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Jera Rune Meaning and Ways to Harness Its Prosperous Energy

The runes are ancient symbols of great power. They existed then and still exist today to teach us, guide us, protect us, and heal us. And quite a few of the runes, like the Jera rune, bring prosperity to our homes and to our lives. We just have to learn how to shut up, listen, and apply their lessons on a daily basis. In this post, we meet the Jera rune, discover its literal and spiritual meanings, and learn how to harness its energy daily and in ritual.

First, What is the Elder Futhark Runic Alphabet?

Runes are symbols, often of an alphabetic nature, from ancient cultures and peoples. The Norse Elder Futhark system is one of the most well-known type of ancient runes. And one of which I have studied and continue to study. According to scholars, it was used from the first to eighth centuries CE throughout Northern and Western Europe, but has even older origins. Yes, every rune is linked to a letter in our alphabet, and were used to communicate messages between people and to record important events. But they are much more than that…

There are different types of runic systems within the Norse/Germanic domain. The runic system most rune masters are familiar with is called the Elder Futhark. It is the system used by Vikings and many Norse peoples. The Elder Futhark consists of 24 runes and sometimes an extra blank rune called Wyrd. Each rune we’ve correlated to our letters of the alphabet, and each rune has its own sacred tangible and spiritual significance. Each rune ALSO has a connection to an ancient deity. Some of which we’ve lost over time.

Runes were used to document or record special information, i.e. the name and bloodline of an important person at his or her burial place. They were used to convey and communicate. But, more importantly, the runes held and still hold their own powerful vibrations. Each different from the next. And, as you learn and align with the runes, your own spirit will fuse with each symbol in its own unique way. Meaning, how I feel and attune to the Jera rune might be a completely different stream of thought and experience than how you attune to it. So, keep an open mind and heart.

What is the Jera Rune?

The Jera (pronounced YARE-uh) rune is one of the Elder futhark runes and is a symbol of immense power and importance. The symbol itself looks like two angle brackets with their open ends facing one another. At an angle. It’s hard to explain so be sure to look at the photos and study the symbol’s structure at length. I find the longer I stare at a rune the more its meaning comes through to me.

Jera Rune Physical / Literal Meaning

The rune Jera (YARE-uh) is meant to represent a cycle, specifically the cycle of the seasons and of the harvest. It sounds an awful lot like the word YEAR, don’t you think? That’s no coincidence.

To me, the symbol almost resembles two scythes, the tool that farmers used to harvest grain. Which, if we consider it a harvest rune, makes sense entirely. When this rune was used in the past, it was meant to symbolize the harvest. Not just the end of the growing process but the full process from start (seed) to finish (the final harvest). And, being that our ancestors lived in a time when they lived off the land, having a prosperous harvest was essential to survival.

The Jera Rune Teaches Us…

With the world economy how it is today and so many people struggling, one big thing on our minds is, how can we prosper? How can we acquire more money so that we can just survive and have a little fun in the meantime? Everyone wants to go forth and be fruitful upon the earth, right? There’s some actual weight we put on that statement, whether we want to admit it or not. And here’s the ACTUAL truth…we live on an earth that IS prosperous.

We, as humans, have every right to be prosperous. To be able to feed ourselves and our family members without fear of hunger or starvation. To have a roof over our heads that keeps us safe and sound. The first step in being prosperous is to CLAIM it. Know that you already have all that you need to survive and thrive. In its very essence, this is the meaning of the Jera rune. We have been taught a mindset of poverty. That we are “less than” and must not be good enough to prosper like the rich do. The problem in this mentality is this – money doesn’t necessarily equal prosperity. The Jera Rune teaches us new ways of being prosperous – both in a physical and mental sense. What seeds we plant we must tend to, watch them grow, then harvest at the right time. In tune with the cycles of life and of the earth.

