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Imbolc Blessings, Colors, Spells, and Divination Methods

For many of us, we are still in the thralls of Winter. The snow might be lingering and the icy cold weather seems to penetrate one’s bones. For others, we are starting to see small signs that Spring is around the corner. Whatever your weather where you live, one thing is for sure – Imbolc comes every year as the first celebration of the Spring season. And even the thought of it warms us up! Read on to find the brightest of Imbolc blessings to share with your loved ones. As well as Imbolc spells, colors, and specific seasonal methods of divination.

What’s Covered in Our Imbolc Blessings Post:

First, What is the Sabbat Imbolc?

Imbolc is a sabbat on the Wiccan Wheel of the Year but is originally an ancient Celtic holiday celebrating the first signs of Spring. The word Imbolc is believed to mean either “ewe’s milk” or “in the belly”, which obviously refers to the birth of baby lambs around this time in Ireland and Scotland. In modern times, most of us don’t understand the harshness of Winter that our ancestors endured. At this time, they were coming out of a period of brutal weather and their food stores were declining. So when the babies were born and the milk starting flowing, it was a good day. It meant they’d have more food to last the rest of the Winter season. As you might guess, dairy is a big theme on Imbolc. As is nourishment, survival, purification and protection.

In addition to celebrating rebirth, life, and replenishment, the Celtic goddess Brigid is honored on Imbolc. Another name for Imbolc is Brigid’s Day or Saint Brigid’s Day, as her saintly counterpart is also honored on this day. Imbolc is celebrated annually on February 1st in the Northern Hemisphere and August 1st in the Southern Hemisphere. There are many traditions including making Brigid’s crosses, feasting on Imbolc foods, and making magick.

The BRIGHTEST of Imbolc Blessings to You and Yours!

No matter if you celebrate with family, friends, or a coven, Imbolc is a time to wish loved ones with abundance, protection, and a prosperous Spring. Please feel free to use our Imbolc blessings below both online and in print, with credit to Otherworldly Oracle.

“The snow is beginning to melt,
feelings of hope and peace fill the air.
We call on the goddess Brigid
to bring us a blessed Imbolc,
purifying, bright and fair.”
~ Otherworldly Oracle

“May this Imbolc season
bring a time of still and inner reflection.
May Brigid, the goddess of poetry and fire,
grant you the stirrings of inspiration.”
~ Otherworldly Oracle

“Craft the corn dolly,
stoke the hearth-fire,
weave Brigid’s cross.
The snow is melting,
and now we find all
that once was lost.”
~ Otherworldly Oracle

Colors of Imbolc: Traditional and Modern

Maybe you’re refreshing your altar with Imbolc vibes. Or maybe you’re planning a sabbat dinner and you’d like to know the colors of Imbolc. Traditionally, we don’t really know the colors associated with each sabbat. But in modern times we associate certain colors depending on the season and theme. For the colors of Imbolc, we think about the Winter season giving way slowly to the Spring. Some colors might include white to represent the snow and milk, as well as green for the newly emerging earth. In addition, light pastel colors like pink to represent the female reproductive system.

  • White: represents the Snow and milk
  • Green: represents the newly emerging earth and the green of Brigid’s mantle
  • Pink: symbolizes the female reproductive system
  • Orange and red: represent Brigid’s sacred fire
  • Pastel Spring colors

Learn about the sacred symbols of Imbolc here.

3 Imbolc Spells for Purification, Protection and to Inspire Creativity

The big magical themes at this time of year are purification, protection, fertility and inspiration. We are beginning to come out of the Winter season, a quieter time of shadow work, inner reflection, and dream time. With Imbolc, we start to see the stirrings of Spring, the earth being reborn. We start to feel as if we are being reborn…slowly but surely. After we’ve offered others Imbolc blessings, we might also cast some spells. Traditionally, purification and protection rituals have been practiced for hundreds of years. Here we provide you with 3 Imbolc spells for various intentions. You can modify and alter as needed!

Imbolc Spell #1: Lavender Smoke-Cleanse for Purification

After the Winter holidays, we are in a lull between seasons. The holiday frenzy is over and we’re left to think about our goals for the new year. Imbolc is the perfect time to purify your space and yourself. To shake up the energy in your home and cleanse your aura. And, by using herbs linked to Imbolc, you’re amplifying the potency.

