1818 Angel Number Meaning

1818 Angel Number Meaning in Love, Life, and Twin Flames

You asked for a sign from the Universe. Now you seem to be seeing repeating numbers everywhere you go. Know this. The Universe will always answer when spoken to. And if your in a period of your life where there’s uncertainty and you need confirmation, the Universe will be there to provide you with it. Often it uses signs and omens to communicate with us. And sometimes you might even receive recurrent numbers called angel numbers. If you’re seeing the 1818 angel number in random places, you’re being sent a message. Read on to learn more.

What is an angel number?

An angel number is simply a sign sent to you by your angels. A repeating number in a pattern that seems to come out of nowhere and won’t leave you alone. For instance, you’re seeing 1818 around every corner. Not just once or twice, but five, six, ten, twenty times. While it seems overwhelming sometimes, the sign is being sent to you over and over so that you finally recognize it. It’s a wake up call. It’s overwhelming because you’ve likely been sent signs before and you might have ignored them. Now it’s time to pay attention to 1818 angel number and figure out what your angels are trying to tell you.

Who sends angel numbers to us?

Just because they’re called angel numbers doesn’t mean it’s only angels sending these signs to you. Angels is more of a generic term in this occurrence. Angels on your spiritual team could be any of your guides including guardian angels, ancestors, animal guides, gods and goddesses, ascended masters, and sometimes simply the Universe or God. It’s not necessarily the spirit that sent you the 1818 angel number that’s important. But the fact that they sent it and that there is a crucial message for you and your life.

Couldn’t it be a coincidence?

A co-incidence is an incidence that happens beside or directly behind another incidence of the same kind. This is often looked at as purely happenstance. Which it could be, sure. But I think the difference between a coincidence and an angel number as a sign is in how many times it’s presented to you. And how blatantly. Seeing 1818 two times in a row and then never seeing it again is a coincidence. Seeing 1818 angel number means seeing it over and over again over a period of time. And noting to yourself the repetitive pattern.

Where you’re seeing 1818 Angel Number

An important aspect of seeing the 1818 angel number as a sign or message from the Heavens is to pay attention to where you see it. And what the circumstances are that surround its appearance. If you’re able to write down each occurrence, I recommend doing so. This may give you clarification on the actual message later on. Here are a few places you might be seeing 1818:

  • In newspapers, magazines, and online news
  • 1818 angel number might come as part of a person’s phone number or physical address
  • You might see it on your bus route or on a street sign
  • On a license plate
  • Angel numbers like 1818 can come to you on paychecks or bills
  • You might even hear it mentioned in a random or passing conversation
  • Seeing it or hearing it in a dream or meditation

How I approach angel numbers (breakdown and interpretation)

First, I look at the single digit number and its symbolism in the occult and in numerology. With 1818 we have two single digits – 1 and 8. Both very powerful numbers standing alone! The number 1 represents the Divine, the Individual, the One-ness of all things. It also represents the beginning. And number 8 represents infinity, a return unto itself, as well as prosperity and overcoming. So I always take these things into account.

Next, if there are multiple repeating numbers, I break it down into the smallest digit possible by adding all of the digits together like this: 1+8+1+8=18=1+8=9. Then I look at the number 9 as another significant indicator as to what this angel number might mean. 9 is the number of completion. It’s a perfect number. After 9, we return to the beginning (think of breaking down 10 into a single digit which would be 1+0=1). So I also allow 9 to factor into each interpretation.

Last, I use my intuitive and claircognizant abilities to tap into the 1818 angel number meanings. I believe my guides give me information to pass on to you all. If you feel an interpretation doesn’t make sense for you, then move onto the next. I hope this helps.

1818 Angel Number Meaning in Love and with Twin Flames

Maybe you are here wondering specifically about your love life. Or a relationship with a friend or family member or coworker. We have interpretations for 1818 angel number below.

