20+ Crystals for Yule Winter Solstice

20 Crystals for Yule Winter Solstice and How to Use Them

The Winter Holidays are a time for feasting, gift-giving, family time and revelry. And along with all the fun to be had, there’s typically also stress. We end up spending a lot of time around others which can leave us feeling drained and frazzled. What better way to care for yourself than with the healing power of crystals? Here we provide you with our favorite crystals for Yule Winter Solstice based on their color, uses, and vibrations.

20 of the BEST Crystals for Yule and the Winter Solstice

Truly any and every crystal is useful during Yule and the Winter Solstice depending on your needs and intentions. Use what you have and what works best for you.

1. Black Obsidian for Shadow Work & Scrying

One of my favorite stones in general, black obsidian is the perfect crystal for Yule and Winter Solstice in more than one way. Traditionally, black obsidian was used as one of the first mirrors, made into weapons and tools, and later used as a scrying mirror. When Winter hits, we typically slow down and go into ourselves. We go into a hibernation, so to speak. So obsidian aids in taking us deeper into our shadows and is a great tool for practicing scrying.

2. Green Calcite: Heal My Heart During the Holidays

Well, green calcite is green so it’s automatically a good fit for the Yuletide season. Here at Otherworldly Oracle, we call green calcite the Witch’s Heart Stone because of its soothing, healing heart vibes. Green links it to our hearts and to the earth, and is obviously one of the colors of the Winter Solstice season (think evergreens – rebirth). Use in meditation and set around the house as a Yule decoration.

3. Red Jasper: Tantric Holiday Sex Stone

Most of us spend a lot of time indoors during the Winter Solstice season. During that time, many of us tend to concentrate on pleasures of the flesh – food, drink, sleep, relaxation, and sexual relations. Red jasper isn’t just in alignment with seasonal colors, it also represents the sacral chakra and tantric sex. It stimulates a healthy sexual appetite and therefore is perfect for the Yuletide season (in my opinion). It’s also a very grounding stone, helpful when things tend to feel chaotic during the holidays.

4. Carnelian for Winter, the Season of Death

Ancient Egyptians believed carnelian aided the dead into the afterlife and protected them throughout their journeys. Why is carnelian a good crystal for Yule and Winter Solstice? Because many souls cross over in the Winter…and carnelian would be a great stone to place with them in their casket or during cremation. Never mind the fact that Winter is the season of earthly death. It’s also a stone to promote vitality and abundance…ubiquitous themes during the Winter Solstice.

5. Sunstone: A Yule Sun Crystal

Yule is the Winter Solstice and with the solstices we honor the sun. Basically any crystal or stone linked to the sun is appropriate for Yule. Including one of our favorites, Sunstone. Not only is it linked to the sun but it’s also great for self care, cleansing one’s aura, and ridding one’s mind and emotional body of negative energy. It “shines a light” so to speak in the darker corners of our minds and hearts to allow love to permeate.

A cluster of citrine.

6. Citrine

Citrine as a crystal for Yule provides us with energy during a time when we may feel sleepy and sometimes even drained of energy from the holiday hustle and bustle. It’s great for recharging and aids in healing from depression and guilt. If you tend to suffer from nightmares in the Winter time (which is completely normal), citrine under the pillow rids negative energy and entities. It is also linked to the sun and therefore a wonderful Winter solstice stone.

7. Clear Quartz

Seriously one of those diverse and versatile crystals, clear quartz is one that I have all over the house during the Winter holidays. The Greeks called it “krystallos” which means ice, therefore linking it to the Winter Solstice. It truly looks like hardened ice. And, just like ice, clear quartz is a powerful energy cleanser. When placed around the home at Yule, will help ward off or absorb negative vibes from visitors and family alike.

8. Rose Quartz

Why is rose quartz a good crystal for Winter? Once again, self care and self love. We put so much time and effort into caring for others, particularly during the holidays, that we often neglect ourselves. By working with rose quartz amidst the holiday frenzy, you’ll draw that universal loving energy into your life and keep more of a balance.

9. Selenite

Believe it or not, the moon is also an important part of Yule celebrations. After all, the Winter Solstice is the longest night of the year. And selenite is actually named for the goddess of the Moon, Selene. Therefore it carries qualities of the goddess herself and of the moon including increasing psychic abilities, dream work, and connecting to the Divine. We know divination is powerful at Yule, and selenite is a great stone with which to scry the future. And aids us in communicating with angels. Speaking of angels…

10. Angelite

This crystal for Yule is named for its ability to unlock angelic consciousness. And what better time to focus on angelic realms than during the Winter Solstice? This pretty blue stone also aids in speaking one’s truth, inspiring compassion, and is linked to resurrection and rebirth. All key themes during the holidays. If you find you’re lacking compassion this year, or you need to invoke a little more compassion from others, angelite is the answer.

