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20 Samhain Herbs & Crystals for Your Autumn Spells & Rituals

The black cat scratches. The bat flies overhead. Witches twist and turn, excited in their beds. Samhain, Halloween, All Hallows Eve is nearly here. It’s time to plan our celebrations, feasts, and rituals. If you’re looking for ingredients for your Samhain sabbat spells, rituals, and festivities, you’ll find them here. Our 20+ favorite Samhain herbs and crystals to connect with ancestors, ward off evil, and bring prosperity for this enchanted Hallowe’en.

Our 10 FAVORITE Samhain Herbs for Ancestor Work, Warding and More

Samhain is the Celtic last harvest and was once considered the beginning of a New Year. The “veil” between the spirit world and our world is at its thinnest. Or rather, the doors between our realm and theirs are open during this time. You’ll hear people say Samhain is a liminal time, which means it’s neither here nor there. It’s “between” times or a bridge from one season to the next. And liminal times equal mischief and magic in every sense of the terms.

It’s a great time for divination, protection rituals, charms to draw in prosperity, to connect with the ancestors, to release old habits and much more. Without further adieu, here’s our recommendations for Samhain herbs to include in your spells, rituals, and festivities this sabbat:

1. Mugwort for Dreams and Ancestor Work

Mugwort is one of those well-known and loved Samhain herbs in the witchcraft community. It is mostly known for inducing lucid and prophetic dreams when drank as a tea or stuffed into a dream pillow. But it can also be beneficial when working with your ancestors this Samhain season. Ancestors often come to us in our dreams and through psychic visions, so mugwort is an essential herb in connecting with our beloved dead. Some paranormal investigators burn mugwort to attract ghosts. In addition to being attractive to the ancestors, it also carries protective qualities to ward off negative entities. NOTE: do not take mugwort internally if you are pregnant or nursing!

2. A Samhain Herb for Baking & Magick-Making: Cinnamon

I don’t know about you but I love cinnamon. I don’t just use it on Samhain, I use it on Yule and basically year-round. The scent is evocative of Autumn and the herb itself packs a powerful punch in the kitchen AND in spells of all kinds. Cinnamon’s magic properties include protection, money, strength, love, amplification, divination and connection to the ancestors and the spirit world. Remember, you can use cinnamon in the kitchen in your pumpkin pies, hot apple cider, mulled wine, and cinnamon rolls. AND in your magick by adding to spell bags, bottles, jars, candle workings, oils, etc.

3. Bay Leaves for Samhain Divination

If you’re the kind of pagan who loves to divinate on Samhain, bay leaves might be the perfect Samhain herb for you. Bay leaves have been known for centuries to enhance psychic abilities. Ancient Roman priests chewed on bay leaves to acquire messages from the gods. And the Oracle at Delphi was said to inhale the steam from brewing bay leaves in order to acquire her visions. You likely already have this herb in your kitchen pantry.

4. Rosemary for Warding and Purifying on Samhain

If you’ve followed us for awhile, you’ll know how big of an addiction I have to rosemary in my kitchen and practice. I will literally recommend it for everything, including as an essential Samhain herb. It’s just one of those heal-all, do-all, amazing kind of herbs. If you plan to cast some powerful protection rituals around your house this Samhain, include rosemary in your warding, banishing, and cleansing rituals. It’s a purifying herb but doesn’t just remove negative vibes – it replaces the negative with positive vibes.

A spiderweb hangs onto a budding rosemary plant. The perfect Samhain herbal garden.

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5. Tobacco for Ancestor Work

A must have herb in spirit work, tobacco is used in Voodoo and Hoodoo traditions as offerings to the spirits. To many Native Americans, tobacco was smoked as an initiation to many things including friendships, alliances, and at the beginning of a long journey. But if you’re not of either of those traditions, that’s okay. Tobacco is a link to the otherworld, therefore to our ancestors, whoever they may be. In addition, giving tobacco to the ancestors we know enjoyed it during their lives is effective and a common practice.

