808 Angel Number Meaning in Life, Love, Twin Flames & Career

You’ve been seeing 808 everywhere you go. On your bus route. In the newspaper. You’ve heard it in a random phone number and mailing address. But why? Who’s sending you repetitive messages and what does it mean? If you’ve found your way here, you’re now discovering that these recurrent number signs are called angel numbers. Let’s explore the meaning behind the 808 angel number, who might have sent you the message, and what to do from here.

Your Spirit Guide is Calling…And Their Number is 808

When we start noticing things popping up in our vision, in our reality, in a recurrent fashion, this is called a sign. When that sign is a repetitive number, we refer to it as an angel number. But why do we call it an angel number? Are angels sending us these numbers? It truly depends on what you believe, but yes many people believe our guardian angels are sending us these signs. Others believe it could be our spirit guides, recently-departed loved ones, ancient ancestors, ascended masters, or God/Goddess.

But why are these celestial beings sending us these messages? What’s the point? In the spiritual community, we believe that the separation between us and the spirit world isn’t as large as you’d think. That spirits can contact us by various means. And, in the case of angel numbers, these spirits are sending us signs that we will actually notice through repeating 808s. And they are sending us these signs for various reasons, including as a comfort to us, as confirmation, and even sometimes as a warning.

How do you know it’s a sign and not a coincidence?

Look, we could sit here and debate whether angel numbers are “real” or whether they’re just coincidence. We could also sit here and debate whether angels exist and what the actual meaning to life is (the answer is 42). But that won’t solve anything. Either you believe…or you don’t. And either way, that’s okay with me. But if you feel comfort in knowing that there are guides on the other side looking out for you, and that they are sending you signs, what does it hurt? It doesn’t.

So how do you know the angel number 808 is a sign and not a “coincidence”? I would say if you’ve noticed the number repetitively over a period of days and in different ways, it’s a sign. Not a coincidence. If you noticed it once or twice, perhaps ask your guides to send you a third sign as confirmation. Trust me, they will.

Where do you see the 808 angel number?

Sometimes in order to determine the meaning behind an angel number, it’s wise to take note of the location in which it appears. The mindset you’re in, and the situation that’s occurring around it. If you’re able to write down each occurrence, I recommend doing so. This may give you clarification on the actual message later on. Here are a few places you might be seeing 808:

  • In newspapers, magazines, and online news
  • 808 angel number might come as part of a person’s phone number or physical address
  • You might see it on your bus route or on a street sign
  • You might hear it in a song or in regards to the 808 software rhythm composer
  • As a number on a license plate
  • Angel numbers like 808 can come to you on receipts, paychecks, and bills
  • You might even hear it mentioned in a random or passing conversation
  • Seeing it or hearing it in a dream or meditation

Our Unique Approach at Angel Numbers

First, I look at the single digit number and its symbolism in the occult and in numerology. With 808 we have two single digits – 0 and 8. Both very powerful numbers standing alone! The number 0 represents the Void and Nothingness as well as Black Matter. It’s nothing and yet it’s everything. In occult symbolism, Zero also represents God. It’s the void before the beginning. And number 8 represents infinity, a return unto itself, as well as prosperity and overcoming. So I always take these things into account.

Next, if there are multiple repeating numbers, I break it down into the smallest digit possible by adding all of the digits together like this: 8+0+8=16=1+6=7. Then I look at the number 7 as another significant indicator as to what this angel number might mean. 7 is the number of perfection. It features widely in many ancient esoteric traditions and religions worldwide. Think of the 7 days it took for God to make the world. The 7 days of the week. Or the 7 deadly sins or 7 paths to the Underworld in Egyptian mythology. So, essentially, I also allow the number 7 to factor into each interpretation of the 808 angel number.

Last, I use my intuitive and claircognizant abilities to tap into the 808 angel number meanings. I believe my guides give me information to pass on to you all. If you feel an interpretation doesn’t make sense for you, then move onto the next. I hope this helps.

