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Full Snow Moon Meaning in February, Energy Report, and Rituals

In February, the majority of us in the Northern Hemisphere are in the middle of Winter. On February 1st, some of us celebrate Imbolc and in our celebrations we look forward to the Spring Equinox next month. In addition to the energy of Imbolc and the (hopeful) early signs of Spring, we also experience energy shifts and transformations on the Full Snow Moon. Learn the Snow Moon meaning here, plus how it will affect you and what rituals and spells are appropriate and powerful on this esbat.

The Full Snow Moon Meaning: Its Name and Origin

The Full Snow Moon meaning is simple. It’s exactly what its name suggests – a Full Moon that rises in the middle of Winter, often shining down on a snowy landscape. In February of 2024, it will rise on the 24th. February is typically quite cold for many folks in the Northern Hemisphere. The earth is in a deep sleep, the trees, plants, and animals in hibernation. Imbolc, a sacred Celtic sabbat, has passed by on February 1st. And while some of us celebrate Valentine’s Day in February, many of us look forward to the Spring holidays like Ostara and Easter. February, at least to me, feels liminal still.

The name for the Snow Moon comes from an old system of naming moons according to the climate, wildlife happenings, and agriculture. For Native Americans, many went by a lunar calendar, and so naming each moon was helpful in knowing the time of year. February was often bleak and still brought blizzards in North America, so a Snow Moon in February could be quite literal in past centuries. Interestingly, many tribes in North America called it the Snow Moon, while others called it the Hunger Moon or Storm Moon. You can guess what each of these refers to.

Energy Report: The Snow Moon Meaning Spiritually

If you live a seasonal lifestyle or live by the Wheel of the Year, you might feel the Full Snow Moon meaning deeply. If you are a magical individual, or just a human in general, this full moon will likely effect you either spiritually or emotionally. Sometimes both.

I don’t know about you, but as soon as there’s a Full Moon rising in my community, I can tell immediately. All I need to do is leave my neighborhood to see its effects. On a Full Snow Moon, the energy is often strange. Some folks can’t handle the energy shift and lose their cool…either on the road or out in public. Some folks are even dealing with seasonal depression, of which is compounded and sort of brought to the surface during a Full Snow Moon. Not to mention, during this time in the United States, most of us (magical and non-magical) are thinking about tax season and other mundane “housekeeping” tasks at this time.

You’ll also want to consider what sign the Full Snow Moon is in when it rises. What sign the moon is in has a lot to do with how it affects us, both witches and non-magical folk. For instance, if you’re an earth sign like Capricorn or Taurus, you might find Full Moons in earth signs don’t affect you as harshly as others. Or you might feel energized by a Full Moon in Taurus, conversely. For me, as a fire sign (Sag), I feel the effects of the Full Moon in water signs the hardest. These affect my emotions the most. I typically do well with Full Moons in fire signs like Sag, Leo, and Aries, though.

Here’s what to expect on the Full Snow Moon if You’re a Witch…

Once again, I think you can expect that the folks around you might act erratically. The Full Snow Moon meaning tends to affect people in similar ways that aren’t aware of the moon phase or living in tune with nature. So there may be more emotions running high, unfortunate accidents, and things of that nature. Bumping up your protective wards while driving on the road, especially if there are icy conditions, is a boon on the Full Snow Moon. I like to simply pray to my guides and guardians to protect my vehicle while out and about.

Magically speaking, the Full Snow Moon is a great time to manifest energy in alignment with the season and with the snow. Including peace, stillness, inner reflection, shadow work, purification, and healing. Ritual baths, home-cleansings, and crafting tea for specific purposes ae common witchcraft practices on the Snow Moon. If you have snow outside, don’t forget to include a bit of it in your spells and activities. Even if its simply adding a tablespoon to your ritual cleansing bath or to your mop water. It will instill a sense of peace in the household. And try to avoid being on the roads unnecessarily for safety purposes.

One of my favorite things to do on a Full Snow Moon is self care. Whatever that means to you. But remember, witches are beings of energy…we are receiving and giving of ourselves all of the time. To our family members, to our animals, to our spirits, to the environment, to our coven-mates and friends, and to the world around us. So regeneration is as important to us as anyone. Regeneration is simply the concept of replenishing our energy. Re-charging ourselves like we recharge our tools and crystals. So if you’re feeling particularly depleted, tired, or stressed, time to engage in witchy self care.

Full Snow Moon Spiritual and Magical Correspondences

I mention this in most of my Moon posts, but I want to remind you that I am providing full snow moon magical correspondences based on verified tradition, as well as personal experience and tradition. Some are specifically aligned to the Moon, while others are invoking the energy of Imbolc and the Winter season. Take what you want and leave the rest.

