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Weight Loss Spells: 3 FULL Tutorials With the Unfiltered Truth

I’m not going to lie to you. I have struggled with my self image since I’ve been a little girl. Even before the internet was a widespread daily thing, we had magazines, movies, TV shows and the like. We had Miss America pageants and models on music videos giving us the idea that being thin was what everyone had to be. So it’s take me my whole life (I’m 36) to truly release myself from those unreasonable self-expectations and embrace being whole and healthy. Instead of model thin.

Maybe you’re needing to lose weight for health reasons. Or maybe you’re just tired of feeling unhealthy. Whatever your reason, you’ve come here looking for a weight loss spell. We will provide you with 3 full tutorials, but just be ready to face the hard-knock truth too (with love, of course).

Weight Loss Spell #1: Goddess Affirmation

First of all, if you believe you can do a weight loss spell and immediately shed the pounds, you’re mistaken. I’m sorry to break it to you, but magick doesn’t melt fat nor does it bring you a job without putting the work in first. Now, if you’re making lifestyle changes and need an extra helping hand, weight loss spells will ABSOLUTELY help. This spell combines lifestyle changes WITH personal goddess affirmations that I’ve used on my fitness journey. And it works when used in combination.

So here we go…here’s your preliminary steps:

  1. First change your eating habits. Cut out the processed foods, cut down on the unhealthy fats and complex carbs. Eat more natural foods more often.
  2. Drink more water. I hear time and time again that people don’t like the taste of water and therefore won’t drink it. You won’t lose weight without drinking water (at least half of your weight in ounces of water, daily. So if you’re 140 pounds, you need to drink a minimum of 70 ounces of water every day).
  3. Get active. This means exercising, yes, at least 30 minute work-outs 3 times a week. Though 4 is even better. Do what your body can handle, of course. In addition, stay active during the day. If your job requires you to sit down, stand up at a counter and do your work. Go for 5 to 10 minute walks around the office building. If you’re a homemaker, get up and move every hour for at least a few minutes.
  4. Get sleep. If you’re not getting the right amount of sleep at night, you won’t be able to lose weight. Studies show that little amounts of sleep = stubborn weight.

Now to the Weight Loss Spell Affirmations:

5. Every morning, before your work-out or you start your day, look in a full-length mirror. Really look at yourself. And see yourself for the divine being you truly are. “Flaws” and all.

6. Now say, “I am beautiful. I am loved. And healthy. I am strong. I am a Goddess.”

7. Repeat these affirmations at least 3 times, on up to 13 times, until it becomes a chant. Your chanting, each word, raises energy and sends your intentions and self-love into the universe.

*This is an effective, simple weight loss spell because if you continue to do this daily, you’ll notice you SEE yourself differently in the mirror. You’ll start BELIEVING you are beautiful and have the goddess living inside of you. Before you know it, the weight will start coming off…but you won’t even care because you already believe and see your own beauty and strength.*

REMEMBER! It’s not your weight that defines you. It’s whether you are HEALTHY, and how you feel about yourself. How you treat yourself. Even if you’re overweight by society’s strict standards, if you are strong and healthy and project that image to the world, that’s what matters. The world doesn’t need more models. It needs strong women, shield maidens and warrior mothers. Immovable matriarchs and supportive, healthy friends.

Weight Loss Spell #2: Drop-the-weight Dolly

Doll magic has been used for thousands of years as a form of sympathetic magic. This means whatever happens to the doll will happen to the intended target. In this weight loss spell, that intended target is you. You have a choice here: you can make your own doll (which makes this spell that much more powerful) or purchase one (or use a doll you have on-hand). In addition, you’ll need clothing (handmade or bought) for the doll: 4 sets of clothing. One set being too big for the doll, and each subsequent set of clothing decreasing in size. If you opted for a cloth doll, you can also use a ribbon to cinch the waste instead of clothing (optional).