Jera Rune’s Spiritual Energies:

  • Connection to Freyr, Norse God of Fertility
  • Harvest
  • Manifestation
  • Cycles of Nature
  • Cycles of Life – Death – Rebirth
  • Transformation and Transition
  • Prosperity
  • Survival
  • Wealth
  • Seasonal changes
  • Autumn
  • Fertility: agricultural and procreation
  • Patience
  • Harmony
  • Balance
  • Flowing with change instead of resisting it

This rune works well with these runes…

How to Use the Jera Rune in Your Daily Life

There are many ways to connect with the runes, one being using them in your daily life. This is the best way to connect because it’s literally practicing and studying on a daily basis. But that doesn’t mean you have to put hours into your runic studies. Just a small ritual that you work into your daily routine works wonders.

1. Draw It

Draw the Jera rune on your body with oils, your finger, anything. Let the energy of the Jera rune sink in and sync with your heart, body, and mind. Draw it in the air, over your car before leaving for work. Over your computer before working from home. Or over your suit before going on a job interview. Drawing it makes a kinesthetic connection between you and the rune itself. And your energy will flow with its energy.

2. Jera Rune in Kitchen Magick and Daily Meals

I’m a big kitchen witch and prefer to work my magick into my meals, drinks, and everyday hearth happenings. Using runes in the kitchen empowers my practice, my meals, and my entire family. And the Jera rune flows perfectly with hearthside workings. What’s at the heart of prosperity in the home? The place where we make our meals, enjoy our meals, and enjoy one another’s company…the kitchen. Drawing the Jera rune into your pie crusts, into the air using your wooden spoon, etc. are all great ways to work it into your daily duties.

3. Wear the Jera Rune

Another powerful to use Jera every day is to wear it. You can purchase a talisman online to wear as a necklace, bracelet, earrings, etc. If you don’t weant to wear the rune out in the open, draw it on the bottom of your shoes, embroider it into your jacket, or draw it on the tags of your shirts. No one will know and you’ll be wearing Freyr’s rune on a regular basis.

How to Use the Jera Rune in Ritual and Spiritual Practice

Your creativity is your limit as to how to use the Jera rune in your rituals, sabbat feasts, and spiritual practices. If you can draw it, say it, paint it, etc. you can take it anywhere with you. Harness its prosperous energy during rituals inside or outside. With a group or by yourself. Teach the runes to your children and they will learn how to prosper with Jera too.

1. Carve it into Candles

Carve the Jera rune into your candles when casting spells for prosperity, money, fertility, and creativity. Or simply carve them into your working candles and burn daily to increase your wealth.

2. Natural Rune “Mandalas”

If you’re performing ritual outside, find the nearest sticks, stones, flowers, etc. and create the Jera rune on the ground to invoke its energies. You can also leave this as a biodegradable offering to the land spirits and ancestors.

3. Draw it in the Air Before Ritual

You’ve heard of casting circles in Wiccan tradition, right? If you’re a Norse witch or simply feel the urge, draw the Jera rune in the air before performing any sacred rites. This not only invokes an air of fertility and prosperity but may also call upon Freyr, should you decide to do so.

4. Carve into your Wand/Staff

If prosperity and/or the cycles of life are at the forefront of your workings, consider carving Jera into your wand. It imbues its energy into my wooden wand, staff, and into every working in which I use it.

5. As an Autumn Decorative Symbol

When the sacred pagan days come ’round, consider adding Jera as a part of the decoration. This is particularly powerful during sabbats that honor the harvest specifically like on the Equinox, SamhainAlfablot, and Disablot. Adding this rune to table centerpieces, artwork, wreaths, etc. is the perfect way to harness its prosperous and transformative energies.

6. Mark Jera Over Your Business

If you own your business or work from home, consider marking the Jera rune over your laptop. This can be done in pencil so it can be erased later. In addition, consider marking it our using things like crystals, rune stones, branches, etc. and keeping it in your office. If you work with others, draw it on the inside of your doormat (facing down) so that it’s always at the front door bringing in prosperity. But no one will see it there. I’ve even drawn it on the inside of my wallet, on bank statement, and more.

Jera rune meaning and uses

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