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Find Lost Object Spells: How to MAGICALLY Locate Your THINGS

Don’t you hate it when you lose something that you KNOW you had put somewhere special to keep it safe? Or you set your keys down in the regular spot then BOOM, they’re gone? Sometimes we lose little things that can be replaced. And sometimes we lose things that are irreplaceable. This is all just a part of being a human and a normal part of life. But what if there was a way to magically locate these lost things? Here I will share with you my find lost object spells and methods so that you can locate your keys, ring, hat, heirlooms, etc.

First, Why Do We Lose Things? The Spiritual Side of It

There’s always a physical / mundane reason as to why we lose our precious items. Sometimes we are in a rush, set something in a place where we don’t typically set it, and then forget about it until later. For instance, maybe you have your keys in your hand and get sidetracked by having to find your shoes in your closet. You set your keys on a shelf in your closet, grab your shoes, and walk out to the garage. Then you realize you don’t have your keys in your hand. This is a typical situation for me. Forgetfulness, busy-ness, and being overwhelmed in general adds to the probability of losing our things.

Sometimes we move houses or places of work only to find that we have lost something precious. A grandmother’s antique ring. A photo album. That sweater that you’ve had since high school. Whatever it might be, sometimes it just gets lost in the packaging of boxes and organization (or lack of) during the moving process. Sometimes, unfortunately, someone you know takes said items. But SOMETIMES, there might be something more spiritual at play.

Sometimes, in my experience, we lose things for a couple supernatural reasons:

  1. The universe or our guides are pushing us to slow down and pay closer attention to the little things in life. I.e. where we place our most prized possessions
  2. We may have a ghost, ancestor, or even an elemental (faery) that took the “lost item” and placed it elsewhere. You’ll know this is the case when you finally find the lost object somewhere EXTREMELY random. Or somewhere that you KNOW you checked time and time again.
  3. Or we lose an object and NEVER find it again. This is sometimes teaching us a lesson of letting go of the past. Whether that’s a toxic relationship, a person who might have passed and has moved on to the other side, or a phase in your life that is over.
  4. The item that’s lost has run its energetic course. For example, I’ve often had nazar amulet bracelets and keychains get lost. The first time this happened, I was upset. Then I realized, the amulet had absorbed so much negative energy it had done all it could do for me. It had served its purpose. So always consider the item and whether it just might be time to let it go.
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Sometimes the Universe takes things away from us for our highest good.

Items that Get Lost that Should Stay Lost

While I can’t tell you what items you may have lost that should stay that way, I can give you advice on certain things that sometimes run their course. And sometimes we have to let these things go.

  • Crystals and stones that you’ve had for a long time that have absorbed too much energy and are ready to return to the earth
  • Amulets that are used to deflect negative energy OR absorb negative energy, i.e. nazar and hamsa amulets
  • Rings, pendants, charms from old, particularly toxic relationships. This old energy serves you no good and is ready to be released when it is lost
  • Items that represent old, toxic habits like lighters, vapes, liquor bottles, etc. If you find yourself constantly losing vape pens, this might be your sign it’s time to let this habit go.

Find Lost Objects Spell #1: Simple Clairvoyance Exercise

One of my “witchy abilities”, if you will, is finding lost items. It’s something I’ve always had a knack for. But I don’t necessarily do a find lost objects spell with tools or ingredients. I use my intuition and claircognizant. And truly you can do the same, as long as you know where your abilities lie and how you experience your intuition. Here’s what to do:

  1. Breathe and relax. You’re not going to be able to tune into your lost object’s location if you’re stressed out and frazzled.
  2. Clear your mind completely. See a blank white screen with your mind’s eye.
  3. Then begin to visualize your lost object. What it looks like, its shape, color, and how you personally use it.
  4. Clear your mind again. Breathe again and relax some more.
  5. Now ask the Universe, where is my lost object
  6. At this point, you’ll receive an image or a flash of an image. You might even see a small movie in your mind showing you where the lost object is. The caveat to this is, if you’re more clairaudient, you might hear the answer instead of seeing it.
  7. Allow the FIRST answer/image to be your true location.
  8. Go find the lost object then come back here and tell me how well this find lost object spell worked!

I’m being serious when I say, this method works for me 9 times out of 10. I have helped family members and friends find missing objects. And I’ve helped people online (of whom I don’t even know) find their lost items. You just have to tap into your higher self and the Universe.

Find Lost Objects Spell #2: Petition Your Guides

If you can’t seem to tap into your clairvoyant side and need an actual ingredients-and-tools spell, no problem. I’ve got you covered here. For this find your lost objects spell, you’ll be petitioning your guide, ancestor, or Saint Anthony to help you locate your item.

