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444 Angel Number in Love & Twin Flames: 11 Reasons You’re Seeing It

Lately the number 444 has been following you everywhere, it seems. Why are you seeing this number repeatedly? Does it have any spiritual significance? In our experience, numbers play a crucial role in spiritual enlightenment, as well as in connection between two souls. Here we’ll discuss the basics of angel numbers, and define what the 444 angel number means in love and with twin flames.

First, What is an Angel Number?

An angel number is a repetitive number that your guide or the universe uses to send you a message. These are typically the same number, two to four in a row, that show up nearly anywhere in your daily life. Most people go through life on autopilot, not paying attention to all of the little signs our spirit guides send us throughout the day. So, in order to get our attention, they will sometimes send us the same number over and over again until we notice.

In the metaphysical community, angel numbers may be sent not only by spirit guides and the universe but also by our guardian angels, ancestors, deceased loved ones, star beings, elementals and more. Some numbers even correlate specifically to messages about love and to our twin flames.

Next, What is a Twin Flame?

I find there’s a lot of misunderstanding as to the true meaning of a twin flame. Twin flames happen when two souls are conceived by the universe at the beginning of their cycle. Just as you can be born with a twin in this physical realm, you can be born with a soul twin in the spiritual realm. But here’s the deal – not everyone has a twin flame. If you don’t have a twin flame, it doesn’t mean you’re any less than someone who does. Everyone’s souls are WHOLE individually. We are in the Universe, and the Universe is within us…making us whole with or without a twin flame soul.

Signs You Have a Twin Flame

Twin flames are connected to one another via an unbreakable energetic cord. Even when one twin flame is living in the physical, and the other in the spiritual, that cord is still present. It cannot and will not be severed. This is a connection between souls unlike any other. Twin flame relationships can be nearly any kind but most often are romantic relationships or close friendships. If you have a twin flame, you might notice some of these signs:

  • you feel like you’ve known this person forever (even when you first meet them)
  • this person feels like the exact opposite of you, yet you share multiple things in common (sort of like a puzzle piece that you’ve been missing)
  • you’ll want to spend every waking moment with this person
  • develop an intense relationship, especially if romantic
  • often twin flames are “first love” relationships that end dramatically
  • even when you’re far away from each other or haven’t seen in each other in years, you’ll carry strong emotions for this person
  • your twin flame randomly appears in your dreams (see dreamwalkers here)
  • numbers 4, 44, 444 and 8 will come up frequently in relation to your twin flame
  • to learn all about twin flame signs and symptoms click here

10 Reasons You’re Seeing 444 Angel Number Everywhere

The meaning of 444 angel number in love and with twin flames will vary by person and situation. What it means to you might be completely different from what it means to me. Ultimately, you have to determine for yourself what message the universe (or your twin flame) is sending you. But here are a few messages to consider:

1. Your Twin Flame is Thinking About You

I’ve noticed whenever angel number 44 or 444 is popping up, it comes along with other signs. This gets me thinking about my twin flame and in turn I realize my twin flame is thinking about me. Maybe you hear your “song” and look at the clock and it says 4:44.

2. Your Twin Flame is Sending You a Message

In addition to your twin flame thinking about you, when angel number 444 repeats itself, it could mean your twin flame is sending you a specific message. Sadly, many of our twin flames don’t incarnate with us in every life. They are often on the other side, guiding us from the spiritual realm. Sometimes they like to send messages of comfort, hope, and love using angel numbers. If you feel you have a twin flame, but have never met them in this life, it might be that he or she is your actual spirit guide.

3. You’re getting ready to meet the love of your life

In numerology, number 4 means stability, strength, confidence, and security. If you’ve been waiting to meet the love of your life and 4, 44, or 444 angel number shows up…you’re getting ready to! You’ve waited a long time to meet someone who will love you for who you are, and now they are just around the corner. Waiting to meet you! The meaning of 444 angel number in love is almost always an exciting and positive sign.

4. Angel Number 444 Reminds Us of Self Love

Sometimes we forget the importance of self love. This is a 444 angel number message that comes up time and time again for all of us, especially those of us who have twin flames. But why? Because we tend to give our energy and love away to everyone else and neglect ourselves. We think because we have twin flames that they’ll love us unconditionally. But when do we learn to love ourselves unconditionally? It’s likely that your twin flame, if incarnated at the same time as you, will not be in your life until you have learned true and deep self love first.