1. An End and a Beginning

You’ve been in a toxic relationship for far too long. And now it’s time to move on. It’s time for this phase of your life to end and a newer, more hopeful and positive future to begin. In the angel number 1818, we see the number 9 when broken down to a single digit. And the number 9 means completion. An end. Following the number 9, the number 1 comes up (think 10 broken down to one digit is 1) and re-starts the cycle. Take a breath. You’ll be all right.

2. A New LOVE

You’ve spent time on yourself and you’re ready to get back out there and date new people. Your angels and guides are sending you 1818 as a sign that it’s a good time. You just might find someone you’re compatible with. Don’t jump into the first relationship that comes your way.

3. One and Eight Means WAIT

Since 1 means unity and also represents the self. And eight represents divinity, your angel might be telling you to WAIT on jumping into a relationship with someone you’re unsure of. Sometimes the Divine (God/Source) will step in the way to stop something that might be detrimental to our own personal growth and wellbeing. If your intuition is telling you this person isn’t right or isn’t being truthful, and you’re seeing the 1818 angel number during these moments, it’s a sign for you to stop. Think hard about those red flags. And move on.

4. A Time of Peace

You’ve been through a lot. Times have been difficult, particularly in your relationships, yet you’ve hung in there and pushed through. If you’re seeing 1818 everywhere in the same moment you’re hoping for a time of peace, this is confirmation that peace is yours. Claim it. Accept it as a gift. And live your life. And start loving yourself more fully.

5. Are they my twin flame?

So many people wonder if seeing the 1818 angel number means they have found their twin flame. You might even be here because you wanted to know. I’m going to be honest with you – many people will not meet their twin flame in this life. There’s a reason for this. Twin flames have their own lessons to learn here on earth and often separately. And second, if all twin flames were together in each life, they would be so wrapped up in each other they’d get nothing accomplished. So, while the 1818 angel number MIGHT mean you’ve found your twin flame, it might actually mean you’re simply IN LOVE with another soul. And that’s JUST as beautiful as finding one’s twin flame!

1818 Angel Number Meaning in Life and Career

Sometimes receiving 1818 as an angel number in your life is simply a sign you’re on the right track. Sometimes it’s a little more complicated than that. Here are a few interpretations and a few ways you can know the meaning:

1. A Sign After Death

If you just lost a special person in your life and now you’re seeing 1818 everywhere, this could be a sign that this person is reaching out to you. They are telling you that they are okay. Often we wonder about whether our lost loved ones can hear us after they’re gone, they can and will confirm this with signs. Sending repetitive numbers is just one of the ways in which they communicate.

2. 1818 Angel Number May Mean a Career Change

You’ve been struggling at your job to make ends meet. Or perhaps the environment is harmful and you’re unable to make a change there. You’ve asked the Universe for a sign about your job, and you’ve received the 1818 angel number in return. This is a sign it’s time for a career change (again here we’re seeing 9 as a symbol of an ended cycle). You’ve been wondering if you should go back to school. Or take that job your friend offered you not long ago. Now’s the time to take the risk. It will pay off in the end.

3. Spiritual Growth

Lately you’ve felt stuck. Too wrapped up in the physical and mundane world around you. And you’re wondering when you’ll feel a connection to the Universe. To your surroundings. To yourself. Your spiritual team is sending you the 1818 angel number to shake things up a bit. To remind you that YOU are a spiritual person already and you just need to tap into that side of yourself. What brings your soul joy? Do more of that. That’s how you connect and grow.

4. Life is About to Change…Entirely

1818 = 99 = your life is about to change entirely! Instead of feeling down on your luck and blaming the world around you, take responsibility for your own decisions. And realize that you have the power to change your life. No one else does. You do. So grab hold of the horns and ride your life into submission!

5. New Friendships

Just as 9 means an end to a relationship, it might also be pointing you towards a new friendship. Or letting you know that a new opportunity for a friendship is blossoming. Go out and do something that brings you joy. And be around other people who like that thing, whatever it is, and you’ll find a new friend in someone you least expected.

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