What You’ll Need:

  • White candle (tealight or chime/spell size)
  • A piece of bread and cup of water for offering (note: choose an appropriate offering for your chosen guide. If you choose Saint Anthony, never offer him alcohol as he finds it offensive.)
  • Picture or representation of Saint/Ancestor/guide

What To Do:

  1. Cleanse your space and gather your supplies.
  2. Place the candle in front of the picture of your chosen guide.
  3. Light the candle and say, “beloved guide/saint/ancestor, I light this candle in your name. May it shine brightly and lead you to my lost ____________.”
  4. Then place the piece of bread and pour the cup of water in front of the picture.
  5. Say, “please accept this offering as my gift to you in equal exchange for locating my _____.”
  6. Once the lost object is found, thank your guide/Saint and dispose of the offering.

Every time I’ve ever petitioned Saint Anthony to help find something lost, he ALWAYS comes through. And typically within a few hours!

Find Lost Objects Spell #3: Map and Pendulum Method

Another method of mine and perhaps a little more complex than the last two is the map and pendulum method. I say it’s a little more complex, because you have to do a little rough sketching. However, it is just as effective, especially if you KNOW your lost object is somewhere within your home.

This is what you’ll need:

  • Piece of paper and pencil
  • Pendulum OR heavy charm on a necklace

This is what to do to find your lost object:

  1. Draw a map of your house. If you have two or more floors, draw each floor separately on separate pieces of paper. This doesn’t have to be perfect. But make sure you label each room, draw each closet, and try to include bigger pieces of furniture.
  2. Lay your map of your house out on a flat surface. If you have multiple floor sketches, place them close together.
  3. Let your pendulum or charm necklace hang loose over your map(s). Steady it and make sure you’ve determined which way means yes and which ways means no. You can also instruct it to “pull” you towards the location of your lost item (be sure to also state what the item is).
  4. Now hold the pendulum over your house map(s) and see where the pendulum leads you.
  5. For example, if you ask the pendulum if your lost item is on the first floor and it moves clockwise, this may be a yes.
  6. Then you can hold the pendulum over the first floor map and ask it to swing in the direction of your lost item.
  7. Now go find your lost object!

Find Lost Objects Spell #4: The Tarot or Oracle Method

Another method I’ve used to find lost items involves a deck of Tarot cards and the question. This method has worked for me and family members. Sometimes the information coming through the reading might not seem like it “fits” the situation, so it requires you to think outside of the box. For example, if the cards show purple flower, you might want to look at actual purple flowers AND a tablecloth, shirt, etc. that is decorated with purple flowers.

What to Do:

  1. Get your Tarot or Oracle deck ready by cleansing the deck and your space.
  2. Set the ambiance with candlelight, incense, etc. whatever you need to get into a relaxed, open mindset.
  3. When you’re ready, ask where the lost item is now located. Then shuffle the deck and draw a card.
  4. Observe everything about the card: if there’s a number, figure, colors, shapes, and places in the card. All of these things could be hints to where your lost object hides currently.
  5. If you’re not sure with just one card, pull up to two more and let the cards tell a story. Through this reading, you should be able to determine where the lost item is.

Also, keep in mind, sometimes the lost item might not be in a place where you can actually locate it. For example, you went to an amusement park and your favorite necklace was lost. You use the method above and draw the Tower card reversed or the Death card. This may mean your necklace fell into the cracks somewhere on a ride and is now un-locateable. Sometimes we just have to let things go.

The Hot and Cold Method of Finding Lost Things

Have you ever played the game “hot or cold”? This is when a person hides an item in the room and you go around the room looking for the item. The hider will say “hot” when you get closer to the item, and if you’re further away the hider will say “cold”. I’ve crafted this find lost objects spell based on this exact game. But instead of having a person telling you “hot or cold”, you’ll ask the Universe to tell you through energetic sensations. Again, this works best if you know the general location of the item. i.e. your house or place of work. It also works really well if you’re Reiki attuned or work with energy healing methods.

What to do:

  1. Cleanse yourself and open your mind to the Universe.
  2. Ask the Universe to help you locate the lost item and slowly rub your hands together to generate energy.
  3. Hold your hands out directly in front of you and ask the Universe to send a tingling sensation (or warming, etc.) in your hands when you come closer to the lost item.
  4. Now go around each room and “feel” the energy in your hands. When you get closer to the item, you’ll feel your hands radiate/pulse/tingle with energy. Follow that energetic sensation until you’ve located the lost object.
Find Lost Object Spells

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