5. Pumpkin Seeds for Prosperity

I know pumpkin seeds aren’t exactly an herb, but just roll with me here. Pumpkin is indeed an inseparable symbol of the Autumn Samhain season. So why not use it in our magick? Kitchen witches may choose to collect the seeds from their carving pumpkins to roast in the oven with magical herbs and spices. Then eat for prosperity and protection in the coming Winter season.

6. Roses for Ancestor Work

Rose petals, rosebuds, and rose essential oil tends to be a favorite among my maternal ancestors. The rose’s power is frequently underestimated. Not only is the rose potent for beauty rituals, it’s also powerful for protection spells AND for ancestor work, particularly with communication. Drip rose essential oil on your ancestor candle, spritz rose water around your ancestors’ altar space, and make rosebud tea in their honor. They’re also particularly beautiful scattered over your altar. Look for black and orange roses to amplify the Samhain vibes!

Roses are our connection to maternal ancestors and to the Underworld. They offer protection during Samhain rites.

7. Rue: A POWERFUL Banishing Samhain Herb

If you’ve ever grown rue or even had a whiff of fresh rue, you’ll know why it’s been used for centuries to banish evil, illness and the like. It has a pungent aroma you won’t find with any other. That’s why it’s a perfect Samhain herb. Since the spirits are out and about on Samhain, it’s best to protect your home and yourself from any negative influence. Keeping rue on your person or hanging by the front door wards off mischievous and evil spirits. It can be used in small quantities to flavor pork and beef dishes, too. But use in moderation.

8. Wormwood

If burned, wormwood summons the dead. Be careful if burning – the fumes may be toxic. Burn in a well-ventilated area (outside is best!) Wormwood was the key ingredient in absinthe, a popular “hallucinogenic” beverage made in past centuries (and today just in a different form). The hallucinogenic ingredient in wormwood is called thujone, which is also present in mugwort. Some people are sensitive to the thujone in this Samhain herb, while others aren’t affected at all! I tend to use it in spell bags, charms, and candle workings mostly.

9. Acorns and Oak Leaves: WITCHY Wisdom

According to Laurie Cabot, acorns acted as a symbol of witchcraft in the Dark Ages. A witch would let another witch know that she was a witch by simply handing her an acorn. So if you have an acorn in your pocket, you might be a witch. Acorns are also a symbol of Autumn and Samhain, so decorate your altar and space with them. Add three oak leaves to a ritual Samhain bath to invoke wisdom and draw in prosperity.

Acorns and a mushroom. Both potent Samhain herbs for magickal rituals and spells.

10. Mushrooms: Connect with the Otherworld

Something about mushrooms that’s just so freaking magical. Anytime I see them in my yard or on a nature walk, I have to stop and look at them. Yes, once again, I know they’re not an “herb” technically. But they are linked to Samhain so I’m including them here. Mushrooms are a link to the Underworld and therefore to the ancestors. They’re also a symbol of the faery folk, and you’ll see fairy rings (circles of mushrooms) where the fae have danced. Include edible mushrooms in your Samhain feasts and dumb supper this year to honor the ancestors and fae.

10 Potent Samhain Crystals and Stones for Rituals & Spells

We’re not big crystal pushers here at Otherworldly Oracle, but we do enjoy using them from time to time. Particularly around the Samhain season. Carry these babies on you through Autumn to connect with the Otherworld, purify your aura, protect your home, etc.

1. Amethyst: The Psychic Stone for Samhain

We just covered amethyst’s amazing properties in a recent post here. But, essentially, amethyst is perfect as a Samhain crystal for a few reasons. A. it aids in opening one’s third eye and so is invaluable to the Samhain season when spirits abound. B. it’s protective during dream work and astral projection. And last but not least, it is one of the witch’s favorite crystals because of its versatility in spells and divination.

2. Black Obsidian

Black obsidian just screams Samhain to me. Not just it’s shiny black gleam, but the depths to which this stone goes when used in magical practice. I keep a large black obsidian palm stone beside my bed, so when I have a nightmare I can grab it. And its powerful energy grounds and protects me immediately. It’s also been used for thousands of years as a scrying tool, to see into the future and to speak to deities and spirits.

