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In my previous post, I detailed my trip to the haunted city of Savannah, GA. And at the end I mention being followed home by a ghost or two. Well, that’s exactly what happened. Even though I used my sage spray a few times while there and crossed over water, I somehow managed to bring a few ghosts home with me. I imagine it’s because of the time we spent in the cemeteries OR by staying in a haunted hotel. Either way, this is how I knew I was followed home by a spirit.

Disembodied Voices & Nightmares

The entire time we stayed in Savannah I had difficulty sleeping. I had nightmares the entire time, which is unusual for me. When I got home, I figured I’d have a sound sleep, but as soon as I closed my eyes I heard voices. It sounded like two people were having a conversation somewhere in my house, yet I knew there was no one there. I also had nightmares the first night being home. And the next morning my husband told me he had the worst dream of his life. After mentioning not sleeping well to my mom (who was also on the Savannah trip with me), she admitted to hearing voices in HER house, too. That confirmed it for me – we had both brought home hitchhiking ghosts from Savannah.

Something followed me home from Savannah and I had to do an exorcism ritual to rid my home of it!

Powerful Home-Exorcism Ritual

So what do you do when you have a spirit or two in your home that you didn’t invite? You exorcise ’em. At least, that’s what I did. I knew there were spirits following me around my house and I knew they weren’t good and they had to go. Here’s how I did it:

  1. Smudged my house entirely with a rosemary bundle. I opened the windows (IMPORTANT) first. Then I started at the front door and walked counter-clockwise from room to room smudging all the corners etc. As I walked and smudged I also said in a loud, stern voice, “I cleanse this space of all negative entities and energies. Only positive energy can stay. Only my ancestors, gods and guides are invited here. All others must leave. I wish you no ill-will but you are not invited and not welcome in my home. You must leave now and don’t return.” Also important – smudge ALL closets, garage space, basements, tubs/showers, etc.
  2. Once I smudged the entire house, I let the windows stay open for a few more minutes and then closed them. With a bit of flying devil oil (a homemade exorcist oil) and my finger, I drew the Algiz rune on all of my windows and doors and said out loud that each window and door was sealed and wouldn’t allow any negative energy or uninvited entities in.
  3. Lastly, I sprinkled salt over the entry-ways to the house from left to right (left to right = seal/lock). The salt serves as an extra boundary and soaks up any negativity lingering in the thresholds.
  4. At the end, I stood in the middle of my home and said, “this home is free of unwanted guests and negative energies. It is filled with love and light. So be it.”

Did It Work? Did the Ghosts Leave?

So did my exorcism ritual work? That night, the nightmares were gone and I didn’t hear any voices in my house. My house felt lighter and freer. So yes, the ritual worked. I believe a lot of the success of a ghost-exorcism is in the power of the person performing it. You MUST be stern with spirits and let them know when they are or aren’t welcome in your home. You don’t have to scream, but raising your voice and meaning what you’re saying is crucial. Don’t forget to open the windows while smudging! Lots of people forget this and it only serves to anger the negative entities who can’t escape the home.

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  1. Michaela Goodin | 30th Jun 21

    yes how do you make this devil oil? Can I use holy water and can it be table salt fro the doors???

  2. Gina Tamagini | 4th Aug 20

    How would I go about making the devil’s oil you speak of?

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