808 Angel Number Meaning in Love and Twin Flames

Maybe you are here wondering specifically about your love life. Or a relationship with a friend or family member or coworker. We have romantic, platonic, and familial interpretations for 808 angel number below.

1. Soul Mates and Twin Flames

Since the 808 angel number’s base number is 8, we have to take into account the idea of 8 meaning infinity. So if you keep seeing the number in relation to a romantic relationship or marriage, your angel guide might be telling you that this is the right person for you. That he or she might indeed be your soul mate or twin flame. And that you’ve likely been with this person in a past life or lives.

2. The End of an Era

When we break down 808 into a single digit, we get 7 (as explained earlier). If you’ve been struggling in a relationship for a while and wondering if it’s coming to an end, the number 808 might be your sign. And, while ending a relationship is painful, it might also be the beginning to something healthier. And happier. This could be a romantic, platonic, or familial relationship. If it’s toxic for you, it’s time to move on.

3. Forever Friend

You’ve had a friend come back into your life that might have been gone for an extended period. But now that you’re back together as friends, it’s like no time was spent apart. Because the 808 angel number contains the number 8 which means forever/infinity, this could be a sign that your friend will be your friend for life. And that if you’re harboring hard feelings, it might be time to forgive and move forward.

808 in Career and Life Purpose

You’ve been wondering where to go in life. Should you change careers, stay on the path you’re currently on, or what? What is your life’s purpose? What is your true passion and how can you make a difference in the world? Let’s explore possible 808 angel number meaning for you.

4. You know your purpose already

If your guides are sending you the 808 angel number repetitively, particularly when you’re questioning your life’s purpose. They might be telling you that you already know deep in your heart. You know that thing you’ve always been passionate about? That thing that makes your soul sing? THAT is your soul’s purpose here on earth. Embrace it fully.

5. Your career is about to take off

You’ve been working your butt off lately and wondering when you’re going to finally make a break-through. The 808 angel number is your sign that you’re beating the right drum. To keep going and don’t give up. And that your career is about to take off! If you’re seeing this angel number repetitively, especially when at your place of work OR when thinking about it, this is a big confirmation.

6. Awakening to your Soul’s Growth

Because 7 (8+0+8=16=1+6=7) is a divinely perfect number, if you’re seeing 808 in conjunction with a spiritual shift, you might be experiencing an awakening. It took 7 days to make the earth, there are 7 main chakras in the human body, 7 spheres in ancient cosmology, etc. 7 is a number directly related to God and to Soul…therefore, seeing 808 might be an indication that your soul is on the right path. That you are awakening to the truth around you and that you are ready to evolve spiritually.

7. Slow down and enjoy your life!

In this day and age, many of us find ourselves trapped in a neverending cycle of work and routine. We forget to slow down and enjoy the little joys in life. If your guides are sending you the 808 angel number, they might be reminding you to slow down and smell the roses. Don’t be so caught up in the hustle and bustle that you forget what life is all about – experience. And love. And you can’t spend time loving and enjoying life if you’re always working.

8. Remember, you are INFINITY

To be separated from joy and love is to be separated from God. To be separated from our higher selves. Once we remember that we ARE god, we find ourselves quickly being in alignment and living a life of love. We enjoy our lives when we remember that we ARE infinity. There’s no reason to fear anything, because we are a part of God and we can never die. In the grand scheme of the Universe, we are part of the Energy Source of all that is. Remind yourself of that when you’re feeling down. This is the message of the 808 angel number.

You know what 808 means…now what?

Now you’ve come to a conclusion on what the 808 angel number meaning is for you. What do you do with that information? If your interpretation prompts you to take action, then GO and DO something about it! If it’s a simple confirmation or sign of comfort from your otherworldly guides, be silent and still and know that you are loved. We must also remember to let life flow. Let old, stagnant things go and let the new energy move in. And be sure to pay attention to your angel number signs in the future. You can always return here to learn of other numeral interpretations:

808 Angel Number Meaning in Life, Love, and Career

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