5. 444 and 44 Angel Numbers in Love = Infinity

We’ve discussed the meaning of the number 4 in numerology, but there’s more to the 444 angel number. You’ll notice 44 shows up in relation to your twin flame. Because 4+4 = 8. And what is the number that means infinity? Number 8. Confirmation that you and your twin flame will indeed be linked for an eternity. Multiple lifetimes and in the afterlife. When we’re talking 444, 4+4+4 = 12. Break 12 down to one number in numerology and it’s 3. The number 3 has been a sacred number for thousands of years. Number 3 represents the life/death/rebirth cycle…in which we re-member our past lives with our twin flames.

6. You’re not alone

There are times in our lives when we feel alone. Completely and utterly by ourselves. Sometimes we cry ourselves to sleep and feel no one cares. Then the next day, or the next week, 444 angel number makes an appearance to remind us we are NOT alone. Your twin flame could send you this message, but often your guardian angel will too. In times of great sorrow, this angel number means there is hope and there’s someone with you in spirit. Whether you realize it or not.

7. You’ll be with your twin flame again

You’ve been with your twin flame in other lifetimes and on the other side. And guess what? You’ll be with them again. It may be in the afterlife or in this current life. OR it may be in a future life you’ve yet to fathom. But every couple of twin flames are tied together for eternity and inevitably will see each other again. Once you’ve both elevated on the earthly plane, this is when you’ll likely be together again. 444 angel number in love urges you to be patient.

8. Your twin flame is on the other side, cheering you on

It’s possible, and likely, your twin flame may not be in human form. He or she may be on the spiritual side cheering you on. They are, after all, a mirror image of you. Sometimes the spirit world needs one twin flame while the earthly plane has the other. The universe is all about balance. When your twin flame sends you the 444 angel number, they are cheering you on from another dimension or lifetime. This might also apply to those who have had a twin flame in this current life, and lost their twin flame too soon due to sudden death. They’re letting you know they are with you and they are okay.

9. Time to clear your heart chakra

If the number 4 is related to love, self love, and stability, then that means it’s also linked to the heart chakra. If you’ve found yourself having a hard time giving and receiving love lately, this angel number may rear its head. The Universe is urging you to work on your heart center – your heart chakra. There’s many ways to do this including with Reikis, crystals, self love practices, therapy/counseling, and heart chakra meditations. Don’t forget wearing, eating, and thinking GREEN helps to clear and realign your heart chakra too.

10. Past Life Readings and Twin Flames 44

Most of us have lived multiple lives. And those of us with twin flames have lived lives with our twin flames. And we have more to come. Have you ever had a past life reading or regression in which the angel number 44 or 444 materializes? This is a clear-cut sign your twin flame lived with you in this past life.

11. Meeting Someone at Age 44

You got out of a rocky divorce or relationship that was unhealthy for you a few years ago. Now you’re 44 years old and ready to move on. Maybe you meant to meet someone and maybe you didn’t…but you just did. And now you’re seeing the angel number in addition to your age pop up everywhere. What does it mean? As we’ve said before, 44 = 8 which equals eternity. You have potentially just found your soul mate!

What To Do With Angel Number 444

You’ve made it to the end of this post and you’re still wondering what is the meaning of 444 angel number in love? Unfortunately, I can’t tell you. You’re going to have to figure it out for yourself. But I can make a few recommendations on how.

First, figure out if you truly have a twin flame. Most of us have soul mates rather than twin flames, and these are just as amazing and sometimes even more beneficial to our soul’s growth.

Next, ask your spirit guides or the universe to be clear in their messages to you. Let them know that you’ve received angel number 444 as a sign but need clarification. Then you must be open-minded to receiving their message elsewhere – in a dream, a random conversation, a flashback or vision.

What If I’m Not In Contact With My Twin Flame?

Sometimes if your twin flame has incarnated at the same time with you, they might not even recognize the concept of twin flames. You might be the only one who understands the bond between the two of you. So you’re walking into each others’ dreams, seeing 444 angel number everywhere, and yearn to be with your twin flame. But you still can’t. What then? WORK. ON. YOURSELF.

You need healing amidst that urge to be reunited. And your twin flame needs space to be on his or her own personal journey in this life. Don’t force a tangible connection. You have a spiritual one that will never be broken. Find hope and courage in your own journey. And perhaps, when the time is right, your love will find each other and start a new journey.

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