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666 Angel Number Meaning Twin Flame, Love and Money

Lately you’ve been seeing a number repetitively and you don’t know why. You might even have felt scared or anxious about this recurrent number in your life. Rest assured, seeing 666 angel number is not an evil sign or omen. It’s a message from your angels, guides and the Universe. And the number itself isn’t “evil” despite the connotation society has assigned it. Read on to learn all about the meaning of the angel number 666 in regards to your potential twin flame, in love, life and money ventures.

First, Let Us Explain What Angel Numbers Are

Before we dive deep into the 666 angel number meaning specifically, let us try to define angel numbers for those who don’t know. An angel number is typically a string of numbers that an individual is seeing repetitively. These numbers are typically 3 to 4 repeating digits (for example, 222 or 1111) that tend to show up recurrently over a period of time. They are called angel numbers because we believe they are a sign or message from our spiritual team. For example, our guardian angels, spirit guides, ancestors and the Universe.

When we see repeating angel numbers, this sequence of events is part of a concept called synchronicity in the spiritual community. Synchronicity is when repeating patterns and messages are sent our way to let us know we are on the right path. And sometimes they are to warn us and teach us a lesson. The key point here is that if you’re recognizing the synchronicity in your life, this means you are growing spiritually. It means you’re connected to the earth and the universe and to your higher self enough to notice these signs.

Where You Might Be Seeing 666 Angel Number

So we’ve defined the angel number in general, but now let’s talk about where you might be seeing the 666 angel number popping up. Truly, it could be anywhere you see numbers. But you may have noticed it in places like:

  • On license plates while going to and from work
  • Page numbers in a book
  • 666 on a bill or receipt
  • On mailing or shipping addresses
  • Seeing the number pop up on the calculator, finances
  • Hearing the number in random conversations or songs
  • On the TV or movie screen

OUR Unique Approach to this Powerful Number

You’re going to see lots of websites and resources explaining the meaning of angel numbers. Some are rather generic and many will repeat the others. Our approach to angel number 666 will be multi-fold. What we do is this. We approach angel numbers from an eclectic magical perspective. We utilize our knowledge of metaphysics and spirit guides ALONG WITH our knowledge of witchcraft, the occult, and mysticism. And we ask Universe to speak through us.

But Isn’t 666 An Evil Number? No. Here’s why.

Let’s finally address the proverbial elephant in the room. You’ve likely heard and read the number 666 is the number of the devil and/or the antichrist. It’s purported to be the “number of the beast”, according to the book of Revelations in the New Testament of the Christian Bible. Because of this connection, many associate 666 with evil, Satan, bad omens, the end of the world, etc. You might have even thought, why am I seeing this evil number repetitively? This can’t be good! I’m here to calm your fears. Remember, it’s a number. YOU assign meaning to it. Not Hollywood or the Christian Church.

Plus, consider this. Revelations was written by John the Elder, who was imprisoned on the island of Patmos circa 96 CE. He likely was being fed rye bread with ergot and was experiencing hallucinations while writing the book of Revelations. Have you read the book? Not to mention, there’s been so many interpretations, we may not even have the correct number or original meaning anyway. And if we reduce the number 666 down to one digit, according to numerological methods, (6+6+6=18=1+8=9) we get 9. The number of completion. Which is interesting in and of itself. Moving on.

Why the 666 Angel Number Meaning: Twin Flames and in Love

1. 666 Angel Number Meaning Twin Flame

As mentioned above, when we reduce 666 down to one digit we get 9. The number nine, according to life path numerology, means completion of a cycle. Because after 9, we go back to 1 (10 reduces down to 1). If you begin seeing 666 angel number in your daily life and you’ve recently met someone you feel is your soul mate, this could be an indication they aren’t just a soul mate but a step above that. They may indeed be your twin flame. Your soul’s twin that was born at the same time as yours in the spirit world. I believe when we are nearing the end of an reincarnation cycle, we tend to meet back up with our twin flames.

2. 666 in Love and Other Relationships

The number 666 when reduced to 9 may also be emerging in relation to your other relationships. Or in regards to a current marriage or relationship you’ve been in for awhile. It’s not a bad sign, despite the negative connotation. It means you’re moving from one phase in your relationship to the next. Maybe you’re evolving together and an old less productive phase is at its end. But it could also mean your relationship with this person is coming to an end. Sometimes relationships aren’t for our highest good. Sometimes it’s time to let go and move on. This could also related to a friendship or familial relationship that’s no longer constructive but destructive.