AngelicaBrigid’s DollIce & Snow ScryingSnowflake ObsidianWhite
BlackberryBrigid’s CrossMirror ScryingSeleniteLight Blue
MyrrhCandlesFlame & Smoke ScryingMoonstonePurple
WheatMirrorDream SignsAmethystYellow

Magical Themes and Energies on the Full Snow Moon

There are certain magical themes to focus on during the Full Snow Moon in February. Certain energies at play, particularly for witches and magical practitioners. Here they are:

  • Purification: clearing out the old to make way for the new come Spring
  • Fire and Water: we have snow on the ground (water) and honor Brigid with her eternal flame (fire) at Imbolc
  • Peace and Rest: Winter is a season for going within ourselves, finding peace and resting so that we are renewed for Spring and a new year
  • Protection: the Full Snow Moon is a great time to focus on cleansing, refreshing your wards, and charging/re-charging your amulets so they’re good to go for the new year
  • Dream and shadow work: dreams are prominent during this time, since we are more quiet in body and mind and receptive to the Otherworld. Shadow work is a good thing to concentrate on during the cold months
  • Healing: in the quiet of the Full Snow Moon, concentrate on healing yourself body, heart, and mind. Now is the time for self care and self love

A Snow Moon Bath Ritual for Purification and to Shake Off the Winter Blues

Consider a ritual bath for the Full Snow Moon for a few reasons: one, because it’s typically cold outside and a warm bath just feels amazing. And two, because a major theme at this Full Moon is water and purification. It just seems a natural fit.

What You’ll Need:

  • Quiet time in the bathroom
  • Gentle music
  • Candlelight or dim lights
  • Small bag/sachet
  • A pinch of rosemary and a pinch of majoram
  • A pinch of salt

What To Do:

  1. Gather your supplies. Prepare the bathroom for ritual. Cleanse the space if you feel it necessary. Turn on some music and low lighting.
  2. Draw a hot bath and add a pinch of salt and say, “salt of my blood, salt of the sea. Cleanse me of impurities.”
  3. Next add your rosemary and marjoram to your small bag/sachet and say, “rosemary, dew of the sea. Bring me strength and vitality. Marjoram, sweet herb, cleanse me of the Winter time blues. Bring me health and joy.”
  4. Bathe and relax. Know that the water, salt, and herbs are clearing you of the past Winter’s funk.
  5. Emerge from the bath when you feel it is time. And feel refreshed and renewed.

Tea Crafting Ritual for Healing at the Full Snow Moon

The snow moon meaning manifests within the things we do. Within the magic we cast. Even in something as small as crafting a special healing tea. If you have a couple teabags or a stash of herbs, you have everything you need to craft an herbal tea for health this Full Moon.

What You’ll Need:

  • A base for your tea: this can be black, green, or red tea leaves or some other type of herb like chamomile or mint
  • A complimentary herb: something like chamomile, mint, rosemary, cinnamon, lemon, orange, lavender, elderflower, lemon balm, hibiscus, rose, etc.
  • Hot water
  • Teaball or diffuser of some kind
  • 2 teacups or mugs

What to Do:

  1. Put a small amount of your base tea leaves in a mortar and bless them, “oh spirit of these tea leaves, as I partake of your essence, I ask that you bless me with healing this Snow Moon eve.”
  2. Next add your complimentary herb(s) and bless them, “oh spirit of _______ herb, I ask that you allow me to partake of your energy and love, and ask blessings from above.”
  3. Now slowly mix your herbs and tea leaves together using a spoon or pestle. All the while concentrating on your original intention for this tea – healing in whatever way that means to you.
  4. Add the tea blend to your tea diffuser or tea ball and add hot water.
  5. Let steep, then drink when it is ready. And, of course, offer a cup of hot tea to your guides/spirits.

Other Rituals and Magical Activities for the Snow Moon

We don’t all have time for elaborate rituals every Full Moon. In fact, I’m not a big ritual person myself, I prefer small everyday magick over elaborate ceremony. That being said, here are a few other options for magical activities, rituals, and spells to cast on the Snow Moon:

  • Write in your journal or grimoire / Book of Shadows
  • Engage in shadow work through journaling or meditation
  • Drink a cup of hot tea and read a witchy book (fiction or nonfiction)
  • Smoke-cleanse your sacred space and/or self
  • Refresh your home wards for protection
  • Light a candle and say a prayer or invocation
  • Refresh the offerings on your ancestor altar
  • Re-read your dream journal entries and note any patterns that emerge
  • Begin planning your Ostara rituals, feasts, and magical workings
  • If there’s snow outside, collect some snow and cast snow magick
  • Watch a witchy movie or documentary, snuggle with your furry friend, and enjoy some R&R
  • Make some snow moon water or charge your crystals in the moonlight
Full Snow Moon Energy Report, Meaning, Magick

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