11. Moss Agate

In addition to moss agate being a perfect Yule shade of green, it it is also the gardener’s talisman according to writer Judy Hall. If you’re a gardener and dreaming about your Spring garden in the dead of Winter, holding or wearing moss agate will give you those green vibes you’re missing. It’s also a stone used by midwives and linked to birth…a central theme to the Winter Solstice where we see the sun “reborn”.

Moss agate is great for Yule for a few reasons.

12. Jade: A Great Gifted Crystal for Yule

If you need to conjure a little snow, mist or ice, jade is your girl. It’s been used for centuries as a weather-conjuring stone in China. As children, many Chinese people are given jade to wear either as a bracelet or charm. This is because it’s believed to protect children from dangers and illness. What a great gift for someone this Yule.

13. Amethyst

The psychic crystal, amethyst is perfect for Winter Solstice. It keeps your intuition fine-tuned, dreams flowing, and your third eye open. So you’ll see the illness or spirits coming before they do, which is a commonplace occurrence during the Winter season. Between cold and flu season, spending more money than usual, and frequent visitors, amethyst is a great crystal to keep energy flowing in a positive way.

14. Bloodstone

We love red stones and green stones for Yule…but what about a green stone with red flecks? Bloodstone is exactly that. I’ve used bloodstone for many years to keep my heart healthy, as well as purification of the aura. It’s also a weather-controlling stone and useful if you need to stop a blizzard or melt some ice during the Winter. In addition, it’s a known barrier-remover and so helps move prosperity into the front door rather than out during the holidays.

15. Honey Calcite

Honey calcite, also called golden calcite, is another crystal linked to the sun and therefore the Solstices. It’s used metaphysically to prevent laziness, inspire motivation, and soothe emotional distress and discord. I don’t know about you but I have a difficult time getting off my bum during the Winter break, so honey calcite will be helpful this Yuletime.

16. Emerald: Powerful Crystals for Yule

Emerald is the quintessential Yule stone for a few reasons. First, because it’s the traveler’s protection stone dating back to ancient Egypt 3000 BCE (Judy Hall). And also because it’s the lovers’ stone – it promotes unity and harmony between partners and is said to change color if one is unfaithful. With all the stressors around the holidays, sometimes our romantic relationships suffer. Hold onto emerald to quell these issues.

17. Moonstone

To connect with the goddesses of Yule and the Winter season, get yourself a piece of moonstone. Moonstone, when held or worn, increases Divine Feminine vibrations and links us to the moon. We often forget the Winter holidays were once very much centered around goddesses. So if you see to bring this energy back to Yule, moonstone will help. Offer a piece of moonstone as offering to Yule goddesses like Berchta, Holle, Cailleach, etc.

Iceland spar aided the Vikings in their travels.

18. Iceland Spar: The Viking Yule Crystal

It wouldn’t be a complete Yule crystal list without giving a nod to the Vikings who brought the solstice celebrations to foreign shores. A special crystal called Iceland Spar is said to have been a crystal used by the Vikings to navigate while out at sea. Just as it provided clarity and vision for our Viking ancestors, it will also show us the truth and guide us in the right direction over the Winter season of darkness.

19. Snow Quartz

Also called quartzite, snow quartz does what its name suggests…summons snow. If you’re a Yule lover, you might be inclined to summon a snow day or two where you live. Grab yourself a hunk of snow quartz. Interestingly, it’s particularly good at helping people heal from co-dependent relationships and ways of life.

20. Cinnabar: Prosperity Stone for Yule

Cinnabar is a beautiful red and cream crystal for Yule and is said to bring prosperity to those who possess it. If you run a small business, put a piece of it in the cash register or near your cash to bring more of it to you. At Yule, the focus is often on money and gifts, with many of us spending too much in the process. Cinnabar will help replenish what’s been given away.

How to Use Crystals for Yule

However you choose to use crystals is up to you and may change depending on your mood and the day. Here’s some ways in which we use crystals for the Winter Solstice and season:

  • Place crystals around the home to encourage those magical Yule vibes
  • Place around the kitchen to imbue your Yule recipes with extra magic
  • Decorate your yule Winter altar with red, green, white and gold stones
  • Meditate while holding the crystal
  • Place Yule crystals in witch balls, spell bags, and bottles
  • Wear crystals for Yule during the Winter season to bring prosperity, invoke protection, communicate with angels and much more (see each crystal’s explanation to learn more)
  • Give Winter solstice crystals away to friends and family
  • Use in ritual baths (if safe)
  • Make a Yule crystal elixir
  • Add to Yule decorations like garland, wreaths, and centerpieces
20+ Yule Crystals

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  1. if snow quartz (quartzite) helps heal from co-dependent relationships/co-dependent ways of life. does that mean that the person who is co-dependent won’t be with you anymore?

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