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Spring Color Magic: How to Love, Heal, & Cast with the Colors of Spring

The cold, icy hands of Winter have melted. The bright, joyous face of Spring has blossomed. What’s one of the first things we notice about Spring? It’s brilliant colors! Time to harness the vibrant energies of Spring and cast a little Spring color magic!

What is Color Magic?

Most of us use color magic without noticing. Do you cast a lot of candle magic? Are you choosing colors to match your intention? If so, you’re practicing color magic! Each color of the spectrum has its own magical properties. Even the “non”-colors like black and white have magical properties and cast powerful magic. Shades of colors can also mean different things. So, by choosing specific colors for your rituals and magic, you are practicing color magic. Ultimately what energies these colors represent is up to you! For example, one person might see red as being a color of revenge while another witch sees it as the color of love. And so on and so forth.

Spring Color Magic!!! Color Magical Properties & How to Do Spring Color Magic!

The Colors of Spring & Their Magical Properties

We see nearly every color of the spectrum blooming in the Spring. Yellows, reds, pinks, purples, blues, and OH the glorious greens of Spring! Each of these Spring colors have their own shades, too. Here I will break down the colors of spring and their magical properties (feel free to adjust to your unique magic):

  • Neon and Dark Yellow: a.k.a. sunshine yellow, dandelion yellow, bumblebee yellow. What do you think of when you see this bright color? The sun, bumblebee stripes, yellow tulips, dandelion heads…all things cheery and bright! Shades of bright yellow lend their energy to magic that brings joy and energy. Moreover, it can also be used to align and balance your solar plexus.
  • Light Yellow: egg yellow, custard yellow, banana yellow, etc. When yellow is a pastel shade, it represents the same magic as bright yellow but with a calmer tone. Don’t need a BURST of energy but just a slight amount? Use pastel yellows instead. Also use for gentle communication, new friendship, new opportunity, success and mental clarity.
  • Neon and Dark Blues: lapis blue, royal blue, sapphire blue, navy blue, etc. Blue is a color with versatility. Each shade may evoke a different emotion in the individual. Dark and bright blues have magical properties that include healing, water magic, communication, and astral projection.
  • Light Blue: cornflower, periwinkle, baby blue, etc. This shade of blue is used in healing magic and brings peace and tranquility in chaotic situations. Light blue known as “haint blue” has been used in the South for centuries to ward off evil spirits.
  • Neon and Dark Pink: hot pink, fuscia, punch, and magenta. Bright and dark shades of pink represent female empowerment, radical self-love, and healing of emotional wounds. Some consider pink a color of love and friendship.
  • Light Pink: pastel pinks include bubblegum pink, flamingo, blush, etc. Light pinks are used in femininity, friendship, compassion, and protection of children and home.
  • Dark and Neon Purple: grape, violet, royal, wine, eggplant, etc. Dark and bright purples represent your higher self, royalty, intuition, spiritual power, magic in general, wisdom, and dreams.
  • Light Purple: lavender, lilac, orchid, and iris. Light and pastel purples are used for spiritual healing, soothing nerves, and beauty.
  • Dark and Neon Green: hunter green, moss green, juniper, clover, basil green, etc. When we think of green, we think of the Earth in all its glory. Trees, grass, plants, and the earth element! Dark and bright greens are used in money magic, growth, abundance, gardening, healing, love, and more. ALL greens are perfect for Spring color magic!
  • Light Green: pear, chartreuse, mint, kelly green, seafoam, etc. Light greens are great for rebirth, resurrection, new opportunities, children, fertility, and earth magic (all Spring magical themes!)
  • White: white is a color of Spring for various reasons. In the Spring we start anew, and the color white imbues all those Spring qualities. Purification, unity, balance, healing, wiping the slate “clean”, divine connection, and protection.

Ways to Do SIMPLE Spring Color Magic

When I was a young person, I always wanted to wear black, gray, and dark colors. Now that I’m older, I’ve realized how powerful the colors of the rainbow are! When you’re tuned in to Mother Earth, you’ll be drawn to the energies of each season. This includes the colors of the seasons. So, in Spring, I am particularly fond of pastels and bright colors, as well as floral patterns. Here’s a few ways to incorporate Spring color magic into your life this Spring:

  • Wear yellow to brighten your mood and energize your body and mindb
  • Baby blue outfits bring a feeling of peace and serenity to your soul
  • Wear green to draw in good luck and new opportunities
  • Pick brightly colored Spring flowers and place them around the house
  • Make a Spring wreath from green foliage and hang on the front door
  • Drape your table in a bright Spring floral tablecloth
  • Re-decorate your altar to include greenery, flowers, birds nests with blue eggs, and cover your altar in a Spring color altar cloth (pastels, etc.)
  • Wear light-colored eyeshadow to match your intention for the day and match your outfit (all geared towards a magical intention)
  • Choose foods from all colors of the rainbow (particularly bright colors) to eat including: greens (lettuce, spinach, kale), oranges, lemons, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, etc.
  • Cast a love spell with green and pink candles
  • Honor the Green Man and fairies with brightly-colored flower offerings in the woods
  • Drink tea made of spring flowers (i.e. rose, chamomile, butterfly pea, hibiscus, etc.)

Spring Therapy

In addition to doing oodles of Spring color magic, don’t forget colors are therapeutic to body, mind, and soul. Need to unwind from a long, stressful day at work? Take a bath filled with lavender buds (double whammy because lavender has a soothing effect PLUS a soothing color). Following, drink a cup of butterfly pea flower tea (this herb turns a pretty light blue in hot water).

Need a little extra passion in your life? Drink a cup of hibiscus tea with rosebuds (RED tea for passion!) Give a bouquet of yellow or pink flowers to a friend to represent your friendship. Feeling like your chakras are out of whack? Then wear a Spring color that matches each chakra for one full week and see how you feel after! Spring color magic and therapy has so many benefits. Don’t miss out this Spring!

Spring Color Magic: How to Love, Heal, and Enchant with the Colors of Spring!!!


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