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Magical Topics to Study by Type: Hedge, Green, Kitchen, Etc.

Recently, in our FaceBook group, we’ve been discussing the concept of diving deeper into our studies and practice. Many of us get stuck scratching the surface and are left wondering what to do next. Here we provide you with topics to research and/or things to try categorized by the type of witchcraft you’re interested in. By expanding your magical horizons, you can really dive deep into your practice and expand your wisdom and skills. And remember – you don’t have to stick to just one category!

Magical Topics to Research and Practices to Try

For the Hedge Witch:

A hedge witch is much more than just a witch who tends a garden hedge. He or she is much more than a witch who works with herbs and home remedies. The hedge witch is a symbolic hedge rider, meaning he or she crosses the “hedge” between this world and the spirit world. The practice of hedge witchery is very shamanic in nature, as you will soon find out. Are herbs used in the hedge witch’s practice? Yes! But the hedge witch’s main focus is on lifting the veil between humans and spirits – being able to cross into the realm of the dead and the gods and come back again. If you’d like to deepen your understanding of hedge witchery and expand your knowledge bank, research and practice some of these topics:

Kitchen Witch Magical Topics to Study and Practice:

A kitchen witch, also called a cottage or hearth witch, is someone who makes magic in the kitchen and in the home using food and everyday items as magical tools. The kitchen witch is able to center his or her energy through the making of magical meals and creating sacred space at home. If you’d like to go beyond the “basics” of making a meal and dive deep into kitchen witchery, here are some topics for you to research and practice:

  • magical properties of food
  • magical properties of herbs
  • kitchen tools in magical use
  • breadmaking
  • cheese making
  • how to make black salt and its magical uses
  • making wines, meads, ales / brewing
  • your ancestors’ foods (ancient to modern)
  • local produce and farms (your local resources)
  • local honey and honey magic
  • growing your own food / gardening
  • aphrodisiacs
  • making your own witchy soaps and natural beauty products
  • making herbal concoctions / teas / oils
  • medicinal and magical herbalism
  • baking/desserts: magical cookie cutters, rolling pins, sigils in pies etc.
  • using a cauldron or dutch oven
  • pasta making
  • coffee magic
  • grilling / smoking food
  • canning and preserving
  • kitchen altars
  • kitchen and hearth gods
  • how to make witchy cocktails
  • hearth spirits
  • types of salt
  • household spirits: lares, brownies, etc.
  • kitchen witch dolls and poppets
  • history of foods
  • how to read Tarot with playing cards
  • foods for the gods and goddesses
  • how to use food to heal
  • new (or old) cookbooks
  • cultural foods from all over the world
  • foraging for wild edibles
  • making a kitchen grimoire
  • seasonal foods and traditional holiday dishes
  • antique kitchen tools and how to use them in your magick
  • magical sewing: altar cloths, tarot deck bags, kitchen towels, etc.

Sea Witch Magical Study Topics:

A sea witch, also called a water or ocean witch, is someone who makes magic by the seashore and uses the powers of the ocean to fuel their witchcraft. The sea witch is able to center his or her energy by the ocean, as well as use the ocean’s powers to heal, protect, cleanse, draw abundance, and more. If you’d like to dive into sea witchery, study and practice some of the topics below:

  • local bodies of water
  • magical properties of seashells, coral, driftwood, etc.
  • sea familiars
  • knot magic to raise sea storms
  • how the moon effects the tides
  • how to use seabird feathers in magick
  • sea glass magical uses and properties
  • Sharks teeth magick
  • plants and trees that grow on the shoreline – their magical properties and uses (palms, sea oats, etc.)
  • magical properties of various types of water: ocean, stream, pond, puddle, fog, lake, rain, snow, mud, etc.
  • ocean gods and goddesses
  • nymphs, mermen, selkies, mermaids and water spirits
  • water element basics
  • why the earth needs our oceans
  • ritual cleansing with baths, swimming, etc.
  • magical properties and uses for seaweed
  • sea altars and tools
  • how dolphins and whales communicate
  • how to use crab-shells in magick
  • sand magical properties and uses
  • your local sea wildlife
  • intuition, dreams, etc. – water magical associations
  • seafood and its magical properties: fish, clams, crabs, lobster, scallops, shark, oysters, etc.
  • types of sea salt and magical uses
  • sea myths: mythical creatures, creation myths, hauntings, etc.
  • haunted ships
  • pirates (especially pirate witches!)
  • Vikings and ancient seafaring peoples