Drop-the-Weight Dolly Instructions:

  1. Once you have your doll for the spell, you’re going to bind it to yourself using a personal effect. This means taking a bit of your hair (from a brush is fine), nail clippings, etc. and stuffing it inside of the doll or attaching it in some way.
  2. As you’re binding yourself to this weight loss spell doll, visualize and/or chant your intentions for this spell. It’s the visualization/chanting that raises energy to push your intentions into the universe.
  3. Dress the doll, as you would dress yourself, in the largest set of clothing. At this point in the spell, DO NOT think or talk negatively about yourself or over the doll. Only positive thoughts: I am healthy. I am losing weight. I am beautiful. Etc. If you catch yourself with negative thoughts, simple recognize them for what they are and let them go.
  4. After a week, it’s time to change the doll’s clothing into the next larger set of clothes. Tell the doll she’s losing weight, and visualize yourself losing weight along with her. Congratulate her and yourself for the efforts.
  5. Repeat number 4 for the next 2 weeks, dropping the doll’s clothing sizes 2 more times (or if you opted for a cloth doll with a ribbon, you’re slowly tighten the ribbon around the doll’s waste as to give the illusion her waste is getting smaller…just like yours!)
  6. On week 4, you’re going to dress the doll in the smallest set of clothing. At this point, I recommend dressing yourself in a small size set of clothing and see that it fits!
  7. Once the weight loss spell has manifested, and you’ve lost some weight, you can continue to use this doll magic method to lose more weight (if need be), or bury it in the east of your property.

PLEASE NOTE: none of these weight loss spells will work without putting in a physical effort, along with the spiritual. As above (spiritual), so below (physical). If you’re doing weight loss spells but still eating junk food daily and sitting around all day long, you won’t likely see much weight come off. You have to put in the work and manifest with balance in both worlds.

Weight Loss Spell #3: Burning Release Ritual

I’ve found one of the most powerful forms of magic is a simple burning ritual. Just as weight has to be “burned off”, so too can we use actual fire to burn away our unhealthy self esteem. If our self esteem is good, we’re more likely to lose the weight and keep it off. We are more likely to love ourselves and treat ourselves with kindness by staying active, eating healthy, and drinking lots of water.

What You’ll Need:

  • A firepit, fireplace, or fire-proof bowl with fire source
  • A picture of yourself (one that particularly makes you feel unconfident, unhealthy, etc.)
  • A sharpie marker

What to Do:

  1. Use your sharpie marker and write over your picture all of the things that you feel about yourself that are bad or unhealthy (I’m fat, ugly, unloved, etc.) You’re essentially taking this time to pour all of that negativity into the marker and then onto your picture.
  2. Now breathe and imagine all of the negativity, all of the hurtful comments people have made about you, all of those times you felt less than. Take those thoughts and hurt feelings and channel them into your picture.
  3. Breathe again and safely throw the picture into the fire. Now allow the fire to burn away all of your low self esteem. All of your negative thoughts about yourself. And all of the self doubt you have when it comes to your looks and your health.
  4. The fire is burning all of that negativity away and forging a path for you to move forward in life. Your path is being purified by the fire and cleared so that you can seek a life of wellbeing and self confidence.
  5. The Old You is GONE. The new you is being born. This is the start to your new life. One in which you WILL lose the weight and keep it off. And be healthy – body, mind and soul.

A Note on Diet, Weight Loss, and Societal Expectations

If you find yourself really struggling to lose weight or to keep up with expectations of those around you, it’s time to reevaluate why you feel you need to lose weight to begin with. This should be something you do for you. Not for anyone else. I think our society tends to focus on beauty and youth and often the wrong things. We should be more focused on health an wellbeing, not what the scale says. If you find that you’re doing everything right – eating a balanced diet, drinking water, sleeping well, exercising regularly, and you’re still not losing weight. Consider that you might also be getting to an age where your metabolism slows, not to mention the genetically modified foods in the United States has an effect on how and when we lose weight. Don’t be so hard on yourself! You are beautiful!

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