Mythical Spirit Guides: Dragons, Mermaids, and Fairies

Mythical Spirit Guides: Mermaids, Fairies, Dragons and Unicorns

A spirit guide is a creature that comes to give you a message or lesson and may leave after. Sometimes a spirit guide from the pages of a book pops up: we call these mythical spirit guides. Though, to those they choose to guard and teach, they’re anything but mythical. Some of this type of spirit guide includes: unicorns, fairies, mermaids, dragons , phoenixes, griffins, etc. Read on to learn more about these special beings and what messages they bring to those lucky enough to befriend them.

If They’re Mythical, Are They Real?

You might be wondering, if these beings are from the pages of Fairy Tale books, doesn’t that mean they’re not real? My response to that is this, is anything spiritual “real” according to modern society? You could argue that souls aren’t “real” or gods aren’t “real”. That there’s no afterlife, so on and so forth. It’s truly about what you believe. A spirit guide that comes to you in your dreams in the form of a beautiful elven creature isn’t any less real than the next person’s guardian angel. Also keep in mind it’s possible that spirit guides have no “real form” but take on an appearance that may speak to you in a deep and profound way. Sometimes our spirit guides manifest as animals, ancestors, even friends who might have passed away. How do we know any of these guides are real? We just know.

Onto the Otherworldly Spirit Guides…

Fairy Spirit Guide

To have a fairy spirit guide sounds like a ridiculous idea. Our ancestors from Europe would disagree if we traveled back in time a few hundred years. Folks in Ireland, Scotland, England, Wales, Germany, Scandinavia, and elsewhere believed in what we now call “fairies”. The fairy faith was one that spanned countries and centuries and was once no laughing matter. So yes, you can have a fairy spirit guide. Wise women and men from the past believed fairies helped with medicine and magic. Witches were accused of fraternizing with elves and fairies and some even confessed to having fairy familiars. Whether a fairy familiar is the same thing as a fairy spirit guide is for another blog post

The Nature of Fairy Spirit Guides

If you have a fairy that has come into your life and wants to help you in some way, let it. Use your instincts. If you feel the fairy’s intentions are bad, you don’t have to work with it. If the fairy is your spirit guide, it will bring wisdom and healing. Maybe you’ve had a fascination with fairies for years. Maybe a fairy has come to you in your dream to tell you how to heal yourself, this is your fairy guide (some might call a fairy godmother). Fairy Guides teach lessons: caring for the earth, keeping the old ways alive, caring for animals, healing, reckless abandon, skill in music or art, protecting the sacred. You are someone who exudes magic on a daily basis, that is why this particular spirit guide chose you.

I also theorize that some of us have “fairy” ancestors, as evidenced by old tradition and folklore. Many of the old families of Ireland and Scotland even carry surnames that mean “son of the fairy” or “son of the selkie” etc. So, at some point, those ancestors believed they descended from a supposedly mythical creature like the fairy or mermaid. If you have a surname that ties you to a fairy ancestor, you might also have a fairy spirit guide…or perhaps they are one in the same.

Fairy spirit guides are mischievous but fun and teach medicine and magic.
Fairies can be spirit guides to those who heal and care for the earth.

Unicorn Spirit Guide

The unicorn has been legend for thousands of years and is even mentioned in the Bible! When the pilgrims first sailed for the New World, they were terrified and thrilled by tales of great beasts – one of which was the unicorn. Unicorns are magical horses with one horn in the middle of their forehead. Can you have a unicorn spirit guide? The unicorn chooses its human allies carefully. It is a finicky, majestic creature with an affinity for magical people and pure-hearted children.

The unicorn is a manifestation of pure light – rainbow and white light – from the Universe. It will help you realign with your spiritual, divine purpose and higher self. They remind us to remember how to play and be light-hearted. When you have a unicorn as your guide, your crown chakra is open and balanced. You are able to receive messages from the Universe easily. I also believe the unicorn comes to children who came to earth on a light ray, i.e. the indigo children, golden and rainbow children, to name a few.

The unicorn spirit guide comes to only a few who are worthy.

Mermaid Spirit Guide

The mermaid is another mythical spirit guide as old as time that still fascinates us today. There are tales of mermaids being spotted by sailors all over the world. Some mermaids are dangerous and cause sea storms, resulting in ship wrecks. In the past, when men drowned, the mermaids were blamed for their deaths. However, there are also benevolent mermaids who save sailors from drowning. There are various names for mermaids including: mermaids, merfolk, finfolk, undines, sirens, etc.

Mermaid Symbolism & Spirit Guide

The mermaid or merman spirit guide represent the bridge between humans and water. Some say mermaids are spiritual beings, similar to fairies, while others believe mermaids were once real, physical creatures. Either way, you probably won’t see a mermaid in real life, but they will come to you in dreams and visions. This mythical spirit guide is a guardian of the oceans, lakes, rivers, seas, ponds, streams, and comes to you with a message to embrace your emotional side. Merfolk also represent seduction, forbidden love, and transition. Mermaids were said in many tales to have the ability to shapeshift – to change forms from a fish-like being into a human, in order to seduce mortal lovers.

