Ear Ringing Omen, Itching Palms, and Sneezing Superstitions

Ear Ringing Omens, Palms Itching, and Nose Sneezing Meaning

If you’re here reading this, you’re wondering what it means when you hear buzzing or ringing in your ears. There are a couple reasons for this, one being a physical condition and the other being spiritual. If you are unsure as to whether the ringing in your ears is due to a physical condition like tinnitis, please seek a healthcare provider’s advice. Here we focus on the spiritual aspect of the ear ringing omen, as well as buzzing or whistling in both the left and right ears. We also discover the meaning to itching palms, and the meaning of an itchy nose and superstitions around sneezing.

First, What the Ears Represent in the Spiritual

We have the ability to hear words spoken, songs sung, and sounds in our environment. Ears allow us to receive information, process that information, then make an informed decision on how to act next. They allow us to communicate AND to protect ourselves by being aware of what’s around us. Ears and the ability to hear are a crucial component to our survival.

What exists in the physical also exists in the spiritual. Our bodies, particularly our ears in this case, serve as either a barrier or a mode of communication between here and there. When we are in alignment with our higher selves and the Universe, our ears are open to messages from Spirit. Which means, we can receive communication from our ancestors, spirit guides, and angels. Our ears are shaped like funnels – a wide receiving end that tapers into the thinner processing end. Ears are literally tunnels from the physical to the mental.

If ears weren’t spiritually important, our ancient ancestors would never have worn earrings. Earrings, believe it or not, weren’t invented just for decorative purposes. They aren’t just simple accessories. Earrings were worn as amulets and talismans to protect the wearer. Depending on the material used, iron, gold, etc, it provided differing levels of protection. And the earrings themselves were thought to be wards or shields from spirits speaking to the person OR potentially trying to enter the person’s body through the ears. In addition, earrings were worn to represent the individual’s status in a tribe or nation and to show wealth.

8 Spiritual Reasons for the Ear Ringing Omen

Our spirit guides send us messages via signs and omens. One particularly powerful and common one is the ear ringing omen. Here are some potential reasons why you’re experiencing ringing or buzzing in the left, right, or both ears.

1. Your Angel Sends You the Ear Ringing Omen

It’s a well-known idea in the spiritual community that when we hear ringing in our ears, and it’s not a physical condition, that it’s your angel communicating with you. When this ringing happens, to me it sounds more like a high-pitched whistle or horn blaring. It’s not typically alarming, but it will definitely get your attention. I’ve also noticed that when I’m receicing the ear ringing omen, my angel has already tried sending me other signs in my environment. Things like recurrent angel numbers that I’ve been ignoring. The ear ringing omen is a more obvious sign. One that most of us can’t ignore. The key is to pay attention to the situation that’s occurring the moment your ear starts ringing. And what thoughts you are having.

2. Ringing in the Left Ear Means Positive Outcomes

If you notice you’re receiving the ear ringing omen in the left ear, this is attributed to positive messages and positive outcomes. The left side of the body, and therefore the left ear, is frequently considered the “receiving” side of the body. However, it truly depends on the person. For example, if you’re left-handed dominant, then your right side is likely your receiving side. As an example of a real world experience, if you’re headed to a job interview and you think to yourself, “I’ve got this. I’ve worked hard to get this interview and I’m going to land the job.” Then your left ear starts that familiar ringing sound? It’s your angels and guides telling you, YES you will get the job. Trust in yourself and your guides.

3. Some Say the Left Ear Ringing is a Warning

Conversely, some spiritual sources claim when the ringing is in the left ear that it’s a negative sign. A warning that you might be in danger or are making a poor decision. Once again, this is always a possibility, but it comes down to the individual. And what you are experiencing in the moment. Pay attention to your surroundings and your own thoughts to determine what your guide is trying to tell you through the ear ringing sign. If you’re heading into a dangerous situation, or your intuition is telling you to go the opposite way, then it is possible the ear ringing omen is a warning. Trust what your body and guides are telling you.

4. Right Ear Ringing = Good Fortune

If the left ear warns us of danger or misfortune, than the right ear must be a positive sign of good fortune, right? Once again, it depends on how YOU view it and what’s going on when your ear is ringing. I have had numerous experiences in which I’ve been working on a big project, had a burst of creativity, then my right ear started ringing. And, that day, my intentions and work come to fruition. I know immediately that my right ear ringing was a sign from my guides that good fortune was coming my way.