What You’ll Need:

  • Lavender: 1 tsp dried, loose leaf
  • Rosemary: 1/2 tsp dried, loose leaf
  • Charcoal disk
  • Fireproof bowl or container
  • Matches or lighter

How to Cast this Imbolc Spell for Purification:

  1. Gather your supplies.
  2. Open your windows (it doesn’t have to be all the way, but at least a little to allow the negative energy to escape)
  3. Optional: put on soft Celtic music and light a few candles.
  4. Also, consider whether your smoke alarms should be deactivated if they are particularly sensitive. You don’t want your smoke alarms going off in the middle of ritual.
  5. Carefully light your charcoal disk.
  6. Sprinkle the lavender over the disk and then the rosemary.
  7. Starting at your front door, move from room to room in your home, going counter-clockwise, and allow the smoke from the incense to purify the air.
  8. While doing this say, “after this lavender and rosemary purify this space, I invoke the goddess Brigid’s pure, protective energy and ask her to fill this place. With her love, inspiration, and perfection.”
  9. End at your front door and thank Brigid for her purifying presence. Say, “so be it”.

Imbolc Spell #2: Brigid’s Cross for Protection of the Home

Making a Brigid’s cross is traditional on Imbolc and has been for many years. Please follow the directions in the video below. Then hang your cross above the front door to protect your home all year long. If you find the traditional Brigid’s cross too difficult or you can’t acquire the materials, making a cross from sticks, herb sprigs, or even ribbon/cord is perfectly acceptable. There are folks who actually nail a cross above the door for protection too. Though I don’t recommend that, unless you don’t mind putting extra holes in your wall. Get creative with this. Do what suits your home and needs. Invoke Brigid’s protection while making your cross.

Imbolc Blessings Spell #3: Brigid’s Fire of Creativity

If you’ve found yourself in a funk lately, you might just need a boost of creativity to snap you out of it. We give others Imbolc blessings and sometimes need some of that for ourselves, right? Try this Imbolc spell to harness Brigid’s fires of inspiration.

What You’ll Need:

  • White candle (tealight or spell size is best)
  • Lighter
  • Carnelian: small chunk or pendant

How to Cast the Spell:

  1. Gather your supplies. Set the mood with music, incense, etc.
  2. Set your carnelian chunk or pendant close to the candle.
  3. Get into a relaxed state, light the candle and say, “candlelight, fire bright, burst through the darkness and stagnancy inside of me. I ask Brigid to lend me her fire of inspiration and creativity.”
  4. Close your eyes and repeat the prayer two more times. Visualize a small flame in your heart growing bigger and brighter. This is the fire of passion and creative ingenuity. Let it continue to grow in your mind’s eye as the candle burns down.
  5. When the candle is done burning, pick up the carnelian stone and carry it on you. Wear it daily and know that the fire of creativity is inside of that stone. Lending its energy to you.
  6. Now CREATE. Whatever that means to you: writing, arts and crafts, a new project at work, music, etc. etc.

Imbolc Divination Methods and Tools

Imbolc is a wonderful time to practice divination. It’s typically a quiet sabbat, of which allows the practitioner to tune in and hear what spirit has to say. Of course your typical form of divination is great, but if you haven’t tried the following divination methods, now’s your chance.

Oneiromancy: Messages Through Our Dreams

Winter is a time when the earth is asleep. And those who are in tune with the earth’s cycles also tend to do more sleeping during this season. Have you ever paid close attention to your dreams? Divining messages through dreams is a method of divination called oneiromancy. We recommend starting a dream journal at Imbolc and keeping one all year long until the following Imbolc. Leave a blank page after every dream recorded. This allows you to take notes on your dreams. After a month or so of recording, go back and read over them. Patterns will emerge, which also reveal very specific messages.

Scrying by Candleflame

Since Imbolc is a holiday that honors Brigid and her sacred fire, why not try your eye at fire scrying? If you have the ability to have a bonfire, then go for it! If not, a simple candle will do the trick. But keep in mind, a roaring fire outside will have different results from a small flame inside. You could even try both. This form of scrying is as simple as watching the flames and allowing pictures to form. This can be literally in the fire OR images that flash into your mind.

Cheese Prophecy, a.k.a. So Sayeth the Swiss

What does this year have in store? Consult your nearest piece of cheese. This sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? I assure you, divination by cheese is an actual thing! Plus dairy is a big theme on this sabbat. Cheese reading is called tyromancy and has been practiced since ancient times in Greece and elsewhere. Often this was a form of fortune telling practiced by observing cheese during the fermentation process.

Most of us don’t make our own cheese today, so instead we can divine an answer by way of holes, mold, and other cheesy conditions. For instance, acquire a small wheel of swiss cheese. Then cut into it and read the number of holes showing. Then look up the meaning of that number. Or ask a yes/no question. Count the holes. Even number = yes. Odd number = no. BOOM. Cheese scrying on Imbolc!

Imbolc Blessings, Colors, Spells and More

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