, this all depends on the circumstances in your specific dream. If you’re taking your shoes off and walking on grass, you feel comfortable with a decision to seek happiness or success in your life. If your feet are bare and you feel embarrassed, and put shoes on in your dream, you’re likely feeling that way about a situation in real life. Or feeling like you have something to hide from others.

If you have shoes ON in your dream and decide to take them off, this indicates a level of comfort, peace, and possibly success. It shows that you are comfortable wherever you are in life. Now, if your shoes are robbed from you, this is an entirely different meaning. It means you feel you are stuck somewhere, in a job or relationship, and someone is making it difficult for you to “travel” forward.

Also consider what type of shoes and the condition the shoes are in.

  • Are your shoes dirty or muddy? If so, you’re feeling like you’re on the wrong path but plan to keep trudging along anyway
  • Do the shoes fit? If they’re too big or too small, this indicates you feel out of place in your life
  • Are they sneakers or heels/dress shoes? Sandals? Sneakers mean you’re ready to run a marathon in your real life (symbolically speaking), while heels and dress shoes mean you’re capable of great things. Sandals bring a feeling of relaxation and rest.
  • Are they someone else’s shoes? You don’t feel like you are yourself lately. Maybe you even have imposter syndrome.

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