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Blacklight Body Paint Self Protection Ritual: POWERFUL and FUN

With this unique ritual, we teach our Bella Donna members how to use a blacklight and body paint for spiritual protection. The ritual can be modified to fit your intention if it’s not for protection. It’s fun and enlightening!

YOU Choose and Prepare:

You have creative license with this ritual to do what you find inspiring and to use symbols or words that connect you with the divine. If you choose to include a partner, this can be a sensual, adventurous experience for both of you (but you can always do it solitary). In addition, be careful what kind of body paint you use, test some out on your skin before dowsing yourself in it! This way you know if you’ll have an allergy to it before the ritual and be able to adjust accordingly. No, this isn’t a ritual that uses natural tools, BUT it is fun and enlightening to see yourself all lit up in the black lights and with the goddess’ power!

What You’ll Need:

  • A blacklight
  • Blacklight body paint
  • A quiet, undisturbed location
  • Music of your choice

What To Do:

  1. Choose a night when you won’t be disturbed. If you want to include a magical friend or partner in this ritual, go for it.
  2. Cleanse your space via smudging or your preference of cleansing.
  3. Cleanse the tube(s) of body paint via smudging (or your choice of cleansing).
  4. Gather supplies. Turn down the lights and turn on the music of your choice.
  5. Turn on the blacklight.
  6. Close your eyes and see yourself glowing with the light of the goddess/the universe. See yourself shining among the stars, full of love, wholeness and fully protected in the dark matter around you.
  7. Now open your eyes. The blacklight body paint will serve as your anointing oil in this ritual. Take a bit and draw or paint a protective symbol of your choice on your forehead/third eye area. If you have a partner or friend with you, you may choose to paint one another.
  8. Next, if you feel comfortable, remove your clothes and paint another symbol (or the same symbol) on your chest, stomach, on each leg and on the tops of your feet. Again, if you have a partner or friend you’re comfortable with, draw or paint on one another.
  9. After the symbols are painted on your body, allow it to dry then touch each symbol with your finger and pray for protection. You can pray to your goddess/god/ancestors or whomever you prefer. Something like this, “With the rune Algiz, I call on the divine protection of Odin and Frigg. Protect my head, heart, stomach, legs, and feet. Protect my path from the darkness and be my light when I most need it.”
  10. Next, get lost in the music. Dance, meditate, look at yourself and your artwork in the mirror!

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