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7 BEST Fairy Books for Modern Witches

Pagans and Witches alike are often drawn to fairies. Our ancient Celtic ancestors knew fairies existed and named places after them. Some say the good fairies will teach magic to heal and help others. Are you looking for the best fairy books for pagans and witches? Check out this comprehensive list of the best fairy books and get reading! There is a combination of classic fairy tale books, along with modern day guides to fairies and how pagans and Witches can work with the fay.

Modern Guides to Fairies

1. A Witch’s Guide to Faery Folk by Edain McCoy

I bought this book as a teenager sixteen years ago. It has been my fairy bible ever since. Edain McCoy is knowledgeable about fairies and presents her theories well in this fairy book. But she doesn’t just use fanciful, flaky thoughts to present her opinions, she backs up her work with scholarly resources on the study of fairies. The other popular author of fairy books, DJ Conway, does the opposite – presents ideas without scholarly reference. In addition to explaining the basic nature of fairies and where to find them, McCoy gives us meditations, rituals, and ways to protect ourselves from malevolent fairies. The best part of this fairy book? There is a dictionary of fairies from A-Z that covers types of fairies from all over the world. This is one fairy book for pagans and Wiccans that I recommend all the time!

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2. Green Witchcraft: Folk Magic, Fairy Lore, and Herb Craft by Ann Moura

Ann Moura is a prolific writer and experienced green witch. One of her most popular works, Green Witchcraft, details pieces of folk magic but also dives into fairy lore. I wouldn’t call this book a fairy book per se, but it has information on fairies that shouldn’t be missed by the fairy witch or pagan. Plus, it’s a great starter pagan book for beginners and a refresher book for intermediate to advanced green witches. A review of the sabbats, green living, fairies, magic, rituals, and more are covered in Green Witchcraft.

3. Encyclopedia of Spirits by Judika Illes

This fairy book is a comprehensive guide to the magic of fairies, gods and goddesses, demons, ghosts, and more! Illes encyclopedia is detailed, researched, and gives magical associations for nearly every fairy and deity you could think of. If you’re looking for a fairy book that is a quick reference, this is your book. Some of my favorite entries include:  the Tuatha de Danaan, birth fairies, flower fairies, the “green” absinthe fairy, and fairy queens. There is so much information in this book, you won’t be disappointed.

4. Fairycraft: Following the Path of Fairy Witchcraft by Morgan Daimler

This fairy book details the practices and belief system of the fairy witch written by Morgan Daimler. It is the second book in her fairy witchcraft series. What I like about this book is it focuses on a unique path of the craft – fairy witchcraft. A fairy witch is one who doesn’t just incorporate fairy magic into his or her practice but makes it the sole focus. Daimler has written a few other fairy books for witches, but this particular book comes recommended. Readers adore Morgan Daimler for offering her experiences and suggestions but also for providing credible resources to back up her claims.

Fairy books for the fairy witch and pagans alike.

A truly thorough bookshelf includes fairy books of different kinds.

Scholarly Fairy Books for Pagans

5. The Fairy Faith in Celtic Countries by WY Evans-Wentz

One of the most scholarly reads on fairies is Evans-Wentz’ work – The Fairy Faith in Celtic Countries. Written in 1911, this fairy book has been published and re-published multiple times since its inception. Evans-Wentz spent years traveling the countrysides of Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Cornwall, and Brittany gathering stories from farmers and peasants about fairies. He met men who were in their nineties who told fairy tales that their grandfathers told them (which if you think of when these stories were collected that means some of these fairy stories are from at least the eighteen hundreds). Evans-Wentz presents various scholarly theories on the nature of fairies, but the real entertainment is in the collected orations of fairy encounters in the Celtic countries.

6. Fairy and Folk Tales of the Irish Peasantry by WB Yeats

Another man who traveled the countryside of Ireland was the well-known poet William Butler Yeats. He did this in the early twentieth century, recording folk tales and fairy tales from the Irish farmers. The stories will whisk you away into another time and place. This fairy book talks at length of changelings, wee folk, men taken to Fairy land and much more! Again, a scholarly approach and one that should be read by any fairy lover, pagan, or Wiccan. Tales of witches and shapeshifters enliven this fairy book with a darker edge.

7. Meeting the Other Crowd by Eddie Lenihan and Carolyn Eve Green

I’m awaiting a hardcover copy of this fabulous fairy book! Lenihan and Green tell secret fairy stories of Ireland I’ve not read anywhere else. Lenihan is a purely talented Irish storyteller and this fairy book is one to add to your collection. It was published in the nineteen-nineties but is scholarly and approaches the fairies with reverence. Fairy forts, fairy trees, and other captivating stories are within its pages.


These are the best fairy books for pagans and wiccans.

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