3. A Different Perspective on Love and Romance

We’ve been working the angel number 666 down to 9 in its root meaning. However, you could also look at this in a different way. If we simply take the number 6 as the root, we get a slightly different perspective. While 9 means completion or the end of a cycle, 6 alone could indicate oneness with your soul’s counterpoint. And in the same breath, as we said before, the end of a phase or relationship might be the start of a new one. Fresh and anew. As they say, when one door closes another opens.

4. Learning Together

666 Angel Number, when experienced in conjunction with a loving partner, indicates the two of you are learning together. If you’ve been going to counseling and working on your relationship, and now you’re seeing 666 everywhere? This is a good sign! It means you’re both learning some hard lessons and learning about each other. There’s that oneness, unity, and expansion of knowledge that comes along with 6 and 9 in numerology.

5. 666 Angel Number = The Greatest Good

666 with its reduced number 9 means the culmination of experiences and lessons learned. A higher level of wisdom when it comes to our relationships, the way we see the world, and much more. If you’re seeing this sacred number everywhere in regards to your relationships, career, life path and more, you seek the greatest good. Not just in your life but for others. And, in the occult, the number 6 speaks to self-awareness. Obviously our capacity to do good in this world comes along with a keen sense of self-awareness.

5 Career and Money Interpretations of Angel Number 666

1. 666 Angel Number May Mean A New Career Path is Opening To You

You’ve been struggling with making ends meet. And you’ve decided to pursue another career path. But you don’t know where to go. Let the number 666 guide you to the right path. If you go on an interview, and this number pops up, take it as your spirit guides leading you in the right direction.

2. 666 Angel Number in Your Bank Account

If 666 pops up on your bank account or financials, don’t panic. As we’ve said before, it’s not a bad omen or indication that you’re going to lose money. It does however indicate that it might be time to put your eggs in a different basket, so to speak. Have you been investing in the wrong things? Not budgeting properly? This may be a sign the Universe is telling you to pay more attention to your financials. Time to wise up.

3. Conversely, It Might Indicate Your Job is Ending

When one door closes, another opens. If you’ve been trying to stay at a dead-end job or dealing with a toxic work environment, seeing 666 is your sign to move on. Get your things in order and begin looking for new livelihood. Sometimes 666 means the end of a cycle, and if it’s linked to your job. This is your sign to stop hoping it will get better and make it better for yourself.

4. Promotion!

Angel number 666 is frequently sent by spirit guides to those who are seeking a step up in their career. Pay particular attention to your thoughts and the situation when you’re seeing the number 666, 6, or 9 pop up repetitively. For instance, at the moment you’re thinking, I need to ask for that promotion you see 666, here’s your sign. Go and ask. Often, they won’t just hand it to you. Some folks wait around at a job and wait for a hand out. But this is your sign not to wait. Take it for yourself.

5. Good or Bad Deals

Sometimes we make bad choices when it comes to business deals and contracts. You’re getting ready to sign a contract on a house, or a business deal of some kind, and you see the number 666. What do you do? Do you scream and run away. Or is it time to re-analyze what you’re signing to be sure it’s the appropriate choice? I say the latter. Ask your guides to confirm, yes or no on this deal. They will tell you.

Lastly, 666 and Healing from Religious Trauma

Most people who have had a Christian upbringing or simply lived in a place with a lot of strict religion will hear the number 666 and run. As we’ve explained before, it’s not necessarily an evil number unless you believe it is. Secondly, when seeing 666 in a time when you are doing some personal healing, you might be inclined to think this number is actually representative of growth. You are beginning to heal from religious trauma and perhaps this number is being shown to you to remind you that this is an area that needs to be addressed and healed.

You’ve got the message, now what should you do?

Maybe you’re like, yeah I got the message Universe, but now what do I do? Honestly, this happens to me often. My guides send me signs constantly and sometimes I get overwhelmed with them. It’s like, yes I see the angel number 666 but what the heck do I do with the info? After you’ve interpreted it for your life, whether that’s in relation to love or career, think about your next plan of action. If it’s an indication a toxic relationship is ending, do you need help getting out of it? Conversely, if it’s an ending to a career, are you going back to school? These decisions will take time. So give yourself some grace.

And if you need further information or clarification from your guides, ask them. They will typically clarify via a dream, space in meditation, or through some other sign. I enjoy using different forms of divination to connect and ask these questions, if you feel comfortable doing so. You can use oracle cards, runes, pendulums, etc. And always thank your guides for the messages.

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