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Lotus Flower Meaning, Symbolism and Spiritual Significance in Your Life

If I could whisk you back to a time when all of the flowers in the world meant something spiritually significant, I would. But, luckily, I don’t have to. Because we can rebuild that world! If you’re looking to find the lotus flower meaning, we introduce you here. The lotus is a beautiful blossom that emerges from the muddy depths of ponds, lakes, and bodies of water almost worldwide. It’s been known to ancient cultures for centuries for its spiritual symbolism and medicinal qualities. And today, you’ll learn its significance to your spirituality and life.

First, What is the Lotus Flower?

Nelumbo nucifera, also known as the Lotus Flower, is a water-dwelling plant in the Nelumbonaceae family. They are often mistaken for water lilies (including the “Blue Lotus” which is actually in the water lily family). The Lotus Flower is also referred to as the Sacred Lotus, Baino and Indian Lotus. It grows everywhere from Northern China and parts of Southern Russia to India, Vietnam, and even in Australia.

The way in which the lotus grows is rather remarkable, including the seed preservation and germination process. The seeds are typically deposited on the bottom of a riverbed, pond or lake, laying dormant for up to 1500 years. Then, when conditions are right, they take root in the bottom of the waterbed and bloom at the surface. And check this out, scientists have found the lotus flower has the innate ability of regulating its body temperature like human beings do! Interestingly, the seeds germinate in cooler water temperatures but the plant itself requires a warmer temperature to survive and thrive.

The Lotus Flower Meaning in Asia and Egypt

The Lotus has been revered for centuries in Asian, Middle Eastern, and Egyptian traditions. In China, it represents longevity. This is no doubt due to its seeds ability to lie dormant in the mud then unbelievably spring to life after thousands of years. This is likely the same attribute that earned the lotus flower it’s sanctity in Hinduism, Buddhism, as well as in Ancient Egypt. The dormancy of the seeds giving way to life from the muddy abyss, then blossoming into something majestic like the lotus flower was linked to the death and rebirth process in many cultures. And therefore to reincarnation.

In Hinduism, the beloved goddess Lakshmi is often depicted as sitting in or rising from a pink lotus flower. Lakshmi is a fertility goddess, and so the inseparable link between her and the lotus flower makes perfect sense. The Lotus Flower is seen in Hinduism as the symbol of creation – how life is rooted in the primordial waters. In addition, Lakshmi’s lotus represents purity and divinity.

In Ancient Egypt, the blue lotus flower was actually the water lily, not the same species as the Nelumbo nucifera. But for the sake of symbolism, we will include it here since they’re often regarded as the same. To the Ancient Egyptians, the lotus flower meant eternal life and was used as an offering to the gods. This symbol is commonly seen etched into temple walls and tombs, and the Egyptians were also known to use the lotus medicinally for pain relief.

Wear the Lotus Symbol to Harness its Energy

Just like the lotus, we too have the ability to rise from the mud, bloom out of the darkness and radiate into the world.” ~ Unknown

What is the Lotus Flower Meaning Today?

Rebirth and Renewal
Spiritual Growth
Longevity and Health

A Time to Meditate, A Time for Peace

In modern magical traditions, the Lotus Flower carries properties of protection and is known to open locks, according to the late author Scott Cunningham. He also says the scent of the lotus flower can be breathed in to receive its protective powers. This special flower bridges the gap between the water and earth elements – keeping us grounded in times of great emotional turmoil. If you’re seeing the lotus flower everywhere lately, it’s a sign you’re getting ready to go through a big transformation. You’ve been feeling down in the dumps lately or you have reached rock bottom. Just like the seed and seedling of the lotus, it’s time to rise from the depths and bloom in the open air.

How to Weave the Lotus Flower In Your Spiritual Practice

Your spirituality is unique to you. So if the lotus flower is a symbol that keeps making its way into your day, the way in which you choose to acknowledge its presence is up to you. But one thing is for sure – if you choose to work with the lotus flower spiritually, there are many benefits.

1. Visit a Garden With Lotus Flowers

While you might not be able to grow the lotus flower in your backyard, you may be able to see one growing in a local garden. Check your local area for botanical gardens, particularly gardens with ponds or with an Asian or Indian theme. You’ll be more likely to see the Lotus Flower in its natural habitat in warmer places growing in ponds and lakes.

2. Surround Yourself With The Symbol

Even if you can’t see a Lotus Flower in its natural habitat, you can surround yourself with the symbol. Draw it, paint it, or print out a picture and tape it to your mirror. This way, you see the symbol every morning when you wake up and right before you go to bed every night. You can also wear the lotus flower symbol to absorb its message and vibrations throughout your day.

3. Learn the Lotus Flower Lessons

The Lotus Flower meaning teaches us important lessons in life and specifically in spiritual growth. If you take anything away from this article, let it be this: learn the lotus flower’s lessons above anything else. This symbol has come to your attention for a reason: the Universe wants you to focus on yourself and your spiritual growth at this time.

4. Meditate In Lotus Position

As the Lotus Flower has had meaning to the people of India for thousands of years, it has also been a part of the practice of Yoga. The Lotus position, or Padmasana, is one that is used in various spiritual traditions for meditative purposes. You can practice this pose during your Yoga practice OR during meditation to harness the meaning of the Lotus Flower.

5. Study the Medicinal Qualities

People have used the lotus flower as a natural medicine for centuries, including by Chinese doctors and Ayurvedic herbalists. First, we should mention the lotus flower seeds of the Nelumba are edible. Providing nutrition and nourishment to those in need. Second, the lotus flower has multiple medicinal and health benefits. It’s used to reduce inflammation and pain. To promote relaxation. And has also been used to decrease blood sugar and encourage weight loss. Lotus flower’s effects have also been studied in regard to healing and protecting the circulatory system. NOTE: consult a qualified health professional before starting any herbal regimen or remedy. Lotus flower may interact with other medications and herbs.

6. Drink It As A Tea

If you’d like to benefit from the lotus flower, either as a medicine or as a nutrient, drink it as a tea. Purchase premade herbal teas with lotus flower online or in Chinese grocery stores. OR purchase it online. I particularly enjoy drinking lotus flower tea before meditation and before bed to soothe my nerves.

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