What are the Akashic Records?

Akashic Records: What Are They and How to Access Them

What if there was a place, a library, that kept record of every life you ever lived? Every major decision you ever made? And what if you could access that library on occasion to learn more about yourself and others? Well, that’s what this article is all about. This mystical, illusive place does indeed exist on the astral plane and in other realms. Here we define the Akashic records, discuss their origins, and teach you how to access them.

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First, What Are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records is an other-dimensional library that contains an archive of every event that has ever happened in the history of the world. This means every life ever lived, every major war or event. But even down on the “smaller” levels: how many insects have ever existed, the animals currently alive, what every person has ever thought and so much more. The word Akashic comes from the Indian word Akasha or Akash which means space, sky or ether in Indian religions. So, to sum it up, it’s a library containing information on literally everything.

The Reason the Akashic Records May Be Accessed…

Each Akashic Record for an “entity” (as Cayce refers to souls) can be accessed when the individual is looking to learn of past lives. Or current lives. To reanalyze their lives, history, lessons and experiences. What’s truly interesting is these records don’t just show an actual occurrence but show the individual’s thoughts and true intentions. And this true intention is sometimes shown as the true happening, which can be confusing in some readings and to some readers. And sometimes these can be misinterpreted by readers. But the point is that Source (God/gods/the universe) don’t put as heavy an emphasis on the deed as they do the intent behind the deed.

Our LIVES on the Big Screen

Every time a record is accessed, the individual is shown a video recording of that experience or thought. It is like the person is seeing that event on the big screen. Again, the point to allowing access to these sacred archives is to assist with each soul’s growth and expansion on earth. Life is literally all about experience. And learning from those experiences, according to Cayce and the information that comes out of the Akashic Records. The most important lessons we’ve gleaned from this library state that the soul’s development is only possible through experience, movement, lessons and activity. If you’re not doing anything in life, and you remain stagnant, you are also not learning. And your soul won’t expand as quickly as it could be.

Edgar Cayce and the Akashic Records

Who was Edgar Cayce and what does he have to do with the Akashic Records? Cayce was an American clairvoyant who had his friend, wife, and secretary record his statements while he was in trance like states. He lives in the late eighteen hundreds through the nineteen forties. And he is now largely considered to be one of the number one influences on the modern metaphysical and new age movements. Cayce’s psychic dissertations covered topics like reincarnation, Atlantis, health through natural means, dreams, major events and much more. What’s interesting is he was supposedly a devout Christian and said these prophecies came from speaking with his “higher self”. You can read his work online for free, as much is in the public domain.

The “sleeping prophet” Edgar Cayce was the first to truly access the Akashic Records to give personal past life readings and have it subsequently documented in the twentieth century. Cayce didn’t just tap into the Akashic Records for readings, he also accessed them for the purpose of psychic dissertations. Some of the most famous of these contain information on the lost civilization known as Atlantis. Every time Cayce tapped into an individual’s past lives, he was shown a life that was influencing the person’s current life. So the lives that were lived in the past that weren’t directly impacting the individual weren’t typically shown to Cayce.

Past Lives’ Affect the Current Life and Our Relationships Are Eternal!

The same goes with modern readers. Most readers will tell you the life they are seeing because there’s influence on the current life. For example, relationships between individuals. Cayce’s work illustrated the importance of human connection and how no one relationship seemed to ever be “new” to the individual’s current life. Sometimes these relationships went back thousands of years, and ran the gamut as far as types of relationships. For instance, one woman’s relationship with her husband in her current life came after past life relationships with him in the form of employer and employee, brother and sister, best friends, mother and son, etc.

Birth Natal Charts Are a “Pamphlet”

Another fascinating aspect of the Akashic Records is the emphasis Cayce placed on astrological markers and each soul. Basically, every soul is imprinted with planetary and heavenly body energy when they are born. He believed no one came from another planet, that all manifested from the earth, but that all were in alignment with specific planets and star formations at the time of birth. So, essentially, if you study your natal chart you are gleaning information into your past lives. It’s sort of an imprint or “pamphlet” view of your own Akashic Records!

According to Cayce, souls aren’t caught in a web of karma necessarily, but find themselves dealing with the consequences of memory. Which obviously can be both good and bad. The soul will always feel the consequences of previous choices – both thought and action. In addition, between lives, the soul takes its time to learn and expand before returning to earth once more.

Where are the Akashic Records?

You’ll read and hear various theories on where this library actually exists. Some say on the astral plane, while others get more specific, down to a particular dimension. According to writer Barbara Hand Clow, she believes the earth holds its own records of the planet which is located in the first dimension. This first dimension is at the very core of the planet. And it’s depicted as a library of light or crystals of light that contain information regarding the creation of the planet and much more. The Akashic Records, however, are located on a higher dimension than the one we currently live in. According to numerous spiritual practitioners, the consensus is the Akashic Records exist in the eighth dimension.