Black obsidian and amethyst (among other) stones and crystals ready for use in Samhain festivities.

3. Citrine

Samhain is the last harvest and the end of Summer. And truthfully, we celebrate or honor the sun at nearly every sabbat. So Samhain is no different. Any stone imbued with solar energy is helpful for any sabbat. Citrine is linked to the sun, our solar plexus, and great for Samhain for a few reasons. Add it to your Samhain prosperity spells and carry it to bring joy and energy during your Halloween festivities.

4. Black Tourmaline

There’s always going to be negative energy everywhere we go, unfortunately. And because Samhain is a time when the doors to the spirit world are open, we may also encounter negative entities. Black tourmaline is great for warding your property from unwanted spirits. Bury 4 at the corners of your property to deflect psychic attack and spirit intrusion. Particularly prevalent on Samhain. This Samhain stone is also wonderful to have around your technology to absorb bad energetic waves.

5. Orange Calcite

Orange is a sacred co lor for Samhain, as its seen in the natural world in the colors of the changing leaves, the sun sets, pumpkins and gourds. It’s also the color of orange calcite, a particularly potent Samhain crystal. Orange calcite is associated with one’s sacral chakra, and therefore cleanses and aligns our reproductive organs, sexuality, and gets our creative juices flowing. If you feel you come alive during the fall season, orange calcite stimulates inspiration and helps us get our creative projects off the ground. Plus it’s pretty on your Samhain altar.

6. Bloodstone

Bloodstone is known to heal cardiovascular illness and disease. It “gets the blood pumping” so to speak, and therefore has a link to ancestor work. The blood in our veins is the blood that once ran through our ancestors’ veins, therefore bloodstone is a must have stone for ancestor work. And useful in Samhain rituals, at dumb suppers, and on our ancestor altars.

7. Spirit Quartz for Spirit Communication on Samhain

The best use for spirit quartz is given away in its name – spirit communication. This is probably one of the prettiest Samhain crystals on our list. It’s sparkly and feminine. But also great for Samhain as it offsets the darker stones like tourmaline and obsidian in a seasonal display. One of its unique powers is it detoxifies the body and aura. So if you’re looking to release old habits and toxic vibes this Halloween, spirit quartz is your crystal.

8. Lepidolite

Remember, it’s not just the ancestors and ghosts who walk the streets on Samhain. The fairies do too. If you’d like to appease the good folk with a Samhain crystal, make it lepidolite. It’s a stone that’s typically rosy or lavender colored and contains no iron. Therefore the fae prefer this stone over most other crystals that contain materials that irritate or hurt them like iron. Learn more about lepidolite here.

Lepidolite, the Fairy Crystal
Lepidolite, a crystal the fae actually like!

9. Serpentine

I know most people think of bats, cats, and wolves for Halloween and Samhain. But I also think of the snake as a symbol and ever-present animal guide during the Autumn season. The fact that it crawls on its belly over the ground where our ancestors dwell makes it an inseparable part of the ancestral realm. Serpentine is a stone directly associated with the snake and aids in remembering past lives. Plus, Loki likes this stone and Loki (to me) is also a fan of the Samhain season.

10. Dragon Stone: A Samhain Stone for Kundalini Rising (And Releasing the Old)

Dragon stone isn’t as widely popular as some of the other Samhain crystals we’ve mentioned here, but I believe it’ll start to gain popularity soon. This stone looks like the petrified scales of a dragon. Dragons are guardians of the earth, spirits of place, and connect us with our Mother Nature. It activates our kundalini centers and invokes our sacred sexuality and primality. All rituals and workings to engage in on Samhain, as we say goodbye to the old year and our old selves. And move into a new outlook on life and our bodies. \

11. Skull Stones for Ancestor Work

There’s no reason to shy away from using skull symbolism in your pagan or witchcraft practice. The skull represents a few pertinent concepts: the life-death-rebirth cycle, wisdom, and the ancestors. Put any stone or crystal that’s been shaped into a skull on your ancestor altar or around the house to honor the ancestors and the “dying” of Summer this Samhain.


20+ Samhain Herbs and Crystals for Rituals and Traditions
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