5. Right Ear Ringing = Time to Manifest!

If you’ve been waiting to make your dreams a reality, and your right ear has been ringing a lot lately, this is your guide prompting you to take action. It’s time to manifest that life you’ve always wanted.

6. Right Ear Burning Omen – Gossip

Since I was a little girl, my family always said if your right ear was burning that it meant someone was talking about you. According to Vance Randolph’s Ozark Magic and Folklore, the right ear burning means a MAN is talking about you. Whether this is a good thing or bad thing, they don’t say. I guess it could go either way.

7. Left Ear Burning Omen – Someone’s Cussing You

The same thing goes for when your left ear burns – someone’s talking about you. And according to Randolph, it means a woman is cursing your name or taking your name in vain. Obviously this isn’t a good thing. Who that woman is is up to you to find out. But if it were me, I’d be throwing the “cuss” off by throwing salt over my left shoulder!

8. Tickling and Itching Ears: What Does This Mean?

Besides ringing and buzzing in the ears, what does it mean if your ears are itching or are tickled? The same thing goes, it is likely your guide warning you or getting your attention. But old American superstition says if your right ear itches, it means someone is speaking well of you. This is obviously a positive sign. But if it’s your left ear that’s feeling ticklish, someone is talking poorly of you.

What does it mean when your fingers or palms itch?

Let’s explore the spiritual, supernatural significance of hands and palms. Obviously, we use our hands and palms to grasp and maneuver items in the physical. Without our hands, we would struggle to lift items, eat food and drink water, care for ourselves and our families. In the spiritual world, palms are a map of our destiny. This is why palmistry is such a popular form of divination and has been for thousands of years. Each line on your palm represents some path you take in life, your personality, your relationships, and much more. Each finger and part of your hand corresponds to a planet, too. So when we experience itchy palms, we should pay attention!

Have your palms ever itched and you wondered why? That maybe it has some sort of psychic significance? Other than needing a bit of lotion to cure your dry skin, itching palms may indeed be a sign of something to come. My family always said, if your right palm itches, you have money coming your way very soon. BUT if your left palm is itching, you might have to pay an unexpected bill soon.

According to American folklore, if a woman’s right hand itches, it means she will soon shake the hand of a stranger. Or have an unexpected visitor. If the joint of her thumb itches, an unexpected visitor will come to the house within the hour. I personally cannot attest to the itching thumb joint – visitor omen, but I have had my palms itch and received unexpected funds! I find it interesting that each finger is connected to a certain planet and element. Like so:

Palm reading, if your palms itch...

If your fingers or hands are itching, take notice of where and compare to this chart. For instance, if the area of your mound of Venus is itching, you may shake the hand of a future lover very soon. If your pinky finger itches, an unexpectd message will come by the end of the day (the pinky corresponds to the Air element = communication).

What about your nose? Are there itching nose omens?

First, the nose represents primal instincts and self preservation. Why? Because the nose gives us the ability to smell different aromas in our environment – both good and bad. When we were hunter-gatherers thousands of years ago, we often relied on our noses to determine if a food was safe to eat. And I suspect our sense of smell also notified us of certain predators nearby. The nose = safety and survival. When the nose serves us spiritually, some of us have the ability to smell supernatural scents. Sometimes when spirits are near, we might sense their presence via the smell of perfumes, flowers, cigar or cigarette smoke, or foods they might have enjoyed in life.

When your nose itches, what does it mean?

When our noses itch, burn, or sneeze for no known physical reason, sometimes there’s a supernatural reason. If a housewife’s nose itches, it means there will be a visitor before the day is through. If it’s the left, it will be a man. But if it’s the right, it’ll be a woman. And in the Ozarks, people would say the itching nose omen means the visitor will be poor according to the old rhyme: “If your nose itches, somebody’s coming with a hole in their britches.”

Sneezing Superstitions and Signs

Believe it or not, sneezing has a long history in folklore and superstitions. Which is why we say “bless you” or “God bless you” when someone sneezes. Folks used to believe there were demons escaping the body OR that when you sneezed a part of your soul was escaping the body. Reading sneezes was a form of omen and people believed sneezing meant something different per the time of day:

  • If you sneeze before breakfast, company is coming
  • Sneezing while eating foretells a death within 24 hours
  • If you sneeze on Monday, you’ll kiss a stranger by the end of the week
  • A sneeze on a Sunday meant your week would be particularly difficult, and folks in the Ozarks believed the “Devil would be with you”
Ear Ringing Omen, Palms Are Itching and Sneezing Signs

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