The Zodiac Signs as Stevie Nicks Songs!

Are you as big of a Stevie Nicks fan as I am? I have loved Stevie Nicks since my childhood and continue to love her. Last year I saw her live in concert in Tampa and was totally smitten with the white witch. Recently I got to wondering, what would it be like if Stevie Nicks sang a song for each zodiac sign? I decided to put that idea into reality with this list of the zodiac signs as Stevie Nicks songs!

Aquarius: Rhiannon

“All your life you’ve never seen a woman taken by the wind.” Aquarius is an air sign and also symbolically the “water bearer”. This means the characteristics of an air sign and water sign will manifest in the Aquarius person. They are great communicators, imaginative, and can either be introvert or extrovert. They are often easy to get along with, like most air signs, but are flighty in certain situations. The song Rhiannon reminds me of the Aquarius – ethereal, liberated, and someone who needs time to themselves.

Pisces: Crystal

“Drove me through the mountains through the crystal-like clear water fountain. Drove me like a magnet to the sea.” If you know a Pisces person, you will know how attached they are to the water. They are truly “fish” people – in and out. They don’t feel right if they’re not near a body of water. Emotions and intuitions run high in this sign, which are both characteristics of the water element. In the song Crystal, Stevie Nicks sings of a love that drove her through obstacles “to the sea”. This fits a Pisces person in so many ways!

Aries: Rooms on Fire

“Maybe I’m just thinking that the rooms are all on fire, every time that you walk in the room.” Aries is one of those fire signs who light up a room when they walk into it – making the people around him or her feeling as if the entire place is on fire. Rooms on Fire is the perfect song to describe the personality of an Aries – the Ram. They are stubborn individuals and push to always get their way, but they are also passionate and will fight like a ram for love.

Taurus: Beauty and the Beast

“My love is a man who’s not been tamed. Oh my love lives in a world of false pleasure and pain. We come from different worlds we are the same.” For some reason when I think of the Taurus sign, the image of the beast from Beauty and the Beast pops into mind. The Taurus sign is an earth sign and is grounded heavily on this planet. He or she collects earthly possessions and can be possessive in love; however, they are also VERY romantic and know how to provide and care for their loved ones. The Taurus sign is truly a beauty and a beast in one.

Gemini: Wild Heart

“Don’t blame it on me. Blame it on my wild heart.” As an air sign and as the “twin” sign in the zodiac, Geminis have a hard time making up their minds. They are just as wild as a Sagittarius, which is why these two signs tend to make good friends. Once Gemini says one thing and does another, they just need to sing Wild Heart by Stevie Nicks. This zodiac sign seems to really fit this stevie nicks song. Trap them in a routine, and their wild hearts will fly them away in the other direction. Give Gemini his or her freedom and go with their flow and they’ll be yours forever.

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Cancer: Leather and Lace

“I need you to love me, I need you today. Give to me your leather, take from me my lace.” Cancer is the crab, a water sign, and is ruled by the moon. What does this equal? Emotions, baby! Cancers are ultra-emotional, sometimes to a fault. At the same time, their emotions are a good thing as it causes them to be highly sensitive to those around them. They tend to give of themselves to the ones they love freely, which can sometimes lead to insecurities. Leather and Lace is the Stevie Nicks song that perfectly represents Cancer in love and life.

Leo: Gold Dust Woman

“Rock on ancient queen. Follow those who pale in your shadow…gold dust woman.” Leos are the lions, the rulers of the night sky and of the zodiac. Because Leos are royalty, and because they love shiny things, Stevie Nicks’ song Gold Dust Woman seemed the perfect fit. Gold seems to be the Leo’s color: the golden mane of a lion, the gold reflected in their eyes, the gold dripping from their mouths. Leos are extroverted, strong, and have no problem dragging hearts through the mud if it is in their best interest. The golden Leo will leave you in the dust if you do them wrong.

Virgo: Edge of Seventeen

“But the moment that I first laid eyes on him all alone on the edge of seventeen.” The Virgo is the eternal virgin (maybe not literally but figuratively speaking). He or she may seem shy and elusive when you first meet them, as well as naive. They like to keep their affairs private, just like a virgin. When I think of the Virgo, I think forever young on the Edge of Seventeen. This one popped off the paper at me as a zodiac sign with stevie nicks song!

Libra: Landslide

“Well, I’ve been afraid of changing ’cause I’ve built my life around you.” Libras are lovers of harmony and peace and continually want to make the people around them happy. Sometimes this is towards their own demise and they become unbalanced even though they are the keeper of the scales. Libra loves to love and take care of others but finds it a struggle to care for him or herself. Eventually the landslide will bring them down and they have to climb the mountain again in search of balance.

Scorpio: Whole Lotta Trouble

“Would you change your mind, at the very last minute. When I want something I get it. This could be a whole lotta trouble for you.” Scorpio, the Scorpion, is faithful, focused, and brave but the scorpio’s sting is deadly. Sometimes dubbed as the “lover” of the zodiac, you will have a romantic relationship with this sign; however, the Scorpio can be secretive and manipulative. This is where the trouble comes in. When Scorpio warns you, you better listen.

Sagittarius: Gypsy

“She is dancing away from you now. She was just a wish…And her memory is all that is left for you now. You see your gypsy.” Sagittarius is the seeker, the universal wanderer. If a Sagittarius is in one place for too long of a time, he or she will bail. When you ask a Sagittarius what they like to do for fun and what they need in a relationship, they will almost always answer “travel” or “spontaneity”. The Sagittarius is a free-spirited individual and hates being tied down. A true gypsy at heart, similar to the Gemini’s wild heart.

Capricorn: 24 Karat Gold

“My 24 karat gold. There was some love to be sold (chain of chains). You said you might be coming back to town.” Ahhh, Capricorn. The goat, an earth sign, the steadfast one. The Capricorn is grounded, just as the Taurus, and revels in stability and security above all else. Capricorns are often labeled “workaholics” and therefore chase the dollar bills…or 24 karat gold. They come off as hard on the outside, but but are soft inside. If you tag a capricorn for life, you’re as good as gold.

Zodiac Signs' Stevie Nicks Songs


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  1. Toni

    January 29, 2020 at 10:44 pm

    Scorpio could also be. Sometimes it’s Bitch

  2. Alanda

    January 29, 2020 at 7:51 pm

    I feel a little sad that “If You Ever Did Believe” didn’t make this list, but I adore my sign’s song-choice. Beauty and the Beast is my favorite fairy-tale and I even liked the Disney versions, something which rarely happens nowadays. I haven’t heard the song before, which my mother is condemning me on, but I’m heading to look for it right now. Thank you so much for all your effort!

  3. Nancy

    January 29, 2020 at 2:51 pm

    Aries should be Silver Springs . . . “you’ll never get away from the woman who loved you” way more accurate

    1. Tina Fair

      January 30, 2020 at 12:39 am

      I’m Gemini oh yes wild heart is so me, I love that song, actually I love all your songs. The song Rhiannon I sing for my husband I love Stevie. I am in the sisterhood of the occult

  4. Teagan luniewski

    March 19, 2019 at 5:13 pm

    Haha I clicked on this and I was like if Leo isn’t gold dust woman I’m flipping this table. And sure thing it is!

    1. admin

      March 19, 2019 at 6:14 pm

      Teagan – You know better! 😉

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