The Sphinx Portal

Once, when I was working spiritually with the Egyptian deity Thoth, I was shown a spiritual door to the Akashic Records library. It was located under the Sphinx in Egypt. He also showed me that the government there sealed up the chambers under the Sphinx because there are actual physical records kept down there that speak of the origins of man, the lost civilization of Atlantis, and many other ancient secrets. I believe there may be a physical archive, but there’s also a spiritual portal to the Akashic Records located there as well. It makes sense the Sphinx is the guardian to this door and this divine information.

There may be an other-dimensional portal under the Sphinx.

My Personal Experience with the Akashic Records

I’ve always been drawn to working with past lives in my own practice and in helping others. And just this past year, I realized that I am able to access these records through astral travel and dream time. A few years ago, I had a particularly vivid dream in which I accessed the Akashic Records. Strangely, in the dreams, I was living various lives and all of which ended with a wave that would crash over me and kill me. Then, I recall being reborn into another life, and shortly after I’d be killed by another wave that crashed over my head. Sometimes I was in a large boat, sometimes I wasn’t. I knew I was seeing myself in different past lives, all of which were ended by water. Which is currently a fear of mine…drowning in deep, vast water.

Interestingly, after I shared this experience with a close friend of mine, she said, “it’s like you were turning the pages in your own Akashic Records. Each wave was a page being turned.” That totally blew my mind! Then I had yet another epiphany while reading Todeschi’s work on Edgar Cayce and the Akashic Records, he states that accessing the Akashic Records is like “turning into radio waves”. WAVES.

Next, How Do You Access the Akashic Records?

The answer to this question is complex. There are some who can access the Akashic Records voluntarily through psychic abilities including going into trance states, astral travel and dream work. But it may be difficult for just anyone off the street to take up this practice easily. If you find the methods we suggest too difficult and you hit a barrier to accessing your own records, you may be better off finding an experienced reader to access them for you. But remember, what they are shown may be misinterpreted since the records often show intent and thought as reality. Not just actual physical experiences.

The Parameters and Guidelines for Access

In addition, there are parameters and rules for accessing the records. For instance, there may be some historical events that some readers are just not prepared to watch and absorb. I highly doubt (this is just my opinion) that Source will allow just anyone to access records in order to accomplish something out of pure greed, malice, revenge, envy, etc.

Essentially, the intent to access them must be pure for the door to the library to be opened. The intent should be to learn from past lives, namely past decisions, thought patterns, relationships, etc. in order to grow in this current life. Also, readers will have an easier time accessing an individual’s records if the readers themselves lived during the same time period.

Try to access your own records with this meditation:

  1. First, cleanse yourself and your space.
  2. Next, get into a relaxed alpha state of mine via music, drumming, incense, etc.
  3. Make your intentions known to the Universe/Source. You can say something like, “I come to Source out of the purest of intentions. To access my Akashic Records, to acquire knowledge of my past lives, to understand how they impact my current reality.” It doesn’t have to be fancy, just of pure heart and to the point.
  4. Now close your eyes and allow yourself to simply focus on your own breath for a few minutes.
  5. When you feel ready, begin to visualize that you are in a warm and dark space. A SAFE but dark space, when you see a door ahead of you with light streaming out from behind it.
  6. You walk over to the door and gently turn the doorknob.
  7. Step through the threshold, knowing your guides are with you and will protect and guide you through this journey to the Akashic library.
  8. Now you see walls lined with glowing, beautiful books of every color of the rainbow.
  9. You marvel at their beauty and brightness. Then you see a book on a shelf in the distance with your name and a number on it. You walk over to it and pick it up.
  10. Flip open the page and allow whatever message to come to you. You may see your past life as a movie on a screen or as a moving picture in your mind’s eye. You might even hear words or read words on the page.
  11. Read or watch your Akashic record play until it’s finished and you see/hear no more.
  12. Begin returning to reality by closing the book and putting it away, turning and heading back towards the door you came through.
  13. Step through and begin to feel your body wake up slowly. Wiggle your fingers and toes and gently flutter your eyes open.
  14. Thank Source/Universe for allowing you to access your own records then thank your guides for their presence.
  15. Now it’s time to write what you experienced!

Dragons and Other Akashic Guardians

It is my experience and opinion the Akashic records are guarded by appointed guardian entities like Dragons. When I’ve accessed my personal Akashic records, I met a Dragon guardian spirit who not only watched over my records but watched over me in other ways.

It’s interesting to note that Dragons are depicted in movies and fairy tales as being hoarders of gold and other treasures, typically in a cave or far beneath the Earth. I also find it intriguing that a giant serpent is wrapped around the roots of Yggdrasil, the World Tree in Norse cosmology. There are other dragons and serpentine creatures that seem to be present in World Tree mythology in other cultures and traditions, as well as being creatures that guard something of great value.

Could it be that the Dragons we see in our dreams and old legends are actually guarding something from the Otherworld…something of greater value than gold…but perhaps the Akashic records of our lives and of time immemorial? Just something to consider.

Resources Used:

  • Ascension Magick: Ritual, Myth and Healing for the New Aeon by Christopher Penczak
  • Edgar Cayce on the Akashic Records by Kevin Todeschi

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