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Synchronicities & Omens: Coincidence Or Not? How to Tell

Spiritually connected people go through something I like to call an awakening at some point in their lives. And during this awakening, they receive messages from the Universe. These messages come in the form of omens and signs. Sometimes these signs are repetitive, and then we call them synchronicities. But believe it or not, not every “sign” is an actual message from your guides. Here’s how to tell whether that sign is an omen or simply a coincidence.

What is an Omen or Sign?

I thought long and hard about this one. How do you succinctly explain the essence of an omen or a sign? If you look up the definition of omen online, it says “an event that acts as a portent of good or evil.” Then if you google portent, it says “a sign or a warning that something is likely to happen.” So, basically we get the runaround. I’m going to break it down for you as best as I can.

Our Ancestors’ Omens & Signs

If we travel to the time of our pagan ancestors, we learn that omens were signs that something big was about to happen in their lives. For example, the appearance of the formidable banshee or the Washer at the Fords, foretold the death of either oneself or one’s loved one. She was a “bad” omen, if you will. They also believed in good omens or signs. White moths meant their passed loves ones were visiting. Certain sea birds like the albatross meant land was closeby. I could go on and on.

Our Ancestors Had Many “Signs” and “Omens”

Sometimes our ancestors seemed to go overboard with things that could be omens or signs. If we adhered to all of our ancestors’ superstitions, literally everything would be considered a sign. The kitchen towel falling means company is coming. Finding a black button on the ground means you are cursed. Seeing two crows means divorce. And on and on. The point here is – we have to determine whether an occurrence is significant enough to be an omen or sign…or is it simply just an everyday occurrence?

How to Tell if It’s an Omen or Just a Coincidence

What is the difference between an actual omen or sign and a simple occurrence? First, an omen or sign is going to be obvious in that it will be “out of the blue”. For example, seeing a crow flying by probably isn’t an omen. But if you turn around and a crow is cawing in your face, three feet away from you, that’s an omen. An omen is direct and feels a bit invasive (often in a good way). Finding a tree frog on your pillow is an omen. As opposed to seeing a frog in your driveway. Are you noticing a difference? Signs can’t be forced, they come when it’s the right time and typically when you’re not expecting it.

Omens and synchronicities come in many forms.
Sometimes butterflies bring us messages and are considered auspicious signs.

What Are Synchronicities in the Spiritual Sense? And how do they work with omens and signs?

How do synchronicities align with seeing omens and receiving signs? If you google synchronicities, you’ll find the word isn’t necessarily a real word with a specific definition. However, in the spiritual community, synchronicities are a powerful and common experience. Synchronicities happen when a person receives recurrent omens or signs.

Examples of Synchronicities

Synchronicities come in different forms. And for each individual, they will vary. But, I’d like to give you a few examples of spiritual synchronicities. When you notice an omen happening more than once, it’s a synchronicity. Also be aware, the synchronicity might be different omens with the same message.

  • If a crow caws in your face, the next day one jumps on your car, and the following day your friend gives you a book featuring crows.
  • You dream about living in Ancient Egypt, your date takes you to a movie about Ancient Egypt, then an ibis sits on top of your house
  • A book you read features the god Odin (unbeknownst to you), a rune appears in the steam on your stockpot’s lid, then a friend gives you a set of rune stones
  • Seeing a certain number or pattern of numbers over and over again in a short period of time. Common examples of this: 11, 12, 11:11, 1:11, 333, 444, etc.
  • Finding a seagull feather far from the ocean, mermaids appearing in your dreams, then someone buys you a shirt with a whale on it
  • Your palm itches in the morning, and by nightfall you receive a check in the mail

These are just examples of omens coming in a pattern – aka synchronicities. As you can see, the omens come in different forms, but can occur in the same fashion. It all depends on what the Universe wants to show you.

Who or What is Sending You Omens and Synchronicities?

After you’ve determined it’s an omen, then you might wonder who is sending these signs? And why? The answer isn’t simple. It could be the Universe, spirit guides, your ancestors, a god or goddess, the angels, a deceased friend, or even your higher self. I’ve noticed the Universe will typically speak to me in numbers and in more subtle ways than a god or goddess. A god or goddess usually sends me omens in the form of animals. Ancestors speak to me using songs and memories. Angels send feathers. But this might be different for you.

The key is to record your experiences and then decipher a pattern or message. If you’re unsure who sent the sign or synchronicity, ask for confirmation. You’ll receive another sign and then know for sure. Be open to receiving omens and signs from the universe and your guides. But don’t force it to happen. The signs will come when the time is right.

Common Signs and Omens Today

As we grow and evolve as human beings, our reality shifts to include signs and omens today that our ancestors might not have had in years past. Knowing this, that means that technology and transportation and things of our modern age will bring signs and omens as well as animals, weather patterns, plants, etc.

Here are a few modern signs and omens to watch for:

  • Recurring dreams
  • An animal or bird that comes around IRL and via media like the internet, radio, TV, etc.
  • Recurring number patterns, also called angel numbers, that seem to pop up everywhere on clocks, receipts, bills, etc.
  • Repeating patterns on license plates
  • Road signs that bring certain messages in words and phrases
  • When certain appliances break in a pattern. For example, appliances that leak water break all at the same time or in a short period of time (washing machine, dishwasher, freezer, etc.)
  • Hearing the same song on the radio, at the store, hearing a stranger sing it in passing, etc.
  • Finding feathers on the sidewalk or in the garden
How to tell if you're receiving omens or sign and all about synchronicities

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  1. Angela

    March 26, 2023 at 3:25 pm

    I am trying to figure out if the cut I received doing dishes is a sign or omen I been wondering for a few weeks know what life will be like in the next year or so a lot lately and i ended up with a perfect exclamation mark next to my thumb on my hand after the cut healed.

  2. Sheri Yancey

    August 20, 2020 at 4:25 am

    For the last year or more I see 1’s and 11’s. It’s gotten more frequent as time passed. Now, just about every time I look at an item with numbers (clock, time stamp , etc) it’s always got at least an eleven if not a one & an eleven. Btw, I was born at 3:11 pm !! I see them many times every day

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