Green Witch Magical Study Topics:

A green witch is someone who works with the elements, the local land spirits, and all things green. The green witch is able to harness the energy of the natural sources around him or her by developing a close connection with local plants, trees, and wildlife as well as with the earth itself. Consider studying and practicing any or all of the following magical topics:

  • herb gardening
  • earth element basics
  • local plants and trees – identify and define properties and uses
  • land spirits – genus loci
  • local forests and nature preserves
  • forest gods and goddesses
  • house plant magick
  • growing your own mushrooms
  • fairies
  • crystal magic
  • the green man
  • forest-dwelling people
  • landscape magical associations: rivers, mountains, caves, forests, meadows, etc.
  • magical herbalism
  • medicinal herbalism
  • trees’ properties and uses
  • magical teas
  • miniature terrariums
  • fairy gardens: how to build them
  • flowers and how to use in your practice
  • mushrooms: types and magical uses
  • building outside altars
  • making your own magical apron
  • biodegradable offerings for forest spirits
  • making natural mandalas
  • how to use different kinds of dirt, sand, soil in magick
  • different kinds of wood: magical properties and uses
  • 9 sacred Celtic woods
  • Ogham: Irish tree divination system
  • Druidry
  • How to make your own Rune Cards and study the runes
  • how trees communicate with each other (root systems, etc.)
  • the healing power of being in nature
  • hiking
  • camping
  • wilderness survival techniques
  • how to use pinecones, seed pods, acorns, etc. in magick
  • plants and trees from your ancestors’ homelands
  • your local eco-system
  • magick with thorns
  • incense and how to make your own
  • different herbs for smoke-cleaning bundles (formerly called smudge)
  • vines
  • wild foraging for magical tools, herbs, etc.

Modern / Tech Magical Topics to Study:

What is a modern or tech witch? A modern witch or tech witch is someone who seeks to incorporate witchcraft into their daily lives and particularly embraces modern technology and appliances. Here’s some magical study topics for modern and techy witchery:

  • magical and witchy phone apps
  • pagan or magical themed video games
  • modern appliances you use in your magick and the traditional tools they relate to (i.e. the stove/oven was once the hearth-fire, washing machine was once a washboard and fresh water source, etc.)
  • enchanting/protecting your vehicles/modes of transportation
  • how to enchant an amulet for protection while flying and/or riding the bus or train
  • keeping your grimoire in a word doc
  • essential oils magical properties and using a diffuser
  • using a telescope to look at the moon, planets and stars
  • new technology and how it can be used for magick
  • cleansing and magically protecting your computer and mobile devices
  • showering rituals instead of bathing rituals
  • how to re-use and recycle modern materials for magical purposes

Just a few suggestions!

Obviously these are only a few suggestions and you don’t have to stick to one category whatsoever. I find myself intrigued by any and all of these facets of the craft. Research these topics online but also read a few books on the topics that really tickle your witchy fancy. Then put what you learned to practice. The practice is where the real learning comes into play. That’s where the REAL magick happens!


  1. Margaret

    July 22, 2021 at 6:43 pm

    I love the ideas BUT… Most of them don’t give you any idea of how to Start learning about them. Perhaps a few article ideas could come from it. As a beginning green witch, I know only a few of these topics. And most of them have don’t have articles connected to them, so I can’t start learning about them!

    1. kitty fields

      July 28, 2021 at 12:18 am

      All you have to do is search here on the website in the search bar. “Green witch” is a popular topic and there’s plenty of articles on green witchcraft here at otherworldly oracle. Same with hedge witch. And kitchen witch, as well.

  2. Amanda

    January 1, 2021 at 5:59 am

    These are great! I am an eclectic witch with inspiration from kitchen/home, green and modern/tech!

  3. Erica

    November 27, 2020 at 7:24 am

    I love these ideas! I’m mostly a kitchen witch, but I’m going to do research in other categories, too. I think it’s great that you give information to witchy folks looking to explore deeper.

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