Chosen by the Mermaids

If the mermaid guide chose you, you likely feel connected to the water element. You may be an emotional person or may need to get in touch with your emotions. You may also be a dreamer, one who sees things in their dreams. Mermaid help you improve your intuition and “psychic” abilities, as well as teach you how to weather the storm of life and love. If mermaid is your totem, you may have once lived a life in Atlantis or Lemuria. Moreover, you likely are a magical individual by nature, and may identify as a witch, healer, or light worker. You are blessed to have the mermaid spirit guide in your life. Mermaids teach us to dive deep, embrace our buried emotions, and bring those lessons to the surface of our psyche.

Mermaids bridge the gap between water and humans.

Dragon Guardians and Allies

The dragon has terrified and fascinated us since ancient times. Only the bravest warriors would go after a dragon. The people of Medieval Europe feared dragons, but the ancient Celts and the Chinese saw dragons as land and river guardians. There are tales of dragons living in mountains and guarding treasure. Dragons were once protectors of sacred sites and might have actually been the spirit of those places that took a fearsome form to scare off intruders. In China, the dragon is good fortune. The people believed the rivers were great dragons and even named them after dragons. The dragon is seen in Chinese festivals and celebrations as a sign of honor and good luck.

Dragons = Transmutation

If the dragon has come to you via dreams, visions, or synchronicity, get ready for a period of transmutation. The dragon takes air into its body and transmutes it into fire when exhaled, thus the dragon totem represents transmutation, alchemy, fire magic, and transformation. The dragon is associated with the element of fire, but since it can fly and also guards the earth is associated with earth and air. There are also water dragons. In conclusion, the dragon is a special spiritual being as it encompasses all four elements.

Dragon Mythical Spirit Guide’s Message

If the dragon spirit guide or totem has chosen you as its ally, you are blessed! Be prepared to learn how to take one thing and make it into something else…as in the ancient practice of alchemy. Moreover, be prepared to learn how to be a fierce guardian of the earth. The dragon totem and guide also appear to those who need to be freed from their binds in life…let the dragon breathe fire into your soul and watch it spread. I was once told by a witchcraft elder that the dragon spirit chooses witches who are advancing to the next level in the craft. Those who are experienced and are ready to transform and fly to higher levels than ever before.

The Phoenix Spirit Guide: Rise From the Ashes

One of the most powerful spirit guides you can have is the mythical phoenix. The phoenix emerges from Greek mythology as a bird that lives for an eternity. Either it regenerates or is born again from its own ashes. When the phoenix dies, it typically bursts into flames and is reduced to ash and debris. Then, mere minutes later, is reborn in a glorious manner. If the phoenix spirit guide is appearing to you, he is telling you it’s time to be reborn.

The phoenix’ appearance in your life means you’re rising from your own symbolic death, ready to born fresh and renewed in body, mind and spirit. Perhaps you’re recovering from alcohol or substance abuse, or you’re just coming out of a toxic relationship. The phoenix spirit guide is here to guide you from death and decay to beautiful light and life. This creature is indelibly linked to the sun and therefore to eternal life, vitality, and energy. As are you.

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4 thoughts on “Mythical Spirit Guides: Mermaids, Fairies, Dragons and Unicorns

  1. I dont mean to be the barer of bad news, but I’ll be it. In Roman times, when man decided to translate the Bible; the original texts exclaimed that the unicorn was actually a goat and or ram. What the Roman’s did to the Bible was sick and twisted, they only allowed the texts that would make you a model citizen and chain you to an oppressive government. Alot has literally been taken out of context in the Bible. The only reason I am aware of this, is because my parent, studied Judaism in Africa and has a degree in that area. I’m not saying that the unicorn has ever existed. which I whole-heartedly do believe in unicorns, however I believe if their is ever a cross over of the horse, it would appear as a genetic mutation, And we all know that genetic mutations are real. The moral of the story: Unicorns = real

  2. Interesting. I wasn’t sure what to make of my experience. I practiced Aikido for about 6 mos before I blew my lower back out for no apparent reason. One chiropractic adjustment and 3 rounds of acupuncture and a coiled energy unraveled in me in my root energy center. It accompanied two dreams of dragon chasing me off a tall building with the word “ophis” attached to it. I am a Christian and in the Bible “ophis” is the devil. With that said I was also on a mission of self-discovery, healing from the past, seeking God (practicing a great deal of Christian spirituality), lots of gardening (immersion into nature) and cleaning up my temple intuitively. I still do not know what to make of it. The energy seems to be blocked in my 2nd center. I stopped practicing Aikido as my back has been messed up ever since. It feels like its blocked energy. This seems to have accompanied various gifts as well.

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