Holy Water: Types, Magical Uses and How to Make Your Own Holy Water

Holy Water: Types, Uses & How to Make Your Own Holy Water

Holy Water has been used for centuries by the Church and many other religions to christen, purify and ward. It has a divine power all its own and is mentioned often in magical recipes, witchcraft rituals and other spiritual practices. Here we discuss the magic and strength of holy water, the different types, uses and how to make your own.

What is Holy Water?

Water is known as the universal purifier. Nearly every religion views and uses water as a cleansing agent – both physically and spiritually. To the Catholic and Anglican Churches, holy water is water that’s been prayed over and blessed by a priest. However, holy water predates Christianity by thousands of years. It’s traditionally used in Eastern religions like Sikhism and Hinduism. In modern times, pagans and witches also have use for this sacred ingredient and may make their own or acquire it from a sacred place in nature. Which brings us to the types…

Types of Holy Water

Depending on the religion, there are different types of holy water. What makes them different from each other is where they originate or how they are made. The Church often makes theirs by having a priest pray over it. It could come from a spring or other holy location OR from a bottle or faucet. It is often the prayer or blessing of the priest that makes the water sacred in the eyes of the Church.

 in a church stone vessel.

Blessed By Location

However, holy water collected from certain sacred places is blessed without the need for a priest. Mountain spring water, water from a sacred ancient well, and river water are types of holy water. If the water is from a location sacred to the church, the church may title it as holy. For instance, water from the Jordan River is deemed holy. To those who belong to Hinduism, it may come from a sacred temple. And if you’re a pagan or witch, water from natural sources may serve as holy water in your practice. Or you may perform a ritual to create your own (more on this later).

Saints’ Days

Another holy water tradition is to gather rain water on Saints’ days. Because the day is holy and linked to the Saint, the rain water will therefore be blessed. Rain water gathered on Holy Thursday “Ascension Day” is also considered sacred.

To Pagans and Witches

Examples of pagan or witch’s holy water include water from a sacred mountain spring, river, or well. It could also be water that’s been charged under the Full Moon (also called moon water) or a lunar or solar eclipse. Wiccan covens often have their own recipe and at its most basic is spring water with salt added to it. Whether a ritual is done to bless the water is up to the individual or coven involved.

Uses for Holy Water

First and foremost, water is a purifier. Sprinkle it over yourself or on a friend to cleanse the aura. Soak yourself in a bathtub and add this ingredient to remove hexes or curses. Spray it from a bottle around the house to cleanse it of negative energies. It purifies, heals, and banishes all at the same time.

  • Purifies a person via baptism and/or christening
  • Cleanses and consecrates magical tools
  • Cleanses and consecrates altars
  • Sprinkled/sprayed around a home or space to remove negativity
  • Use in exorcism and banishing spells
  • Added to bath water for healing spells and rituals
  • Rubbed on aches and pains to bring healing and comfort
In many religions water from sacred places is holy.

How to Make Holy Water (Without a Priest)

No, you don’t need to be a priest or religious official to make your own holy water. Especially if you’re a modern pagan or witch. There are different methods, but here’s one we’ve found effective and easy by way of collection and ritual:


  • Glass vessel
  • Salt (preferably sea salt or Himalayan salt)
  • Three white candles
  • Frankincense incense (or sage smudge bundle)
  • Lighter/matches

DIY Instructions:

  1. Place your glass vessel outside and allow it to collect rain water (OR substitute for water gathered from a natural spring; you can also choose a special day or month relative to your intentions)
  2. Cleanse yourself via smudging or ritual bath.
  3. Gather your water and other supplies.
  4. Add a pinch or two of salt to the collected water.
  5. Light your candles and incense.
  6. Pass the salted water over the incense smoke and then place it in the three candles.
  7. State, “by the power of three times three, by the power of the Universe, bless this water and make it holy. So mote it be.” Visualize Divine white light filling the water with love and otherworldly power.
  8. Leave the water between the candles until they burn down completely.
  9. Bottle it and store it appropriately.
The Magic, Uses, Types of Holy Water and How to Make Your Own

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